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   Coleman Dual Fuel Double Burner

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Runs on either unleaded petrol or Coleman fuel. Ideal for family camping or car-side base camp use.

Coleman Dual Fuel Double Burner

   Coleman Dual Fuel Double Burner Reviews

  Reviewed by Paul (Manchester) on 2006-03-15:
General comments: I brought a Coleman double burner 4 years ago before I became an outdoor enthusiast. At the time I was into night fishing, so it was an obvious choice, as I didn’t need to carry it around. It soon became apparent what a wonderful bit of kit this was, as I was able to cook just like I was at home. Cooked breakfasts, curries with rice and even stir fry’s. Now I take it in the back of my car whenever I go away camping or walking. It is just good to get it out, and make a brew for several people. I am able to boil 3 litres of water quite quickly, in two large kettles. Basically one ring is for full heat, and the other is just for simmering, or keeping stuff hot. It functions in all weather, from frost to in the rain, and year after year continues to do me proud. I would never be without it, yet it can almost certainly be improved. A testament to the stove was last November when I was away with a D of E group, I managed to cook 40 hotdogs, with onions on one tank of unleaded, and this is only 3.5pints.

Pros: The coleman is an excellent piece of kit and is of an excellent price. It will last you for ages if you maintain it. The wind shiled is also very good, as is the carry handle

Cons: The petrol seems to burn with orange flames some times, and they should be blue. The orange flames cook the same, but just turn everything black and horrible. Not sure what causes this. This does not occur with the Coleman fuel; however this is much more expensive. Also cleaning it can seem to take forever, getting the bits out from inside the metal case seems never-ending, hence why I tend not to clean mine very much.

  Reviewed by Pete Baars (Merseyside) on 2006-04-03:
General comments: I bought one of these 2 years back, a) because it was cheap and b) because the fuel is cheap (running it on unleaded, is definitely the most economical way of keeping your costs for an extended car-camping trip down). The stove works just like many other multi-fuel stoves, it needs to be primed and then used, so it's not ideal if you want to chuck the kettle on the instant you wake up, Cash or convenience seems to be the order of the day here, only you can decide on that one? The ergonomics of this unit are excellent, built in windshields make it effective and more efficient, the fuel tank slips nicely into the case when not in use and is easy enough to secure to the stove when it is in use. It has a broad base and therefore a low centre of gravity, meaning that the likelihood of a spill is greatly reduced. It can be a bit smokey compared to other multi-fuel stoves, but the technology here is a lot simpler than you'll find in your MSR & Optimus stoves. This unit is a workhorse, ideal for the cash-conscious/penny-pinching outdoor enthusiast, for whom weight is not an issue.

Pros: Price, great value for money

Cons: Weight and bulk

  Reviewed by Richard (Leeds) on 2006-04-12:
General comments: I have had experience of these stoves over many years, a long time ago my first experience of them was in the scouts (around 14 years ago) The stoves where used then when on groups camps Overall these stoves burn very hot, hotter that your general gas cooker at home. I have always run them on unleaded petrol rather that the coleman fuel as it is so expensive and i'm too tight to fork out for it. The coleman fuel is supposed to burn cleaner but I have never had issues with the stove blocking it just makes your pans a bit sooty. Lighting of the stove is a bit of an experience, certainly not as straight forward as lighting a gas stove with a match. It has to be pumped before it is lit it, after around a minute when the stove has heated up a small lever turns the stove into 'cooking mode' The stove has two burners, having both on reduces the flame on the first burner. but you still have two useful burners

Pros: A good stove cheap to run (if run on unleaded)

Cons: A bit of a pain to light, can soot up your pans a bit.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-05-08:
General comments: The coleman dual fuel double burner is an ugly stove. I also have a coleman exponent dual fuel single burner that works in a similar way; this persuaded me to buy the bigger stove for group cooking with youth groups and family camping trips abroad. Like most dual fuel stoves it is a little fiddly to light and the inevitable flare up occurs. For this reason it is not ideal for cooking in the doorways of smaller tents. I burn mine on unleaded and like the smaller stove have experienced no downsides to using this much cheaper fuel…I haven’t had any sooting like some of the others on this page. I think this can be avoided by keeping the pressure high and waiting until the stove is hot, and therefore burning with a blue flame, before placing any pans on it. I was told once that these stoves burn on household fuel oil….THEY DO NOT…..unless it has been running for a while and therefore is very hot. I would not try this again and I am sticking to unleaded despite the 4 x price difference!!! It can boil large amounts of water very quickly and has proved robust in use, just don’t try and cook delicate milk sauces, it is either on or off with very little adjustment inbetween.

Pros: robust, produces hot water efficiently and cheaply in great quantities

Cons: ugly and lacks some ergonomic thought. Needs better simmer control


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