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   Petzl Duo 5 LED

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The Duo 5 can be submerged in up to 5 metres of water. The five LEDs provide sustained light while the halogen bulb can be used for longer distances (up to 0.1 km). The width of the halogen beam can be adjusted to give a concentrated or wide focus. To prevent the head torch from being accidently turned on (e.g. in a rucksack), the power switch can be locked. The Due 5 LED is powered by 4 AA batteries, weighs 375 grams and comes with the obligatory spare bulb.

Petzl Duo 5 LED

   Petzl Duo 5 LED Reviews

  Reviewed by Ben (NE England) on 2006-01-29:
General comments: The Duo 5 is probably the most robust headtorch available. It is suitable for both leisure and professional use. As the name implies, it has two beams which the user can easily change between using a switch on the side of the unit. The switch also securely locks for transport and can be used with gloves. The 3W halogen main beam lasts around 4 hours. The beam is brighter than even that of torches in the Myo range, but its light is not as even. Like many other Petzl torches, the beam is zoom-able. The performance of the 5 non-regulated LEDs is a little disappointing at only 55 hours in duration but they give good performance when lit. The whole torch is waterproof to a 5m submersion. The unit is waterproofed by rubber ring-seals, which are coated in silicon grease. To maintain performance they have to be regularly regressed but no grease is provided! The torch has no problems with sea water and sand but does not float very well. Generally the torch stands up to heavy daily use without showing any signs of wear.

Pros: Petzl provide a complete range of spares and accessories including a chargeable battery pack which gives longer burn times (5 hours on main beam).

Cons: The Duo 5 is quite expensive and heavy. You can get better performing but less-robust torches cheaper.

  Reviewed by Simon Barry (Southport) on 2006-02-12:
General comments: I have had a Petzl Duo for some time...I got it to back up my Zoom and quickly changed my mind, with the Zoom as the back up. I am short sighted and have some difficulties seeing at night, so found the Zoom tungsten too dim, but faffing around changing bulbs to halogen a real pain. The origional Duo helped...then I got a five LED module to replace the tungsten. You could say the light went on! The big advantage, for me is the white light colour balance from the LEDs and, to be honest, I now rarely use the halogen except in short bursts. The LED pool may be a flood, but I find walking with it so much better, I can see more and I can see a depth of field, so not tripping or stumbling so much. I have converted my zoom to a 3 LED bulb unit I got from the USA ( now no longer available).

Pros: Increased Battery life, percieved depth of field and brightness of the LEDs, pool of light for general work/walking/camp...anything were a spot isnt needed

Cons: Unable to focus to a spot.....will someone produce a 3W plus screw bulb unit to replace the halogen....please!

  Reviewed by DREW MORRIS (SUNDERLAND) on 2006-04-08:
General comments: I've been using the Petzl on my nightly walks around the fields near to my home but so far, not enough to justify it's use. For most of the time on day-walks, it's been in the bottom of my pack. I've taken it on a couple of short one-night trips and it was with me on a three day backpack of the South Downs Way and here it got quite a bit of use and some rough handling. So far, I'm really pleased and impressed with the Petzl . As a step up from the Tikka, for a small weight and size gain, the additional light power, adjustable swivel and small beak are well worth it to me. I have nothing to complain about so far. The batteries seem to be lasting well as I have been using in mostly on its highest setting. and it still seems to be burning strong.

Pros: good light

Cons: nothing to complain about.

  Reviewed by David Hargrave (Cumbria) on 2007-07-08:
General comments: I used one of these to summit kili a couple of years ago. since sold for a lighter headtorch. boy, this does weight a bit. when moving your head quick you can feel it wobble, there are lighter torches available. At night lying around in your tent to read, not only is it a little bit overkill in brightness for reading, but the battery pack means that you're uncomfortable lying on your pack or whatever in your sleeping bag. great and powerful halogen beam though, and ideal for nighttime ascents. I bought a Myo XP for better battery life and there are some superlight petzls that just have a strap at the back for reading.

Pros: powerful led / halogen lamp.

Cons: heavy on the head. heavier on the battery than LED only lamps. battery pack gets in the way when reading at night with your head on a pack / pillow

  Reviewed by Casey Noles (iron station, nc usa) on 2010-02-09:
General comments: I purchased the Petzl Head torch several years ago for Fire Department use. I have used it on many training evolutions and an occasional land search for missing persons. The lamp is a great asset to my gear. Although the battery pack is a little heavy, wearing it with a Petzl rock helmet the lamp is great. The clips help hold it in place. I do wish I could find a RED filter for the lamp so I could use it to Red Drum Fish with on the surf. Great product and I highly recommend it.

Pros: Bright illumination both LED and Halogen. Great for night Trekking

Cons: Not enough to complain about

  Reviewed by James Combe (Craigellachie Speyside Moray) on 2011-08-02:
General comments: Built like a tank. As previous reviewers have said water proof The model I have came with grease for the seals and the main beam is now also LED. Roughly 10 hours on main beam and 30 hours on the 5 leds. You can charge it on 240 or by a car charger. I have used Petzl head torches for a number of years and have always proved reliable. For a cheaper alternative and occasional use try alpkits small head. Petzl is heavy but it will not break easily.

Pros: Unburstable long battery live

Cons: Heavy and replacement batteries costly

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