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   Terra Nova Voyager

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The Voyager is THE backpacking tent. It has been used around the world in every conceivable location and climate.
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Terra Nova Voyager

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Taken from http://www.druid.dkTerra Nova VoyagerTerra Nova Voyager
Terra Nova VoyagerTerra Nova VoyagerTerra Nova Voyager
Terra Nova VoyagerTerra Nova Voyager

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   Terra Nova Voyager Reviews

  Reviewed by Andrew Ross (Gloucestershire, UK) on 2006-01-05:
General comments: The Terra Nova Voyager is designed to stand up to any weather the world can throw at you, but be light enough that you won't be weighed down. It has been used all over the world, in all weather conditions. Fully packed, the tent ways around 2.2kg, although you can cut some weight by leaving the bags at home, and leaving behind some pegs. A groundsheet protector is available, which adds weight, but will prolong the life of the tent. To help keep the weight low, the Voyager is very cosy for 2 people, and the roof is quite low. Taller people will find their head with touch the roof if you sit up in the lower areas, although you should be OK at the entrance end. There isn't much space for kit, but you should be able to get a couple of rucksacks in the porch, and you?ll have your sleeping bag out anyway. It is light enough to carry own your own if you needed to, and then you'd have no trouble fitting everything in. Build quality is excellent, and pitching is simple, even by yourself in the dark. Packing away is also easy, as Terra Nova provide a bag large enough to fit the tent even if it's soaking wet and badly folded. Overall a great buy, which will last you many years.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to pitch.

Cons: Small both in the main compartment and porch.

  Reviewed by Pete Skene (Scotland) on 2006-02-05:
General comments: I've used the Terra Nova Voyager for out of the car camping to 26 day treks across Corsica and it's a good tent but it does have some drawbacks. The components used on this tent are great; the pegs have coped with lots of rock bashing and attention to detail is good. Some people worry about inner pitching first but you can get this tent up very quickly, the inner is very water repellent (you can see the water bead off) and overall inner pitching first gives you a more stable tent. The only drawback is the size of the Voyager - this is not the tent if you have gear explosions every time you camp! The inner is big enough but quite cosy and you can fit two large rucksacks in the porch but not much else. If you end the day with a lot of wet kit, you need to be organised to make sure you keep things like your sleeping bag dry.

Pros: Excellent inner door design with a good mesh that keeps even Scottish midges at bay! Very stable in all but the worst weather. Great components. Good customer service from Terra Nova. Light enough to carry. Overall I would buy this tent again.

Cons: If you are more than 6'2" this is probably not the tent for you, or if you like to spread your kit.

  Reviewed by Lee (Inverness) on 2006-02-21:
General comments: My Terra Nova Voyager has faithfully served me for over three years now. I mainly use it for mountain marathon type stuff where weight is critical. It is perfect for two man teams. If you choose to run around in speedo trunks because weight is crucial be aware that you can not just use the outer. The inner provides the structure. People complain that construction quality dropped when production was moved abroad but I have used both and can't tell the difference. For those of you that take a more sedate approach to the hills my Voyager was big enough to house wife and dog last summer in the lakes (He is a weimaraner and nearly as big as my wife!). I have also used this tent at altitude in bad conditions. Most sites do not recommend this tent for high mountain stuff but I do. If you are competent at pitching a tent and you remember to stick the arse end into the wind etc the Voyager is more than up to the job. I was just below 4000m in a white out on my hands and knees because the wind was so strong and the Voyager took it with ease. The poles showed no sign of bending or folding. Snow that had gathered when the wind dropped the next day did not phase it either! In conclusion this is an excellent piece of kit. When my Voyager wears out I will buy a new one, although I do not expect that to be any time soon!

Pros: Weight and quality of construction

Cons: Prone to holes rips and tears but these are easily repaired.

  Reviewed by J.T (Glasgow) on 2006-03-02:
General comments: great all round backpacking tent, very light for the design and make up of materials. This tent has seen action overseas throughout Europe and has been with me around south America

Pros: The overall weight of the tent is great for two people and comes in at 2.6kgs, easily carried by tow. The internal space is great and offers good comfort for extended use. Putting up the tent is very easy with just three poles creating a taught inner. The mesh pole sleeves are continuous so there is no hassle with the poles getting tangled up with each other and it makes putting up in the dark very easy. The fly fabric is very waterproof and I have no problem with leaks so far. The porch area of the tent is large enough to store your packs and I have got two bikes worth of panniers in there no problem. I wont cook in the porch for fear of being burned alive but im sure its possible. I have used the inner on its own in Brazil due to the weather and that works a treat also. I can safely say there is no better lightweight, do it all tent on the market

Cons: i have bent some of the pegs and have replaced them with more beefire versions. there is now a newer lighter version on the way so wait till that comes out.

  Reviewed by Tom L (Cambridge) on 2006-03-08:
General comments: Some people say that this tent is strong enough to stand up to anything which isnt quite true. My voyager suvived two months trekking around Mongolia and it performed very well in heavy rain, baking hot temperatures and three nights camping directly on the ice of a glacier. Recently though I spent a night high on a mountain in gale force winds and the front pole eventually bent and snapped in a few places. Essentially what I am trying to say is that if you want a tent to stand up to long periods in moutain environments such as snowstorms, high winds and freezing temperatures then you'll need a stronger (and thus heavier) tent than this. On the other hand if you want a strong, durbale and lightweight tent for a long backpacking trip then this tent will be ideal for you. Mine is now repaired and I will be using it for years to come.

Pros: It is incredibly lightweight for a tent that will work well in 99% of bad weather situatuions. The front porch is large allowing all the bags to be stored inside without taking up room in the inner. WIthout much practice it can be erected very quickly.

Cons: As long as you don't try and use it as a 4 season tent it doesn't have any drawbacks that I've noticed.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-23:
General comments: I make 2, single week long trips to go winter climbing every year and my climbing partner and I swap between taking his Voyager and my Terra Nova Quasar, depending on how energetic we feel or how long the walk in is. The Voyager is almost half the weight of the Quasar and in our experience almost as strong. We find that if you are camped on a slight incline, head uppermost, then you can end up touching toes in the cramped bottom end of the voyager but this is not a massive problem. What is a massive problem, is when your mate says have you got hold of his £300+ tent, you say yes in high winds, he lets go and the tent flies off across the rocks around the bottom of Lochnagar!!! Ouch!! The poles separated but did not break; either these or sharp rocks ripped and punctured the outer tent in 16 places. Terra Nova quoted £200 for a new fly, which seemed outrageous. The tent was repaired at Hilltrek in Aboyne with patches which were sent away for heatsealing….for the massive cost of £30. It now has a humourous appearance and has gained 200g in weight, we love to tell the story and the tent is still going strong, has not leaked and is still drum tight…I always make sure I have a firm grip now!

Pros: lightweight, strength

Cons: terra nova expensive spares

  Reviewed by Brian (Black Isle scotland) on 2006-04-27:
General comments: I have had a voyager since 1998 and loved the tent right from the start. Its a lightweight 2-person tent- lighter and sleeker than the classic TN Quaser and all the more versatile for that too. In fact I have had a quaser for as long and have probably used the voyager 4 or 5 times as much. The main reason is that the voyager is light enough at around 2.3kg to be used as a backpacking tent but strong and roomy enough for comfort. I am about 6' 0'' and I would say that I am using the full length of the tent when I lie down. If you are bigger than 6' then you should try before you buy. Pitching is simplicity itself. strength in stormy conditions is excellent- not as 'bombproof' as the quaser but getting there. Flapiness quotent is low so you get a quiet night. We have had the voyager out in all conditions. we carried it 2,600 miles across the usa on the pacific crest trail and it became our best friend! Weak points are the zips (keep them lubricated for dry desert conditions) and well thats about it really.

Pros: Strong, light , roomy - a perfect compramise for a backpacking, climbing tent for two. easy pitch. free standing and thus good for hard deserty conditions. Pretty near perfect really

Cons: Beware if you are over 6' -its a bit short.

  Reviewed by Michael Read (Andover) on 2006-08-01:
General comments: I brought the 2005 model of this classic tent from Taunton Lesuire in their winter sale, but I have only recently dusted it down and put it in to action. The first thing I noticed when it arrived was the weight, or rather lack of it (albiet coming from a 5Kg tent most modern tents would seem light) and when shared with another person reduces the load still further. On first pitching the tent I surprised how thin the fabric was, especially with regards to the groundsheet but I have yet to have a problems (I did though buy a terra nova groundsheet to minimised risk of damage). The main disappointment was the carbon fibre tent pegs, two of which the ends feel off leaving the peg buried, but these were quickly replaced by titanium pegs (Alpkit) and Terra Nova has I understand replaced these in the newer model. Internal space is limited ( anyone 6 foot+ would struggle with the length of the tent) and it is a struggle to get both of our Exped matresses to fit side by side) but it is very usable. The porch is just about big enough to cook in when the weather turns but with bags as well it can end up alittle cramped. Nothing yet has troubled it weather wise although it has mainly had summer. When all said and done it is an excellent backpacking tent.

Pros: Minimal weight Quality material (apart from the pegs) Compact packed dimensions

Cons: Pegs easily broken Not made in the UK (Vietnam) Needs a groundsheet to minimise wear and tear

  Reviewed by Richard Godden (Carlisle) on 2007-02-08:
General comments: Bought 03/2005 and given faithful service over 2 years. Only used a dozen times or so, but dependable on every occasion. After using the tent once I bought the groundsheet protector as the breathable groundsheet really is far too thin. Even with proper pegs (the lightweight ones that came with it were useless) and the groundsheet protector, the tent is light enough to carry by one person along with other kit. Used in Tasmanian winter and on the Cuillins with no problems what so ever. Also stood up to severe gales in Wales when pitched at exactly the worst possible angle (porch into wind, long story ;). The only resulting problem was the porch pole was pushed back and slightly bent all three poles, this was soon resolved by a piece of string tied from the top of the porch pole to a tent peg at the base of the porch door. The 'loft' is an expensive option so made my own with a bit of string tied from the door to the apex of the tent, this hugs tight to the inner and allows you to hang random stuff (heat torch, socks etc.) so you can find them in a hurry in the middle of the night. The tent is big enough for two, but if you have full 80+ litre backpacks you have to kinda stack them on top of each other in the porch which can make getting out of the tent in the night, er... interesting! You can also sit or kneel up in the tent with no problems (I'm 6 foot). With 1 person there is a little too much space and your kit kinda spreads all over the place, with less room you'd be more tidy...

Pros: Light enough for 1 person, big enough for 2! Impressive rigidity in all weather.

Cons: Useless tent pegs. Groundsheet protector essential.

  Reviewed by Nick Gaunce (Herts) on 2007-06-11:
General comments: Not a review - I just tried to email you and your quota seems to have been exceeded as the email got bounced back to me! I was interested in advertising, so could you please get back to me? Thanks.

  Reviewed by martin roberts (london) on 2007-11-29:
General comments: I've had my Voyager now for over a year and have experienced some seriously bad weather conditions. It is an amazing tent - no doubts. It has no condensation problems - so long as the outer is kept tight - after a while the poles need to be fixed further in to keep the outer nice and tight so condensation slides down the inside of the outer without dripping. Mine has seen some very heavy rain and stayed perfectly dry for days until it passed. It is snug for 2 people and great for one if you want more space than a 1-man tent can offer. However there is always a draw back with every tent out there and with the Voyager its that there is not enough guy-lines. I was caught in heavy wind in the lakes which seemed to come in all directions. I didn't sleep a wink because I was fearing a pole snap. The tent was bending so low in the wind that it touched my head whilst I was on my back in my sleeping bag. In the morning it looked fine but when I took it down the poles were bent like bananas. So you can tell that it is flexible but certainly could do with 2 extra guy points to make firmer in windy conditions. Its made me think about a hilleberg Jannu for more stability but it all really depends on what you use it for. For everything else it performs better than any other tent on the market. However heavy wind that changes direction could leave you without a nights sleep and worse.

Pros: its light - its quick and easy to pitch - no condensation worries - great customer service - handles all but the wind brilliantly - worth every penny.

Cons: extreme wind will punish it - and you. Terra nova need to put 2 more guy points on the cross pole to cover this weak point.
This review has 1 comment(s):

Jon Maskill responded : I agree about the strong winds and the need for a couple of extra guy ropes. The pegs supplied are light but pretty flimsy - ended up swapping them for the pegs from my 25 year old peapod 2. So much for progress! (2009-01-09)

  Reviewed by Neil Paterson (Edinburgh) on 2008-02-23:
General comments: I've owned this tent for around 10 years and it has never let me down. It is the perfect compromise between pack size, weight, interior space and stability. I've camped at over 3000 feet in a Cairngorm storm in it with absolutely no problems. I have only used it in light snow so can't comment on it's heavy snow shedding ability (the roof is maybe a bit too flat for this). The tent is unfailingly waterproof and is very easy to pitch - it can be thrown up in 5 minutes by 2 people. It may be a bit cosy for 2 six footers inside, but is certainly adequate and when you take into account the packed size & weight it is actually quite impressive. I wouldn't look past my Voyager and would recommend it to anyone, When mine eventually gives up the ghost I'll replace it with another.

Pros: Weatherproof, very stable, an absolute doddle to pitch and very high quality of materials & construction. Buy the groundsheet protector and it will last for years. Good midge mesh on the inner, which actually does keep them out! Pretty good ventilation too, with a convenient 'chimney' on the doors to let out the steam when you are making your tea.

Cons: Porch area is quite small, with 2 rucksacks and 2 pairs of boots in it there isn't room for much else. Plenty of options for getting in and out of the doors though, so this isn't a massive problem.

  Reviewed by Jai leal (Asia) on 2008-05-29:
General comments: Awesome tent. I've had mine since the 1990s, and I think it was when Terra Nova took over Wild Country that I bought it. For many years I worked as a Guide , so this tent has been worldwide. I'm over 6 feet tall and find this tent great as a 1 person back packing tent. I use bivvi bags a lot, but for prolonged wet weather, annoying afternoon midges, this sure beats light weight bivvis. It's a squeeze for 2 big people, especially if you're trying to get sorted in very bad weather. however, the weight of the tent makes it ideal for lighterweight or extended trips for 2 of you. I seem to remember it's about half the weight of the Mountain quasar. Probably the best tent buy I ever made.

Pros: It's very easy to pitch on your own, even in strong winds (as long as you put down some pegs first!) and rolls up nice and small even when wet into a pack. It's held upto gale force weather in the mountains, although unlike the Quasar, in big winds, it does tend to flatten itself onto you, which can lead to an interesting night's sleep.

Cons: In heavy rain, I've found the "bathtub" ground sheet doesn't keep out all the water, so be careful how you sleep in very bad weather. I use a Rab vapour barrier over my sleeping bag in bad conditions and not only does this give me a few more degress warmth, it ensures the sleeping bag stays dry. Only real downside is that it's not so great in very heavy snow (although this tent is not a 4 season tent). Snow accumulates a little behind the front hoop pole and can bow the tent down, however, it's still workable.
This review has 2 comment(s):

Jai Leal responded : One thing to add with regards to groundsheet protectors. I've never used one due to extra weight, but I have stuck my sleeping mat under the groundsheet for added protection (bear in mind this is a foam mat, not a therm a rest). It's added life to my groundsheet. In really heavy winds, I've put two alloy tent poles through the sleeping mat to anchor it. (2008-05-29)

Paras responded : my friends 1990's terra nova lasted 10 years+ too. Maybe they don't make tents like they used to? Mine broke in a year! I bought mine in 2009 (2010-06-08)

  Reviewed by Northam (aberdeen) on 2009-07-31:
General comments: My mate borrowed me her ten year old tent which she used, amongst other trips, for 6 months every day in south east asia. We took it to Chilie and used it for a month. By the end of the trip my partner who is 6 foot 2 broke the tent door as he leant against it. Terra nova fixed it for free even though it was our fault. I'm told they are a little longer now. try before you buy if you are tall. We used it in a snow storm and it coped with the wind no problem and was very warm inside - even though it was freezing outside. It leaked a little - but i think this is due to the fact that it was well used. We proofed it before we left which improved it a little.

Pros: light, warm, great in windy conditions.

Cons: too small for a 6 foot 2 person (although I'm told the newer versions are longer), small tent porch (but thenif it was bigger you'd have more weight !!).

  Reviewed by Paras (London) on 2010-06-08:
General comments: This tent is shit. It broke in a year and the repair quote was £131. My £40 tent which i had for 4 years lasted longer under harsher conditions. I have no idea why there is so much hype around Terra Nova but if my first Terra Nova tent is anything to go by, their products are crap. No tent should break down in the wind after paying £280 for it. The flysheet is very thin and rips easily and the tent poles bent in the wind (all 3 of them!). Their customer services said i'd have to pay £130 for a new flysheet as they can't repair the old one and they'd give me new pole parts as a "gesture of good will". Like really? Why don't you give me my money back as a gesture of good will? Terrible terrible tent. DON'T buy!

Pros: it's light but so what? I'd have durability over lightness anyday!

Cons: It is friable, fragile, weak, breaks easily, expensive, waste of money.
This review has 1 comment(s):

Dom Climber responded : 'Friable'? A friable tent. Now that would be something to see...maybe it's made of sandstone. (2012-05-27)

  Reviewed by Andy Biggs (Lincolnshire) on 2011-04-28:
General comments: This tent is very close to my heart (my wife of 14 years will testify to this - as she knows "the tent" came first!) I bought this in 1994 and was actually after a TNF tadpole, but came across this at a camping show in Derbyshire. The new voyager had just come out and thus this original one was on offer at 190 quid. It has mostly been used by just myself on countless wild and site camps throughout the U.K. It is a perfect size for a comfy solo hill camp and although the midge net came a cropper years ago, it still remains versatile for porch/doorway options. You can unzip the door flap down a bit to ventilate for a gas lantern in the porch or just to look at the moon from the comfort of your bag!You can roll the porch sides right back if more room or air is needed. The interior is cheerful yellow - which makes a differnce on a gloomy morning, but the exterior is a very descreet green which is ideal for wild camps. In the last 17 years it has seen off 4 family tents regards durability, and the only failing (except the midge net/wife's fag incident) was that one pole broke when a child fell against it unreasonably hard. Terra Nova quoted about 20 quid for a replacement (hhhmm? so I fiddled with pole myself and shuffled broken spigot end out of pole and re-glued 1/2 " further out, and it has been fine ever since. Not once has it ever let in wet, or even condensation that ever caused a problem, owing mostly to the fantastic mesh vent at rear of the inner which allows the tent to breath through the tail end. Fantastic tent, one of my most prized posessions. when I packed it away yesterday I realized it is starting to look tired - fading fly, bungees stiffening a bit and a few stubborn stains on the base - a bit like looking at an ageing loved one when you realize they're getting on. But, despite the wrinkles and grey hairs it is still completely serviceable and owes me not a single penny. Long may it survive the next 17 years!!!

Pros: Intelligent design ie: good weather-resistant shape,good ventilation,good utilization of bungees to keep fly taught without ripping,versatile porch for a small tent,quick to pitch (can be assembled without bending down if reqd).Durable,durable,durable.Bright interior. Ground-coloured exterior.

Cons: End-loading stuff sack - this part was obviously designed at 4.45 on a Friday afternoon, and soon ripped whilst mid-struggle and drawstring now hangs off on a flap. Grrrrrr!

  Reviewed by Colinakmc (Lanarkshire) on 2014-04-09:
General comments: Not really about the tent (haven't bought yet) but you need to update your price guide. Neither Venture sports nor Gearzone are currently trading and they seem to have given some folk some grief in the process of folding


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