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   Lowe Alpine Front Zip Gaiter

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An old favourite from Lowe Alpine. These front zip gaiters are fairly light/durable and are often spotted on UK hills during the winter months.

Lowe Alpine Front Zip Gaiter

   Lowe Alpine Front Zip Gaiter Reviews

  Reviewed by Ian (Abercelyn) on 2005-12-22:
General comments: These front zip gaiters have done me well - i've used them for 4 years (a couple of times a month). While not as bomb-proof as some of the other gaiters on this site, they are fairly solid for the money. From my point of view, the great thing about these gaiters is the fit. I have had real problems in the past finding comfortable fitting gaiters but these work well with my boots (Brasher Hillmasters).

Pros: For the money, you get a decent pair of gaiters suitable for most walkers in the UK. Considering the material isn't goretex, it is extremely breathable. The straps are made of rubber not nylon - no risk of fraying.

Cons: I found the foot straps to be too long . They tend to flap around which isn't a disaster but does get a little annoying. The material isn't as tough as some other gaiters but you get what you pay. Also, the studs were quite difficult to fasten especially when your hands are cold.

  Reviewed by Tom Graham (Devon) on 2006-01-05:
General comments: Good quality robust gaiter. The gaiter is made from Lowe Alpine's triplepoint fabric that is renowned for its waterproofing ability. However they have not taped any of the seems or stitches so this will reduce the effectiveness of the gaiter. That said, I have used mine in very wet conditions and my feet have stayed nice and dry. Even when the temperature is a little higher the fabric does not condensate and the breathability is excellent. The gaiter attaches to the sole of the boot via a neoprene rubber band. This seems to still be in good condition even after plenty of walks on rocky ground and is showing no signs of wearing. My only real niggle with the gaiter is the press studs at the top and bottom of the zip. These can be a little stiff and make it quite difficult to put on or off when your hands are numb with cold! Also check the sizing carefully. I ordered mine online and did not specify a size. I was sent a medium pair, which just about fit a size 10 boot but it is a little tight getting the zip on and think I would prefer a size large.

  Reviewed by Bruce McAdam (Aberdeen) on 2006-01-06:
General comments: I've had these a few years. They fit my summer and winter boots. They help keep me dry. I can't ask much more than that. The front zip is much easier to do up than my old back zip gaiters, although the studs are difficult to do up (but you can leave them undone). The strap won't break and only needs adjusted once. I broke the zip on one of them (don't hit them against a wall to knock mud off!) but they work fine with just the velcro and the studs. They aren't so expensive that I worry about putting a crampon through them.

Pros: They work fine.

Cons: The studs can be difficult to pop together.

  Reviewed by Luke Myatt (Aberdeenshire) on 2011-03-08:
General comments: I have had these gaiters for years (I think about 6, maybe more). They are still in reasonable order. Although they are showing signs of wear on the inside edge near the foot straps. But nothing to bad. They have been awesome, I am about to replace them. I have used them almost every-time I have been for a walk. Fitted very well with different styles of footwear. Easy to clean and adjust. They are still very waterproof. All fixings e.g. Velcro, zips, buttons and foot straps working as when they where new.

Pros: Great construction and material used, very robust and waterproof

Cons: Not very breathable so you do sweat with them.

  Reviewed by Somebody (Somewhere) on 2015-01-24:
General comments: It's difficult to understand the logic of the design that puts the zips on the exterior and the velcro fitting on the inside. The result is that the zips get very claggy with mud and ice when better design should have meant they were protected behind the velcro. However as Bruce McAdam observes, the zips aren't particularly useful anyway. The hook for clipping on to the boot laces was a bit of a nightmare since its lip is too thin for normal boot lace diameters. Since its plastic and not metal you can't easily widen it, so I ended up hacksawing off a few millimetres of the lip to make a suitable lace-sized gap. Thirdly, you can't tighten the rubber straps when you're wearing the gaiters - you have to take them off, adjust and reboot which can be tedious in damp or snowy conditions. However, the answer is to make sure they're very tightly fitting to begin with to allow for some slackening when they're in use

Pros: The above three gripes apart, they're reasonably fit-for-purpose. They've kept me dry in damp and snowy conditions and they're light and not too hot in high summer. They're well tailored too and the grey-black design is neat. The M fitting is nice and snug and doesn't slip(boot size 9, calf 33cm, 5'9").. However, I wouldn't use them for the most extreme conditions when I know I'm going to be in bad Scottish boggy stuff or in hard winter mountains and when you really need Yeti gaiters to stay dry and warm

Cons: as above


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