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   Terra Nova Hyperspace

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A reliable base camp tent for serious expeditions. The Terra Nova Endurance Hyperspace has plenty space for three people and is suitable for all year round camping. The Hyperspace features a wind-friendly geodesic build, easy access and the tent components can be divided into 3 parts for load sharing when backpacking.
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Terra Nova Hyperspace

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Terra Nova HyperspaceTerra Nova HyperspaceTerra Nova Hyperspace

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   Terra Nova Hyperspace Reviews

  Reviewed by Simon Harry (Inverness) on 2006-02-02:
General comments: I initially bought a Mountain Hardwear Trango 3 having had a Quasar for many years. I sold the trango 2 months later as i did not feel it was as solidly built as my Terra Nova. I bought a Hyperspace and was instantly impressed by the quality...It just feels like it can handle anything. Dead easy to put up compared to the Trango and the Flysheet material feels and looks like it could stop a tidal wave.

Pros: The Terra Nova Hyperspace is made in the UK (not China), great customer service (even if i did have to pay for postage to send it back!), will now stand up to anything.

Cons: Two problems I had whilst using it on Orkney (honeymoon!) was the guy point ripped out after a v.windy night and the inner fly door was not very taught when zipped up... hence mega flappy inner door in the wind. I contacted Terra Nova, sent it back, got the guy repaired and they made the inner smaller. Personally I felt it was a design fault which i pointed out to Terra Nova. They have advised their design dept... Also it is quite short lengthwise so if you're over 6ft, go and lie down in one first and see if you fit!!

  Reviewed by Banjo Jimbo (New Forest) on 2006-02-07:
General comments: A great tent. I sold my Mountain Hardwear Muir Trail as soon as my friend showed me the delights of the Terra Nova Hyperspace. Where this tent excels is the huge space - although I must admit Ive not been lucky enough to sleep three in the tent yet... If you are backpacking, then obviously this is not the tent for you, weighing far too much and not really packing that small. However, as a car portable tent which is easy and quick to put up, with ample head room for a few friends to sit up and play cards, its perfect. It will stand up to some mighty winds / rain / midges, and the double end is useful on hotter days, and for venting on those sun blasted mornings we have so often in the UK!

Pros: The quality of the UK. The green flysheet is good too- blending in if you are camping out in the middle of nowhere.

Cons: I agree with the comments about the flappy doors. Also price, although by shopping around you can get some good deals.

  Reviewed by D.ten (S.Wales) on 2006-02-08:
General comments: terra nova market themselves as makers of 'the best tents in the world' and i must agree. i have had this tent for about five years and have used it on many trips to the Highlands, N.Wales and the continent. All these trips were aided by a car as this is not a tent for backpacking. this is a tent for coming off the hill, jumping into and relaxing whatever the weather is doing outside. the geodesic design is one of the strongest available affords major protection in all kind of weather. The tent is very easy to put up and can be done in all weathers (read the instruction manual). the tent is very taught with the pole in place and when the fly is added, forms a great shelter. the fly fabric, 'watershed' is extreamlly hardwearing still being waterproof with no additional proofer applied. internally the space is huge although just like 'banjo jim', i havent been able to convince a third party to join myself and the wife..... fantastic tent that will offer you years of service but i must also concur with the other reviewers that the inner fly doors do seem to be slightly 'flappy' perhaps this is something that Terra Nova should look at

Pros: made in the Uk, construction, durability

Cons: cost but i have seen these on sale for ?300

  Reviewed by Ben.D (Aberystwyth) on 2006-02-28:
General comments: Terra Nova are reputedly one of the best tent makers in the world and having owned a hyperspace for seven years and, put it through some trying situations, I must agree. I have a smaller one-man tent for summer solo jaunts but this is my tent for week long trips where room and stability are paramount. The interior easily houses two with as much gear as you need, three is fine but the two porch areas then become storage. The rear porch is quite small due to the tight angle the flysheet makes against the inner. The front porch has an additional pole so provides much more room for kit or careful cooking. The material used throughout the tent is first class. The watershed fly is extremely robust and has stood up to some horrendous weather in the Highlands and in Norway. The interior has four very large mesh pockets for storage and the groundsheet fabric, being very thick, will keep you dry no matter what (use a groundsheet protector for added security). Putting up the tent is very straightforward, four poles, of the same length, make up the geodesic shape on the inner and the fly has one extra colour coded pole for supporting the fly porch. I cannot praise this tent enough. I looked long and hard at which tent to choose, North face, Mountain Hardwear etc, and none seemed as robust or as well made as this.

Pros: fantastic build quality, excellent materials and very roomy

Cons: only i saw it for 100 cheaper 3 months after i bought it.

  Reviewed by Paul (South Africa) on 2010-05-06:
General comments: I bought mine very almost new in the UK in 1980 (30 years ago), and have used it in Britain, the Alps and now in southern Africa for many years. It is only just now showing signs of wear. The fly is still good and waterproof although likely weakened by lots of African UV. The ground sheet is still strong and waterproof although the mozzy net zips have derailed themselves which means no ventilation is possible - a prob in Africa. The thing that is showing most wear is the bag it comes in with a couple of tears.

Pros: Practically bomb proof.

Cons: No customer support in Africa!

  Reviewed by Chris (Manchester) on 2010-09-03:
General comments: I've reached a point where I need to replace a Hyperspace which I bought back in 1990. Having used it constantly for 20 years it finally let me down in torrential rain, this summer. I've just spent 2 weeks researching possible replacements and have come to the decision that no-one has bettered it.

Pros: Quality components. Excellent construction. Exceptional durability.

Cons: This tent has cost me 25 per year over the last 20 years. No bad points:)

  Reviewed by Kate (UK) on 2010-11-06:
General comments: As others have said, terra nova market themselves as makers of 'the best tents in the world' and this is an expensive tent, costing 500 quid. Personally, I don't feel that either the quality of the tent, or the customer service, live up to the hype. I think I will try North Face next time...

Pros: Solid, roomy tent.

Cons: These tents have a major problem with poor quality zips on the inner doors (Paul also referred to having this problem) Especially in dry, dusty conditions the zips rapidly wear out and refuse to work. Having returned from a trip last year with the doors held up by safety pins, I sent the tent back to terra nova for repair before this years trip. They repaced the zip sliders - and charged me to do so, which I thought was a bit off as this tent is supposed to have a 'lifetime guarantee'. Still, problem sorted, I thought. Not so. After FOUR DAYS use, the zips at one end refused to work, and we had to use the other end only. After four weeks, the other zips failed also. e-mails to TN produced only fobbing-off responses - ie you should lubricate the zips, and it was OK when it left here. NOT IMPRESSED. This seems to be a design fault which TN know about but do not see fit to rectify. As such, I really cannot recommend this tent.

  Reviewed by Richard Gooderick (Scotland) on 2015-06-20:
General comments: I have a problem with the flysheet of my Hyperspace. it has deteriorated and sticks to ittself. This is so bad that it takes me 15 minutes or so to unstick it when I pitch it. I bought this tent after having owned a Quasar, also by Wild Country/ Terra Nova. I wanted something bigger and initially purchased a tent from another manufacturer. However the quality of this tent did not appear to be as good as the Quasar. At that time Terra Nova were advertising a lifetime guarantee for the Hyperspace. The idea of paying a lot of money seemed OK for a bomb proof tent that I would not have to replace. I returned the larger tent to the retailer and got a credit against the cost of the Hyperspace. I bought a groundsheet protector at the same time and paid extra for a flysheet made from Watershed fabric. The advantage of this fabric being that it will not absorb water when wet. The tent has not had a lot of use and is in excellent condition. Except for the problem wiith the sticiky flysheet. I have always dried it after use and have stored it loose in a spare bedroom. It has been looked after well. Terra Nova have told me that the lifetime guarantee is for 'the lifetime of the material'. This appears nonsensical to me. Despite admitting that this kind of fault is extremely unusual Terra Nova would not offer to replace the flysheet or to sell one at a discounted price.

Pros: The tent is still waterproof.

Cons: It takes more than 15 minutes to pull the flysheet apart. Last week part of the tent ripped as I was doing this. As you will gather I am not very impressed. In fact I intend to take Terra Nova to the Small Claims Court.


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