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   Leki Super Makalu Air Ergo Antishock (Pair)

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For unprecedented trail walking the Air Ergo is packed with features. The long Air Ergo grip provides superb comfort in cold or hot conditions. The use of the new ELS system ensures easy locking while trail shock is greatly reduced using the new SAS springs. The handle is angled to let the wrist rest at the natural position and thus reducing fatigue. The Turbo Disc fleece lined strap allows for quick and accurate adjustment to maximise comfort and security. Adjustable fleece lined strap adds comfort and security. Length: 80-140cm. Weight: 280g.
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Leki Super Makalu Air Ergo Antishock (Pair)

   Leki Super Makalu Air Ergo Antishock (Pair) Reviews

  Reviewed by Daniel winter (Bangor) on 2006-01-16:
General comments: I own one of the Leki Super Makalu Air Ergo poles but would definitely reccomend buying the pair as they work much better paired up. I have to alternate between which hand I hold the pole in. The pole is great on longer routes when i'm carrying a heavy rucksack. By using the pole, some of the weight is taken off your knees and you can walk for that bit longer before you start aching! The pole has a comfortable grip and wristband that is easy to adjust. To get the benefit, the wristband has to be used used correctly so that you can put your weight onto it. Unlike some poles, this one has anti-shock this is used to stop some of the jarring you get when you walk over rocky paths which can aggravate your wrist after a while. When you're not using the poles, they easily convert back to a third of their original size by twisting the shaft and pushing each piece into the other. As the poles are light, they are no bother when not being used and attached to your rucksack

Pros: Lightweight pole that packs up small. Antishock system helps to stop jarring of the wrist. Helps to ease impact on your knees on long walks.

Cons: Sharp points on end can damage your other kit without the caps on.

  Reviewed by Simon Hastings (Perth) on 2006-02-23:
General comments: I was quite sceptical about buying pole for many years until I got some of these. I often thought that they were just for people getting on in year and being a relative spring chicken, I didn't need them. After a knee problem and some time off the hill, I invested in a pair of these and haven't looked back since. I chose the top end ones because they had everything I wanted. The ergo handles fit well and feel good in use (why dont all poles have these handles?), pressure is taken off the hands by the use of the foam material which extends down the shaft. The anti-shock system works very well and has two settings for long spring and short spring - there is also the option of turning these off if you like. I have found that I sometimes need to pull out the pole until the internal clamp is visible as they sometimes do not lock easily. The pole are very light although Leki do lighter ones so carrying them is not a problem (watch you don't poke someone's eye out though). The carbide tips are still going strong after three years of service and these are replaceable if they do wear out. I use these mainly to descend hills as I find they take almost all the pressure off the knees.

Pros: Helped with my knee problem - they do work.

Cons: None if you value your knees.

  Reviewed by tom thumb (orrible london) on 2006-02-26:
General comments: The Leki super Makalu Air ergo poles are defiantly something which any budding walker should think about buying. I was quite sceptical about the usefulness of poles but after buying one, im not sceptical anymore. I bought one pole due to there price and the fact that I didnít know if I would get on with them. After about four weeks using then it was off to snow and rock again to make up a matching pair. Get two poles because one does not give the correct balance needed , I find. I went for these because I was swayed by the fact that leki are the best out there and these were the best of the bunch. The A.S. (antishock) system works well and does not feel to squashy, you have a short and long setting and I have found the short setting is ideal for me as the long setting gives about one and a half inches of travel. The angled grips are great and fit your hands perfectly and the foam covering which covers about half the pole, allows you to use a number of hand positions when using. The pole is in three segments and can be adjusted to suit your heigh and the carbide tips have lasted well even with the weekly abuse I give them. The poles are very light and I donít notice them when being carried. These are very good poles although im sure cheaper ones will do the same thing.

Pros: they really do work, good quality design and build

Cons: expensive - try other cheaper ones

  Reviewed by nick strada (London, UK) on 2006-03-18:
General comments: I was reluctiant to use walking poles because I thought they looked a bit silly, How glad I am to have gotten over this trivial vanity. These have easily been the best investment I've ever made. I bought a pair and gave one to my girlfried. They make a huge difference over a long walk - I've had two knee surgeries and my knees used to ache after a walk, no longer. I use mine to get around muddy bits of path, something with is all too commonwhen you walk in England and share your paths with horses and MTB's. They also make a big difference going uphill. I wouldn't dream of walking without one now. I may even buy another.

Pros: Stability, and weight relief for your knees. The poles are very lightweight and the shock absorbtion is a big plus. the fleece strap is a nice touch.

Cons: The carbide tip will cut/scratch your other gear is you're not careful. The bent handle means they can't collapse as far a a non-ergonomic pole. The shock absorbtion is tricky to switch on and off. Also, when these are collapsed, 2-3mm gaps appear between the thinner sections and the thicker bits above them. This allows dirt and moisture to get into the works, shortening their lifespan.

  Reviewed by Matthew Thornton (Lincolnshire) on 2007-05-31:
General comments: I really have to recommend these poles to any one who walks. People may think that these poles are for old people, but I have to say, they really do help you walk further, and Iím sure you walk faster with them. The anti shock on the leki poles is one of the best from any pole manufacturer as it lasts the life time of the pole. This one has quite a soft anti shock I think which is great for coming down off the mountain when a lot of pressure is usually on the knees. This anti shock system saves about 40% of the overall strain on your legs throughout a long day walk, especially with a large backpack. I would also say that two poles are needed as you can build up tennis elbow with just one pole. The ďsuper locĒ that is found on these poles will not budge during use so long as they are fully tightened. When you have finished, the poles fold down to a miniscule size and can just sit where ice axes would normally go on your rucksack. The best feature on these poles is the foam section below the main grip which is extremely useful in cold weather walking as the metal can get very cold at times, but this section acts almost as a hand warmer. Lastly, the carbide tip remains one of the strongest around and really does not slip when placed on any surface, no matter if it is wet or has ice on. A truly awesome pole!

Pros: The Carbide tip, super loc and antishock are one of the best i have ever tried out, plus on a super light pole.

Cons: I dont really have one!, except, be careful if you need to remove sections, as sometimes if you pull them out with out fully unlocking them, they can be quite tricky to put back in! just a warning!

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