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   Petzl Duo 8 LED

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The Duo 8 is the most advanced head torch Petzl currently produce. The headtorch has many different configurations: Waterproof - up to 5 metres; Long distance - the halogen beam will easily reach 100m; Close-up - The Duo 8 has 5 LEDs for powerful white light at close quarters. These LEDs can be configured to offset battery life and power - for example the economy setting has an 8m beam of average power whereas the 'power' setting utilises a very powerful 20m beam but obviously drains the power quicker. The power-saving mode means that the Duo 8 won't let you down without warning - when the battery is low, the beam is automatically set to economy mode. This Petzl headtorch runs on 4 AA batteries, weighs approximately 360 grams and comes with a space bulb.
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Petzl Duo 8 LED

   Petzl Duo 8 LED Reviews

  Reviewed by Andy Mogg (UK) on 2006-03-03:
General comments: I bought the petzl duo after I had bought my tikka plus, which I originally bought for fishing but proved good for close up work but not for seeing more than a few feet. A friend recommended I try the duo and after reading up on it I decided it was worth a punt. The Duo is that little bit more heavy duty and is perfect for fishing, The LEDís are for fantastic for close up work such as baiting up or opening my flask and the halogen bulb is fantastic for walking across wet rocks and the beach to get to your mark as it gives you that bit of extra distance on the bulb. Also being dual bulbed it gives you an extended battery life as the LEDís are much more efficient than the halogen bulb. It is also perfect for fishing or sports involving water as it is fully waterproof. Altthough not as light as the tikka it is still one of the lightest and most comfy headlamps I have used and fits nicely over my fleece hat for those extra cold nights. I have also dropped it on the rocks a couple of times and it has so far proved to be unbreakable, the bulb did go once but there was a spare included so after a few mins fiddling I managed to fix it and avoided having to stop fishing and going home. It has attracted a fair few comments from fellow anglers too as it matches their heavier and more expensive headlamps with ease

Pros: Light, bright, durable and good value for money

Cons: non so far

  Reviewed by Somebody (Somewhere) on 2006-04-09:
General comments: I have used the headlamp on one three day winter backpacking trip and for numerous odd jobs around the house and garden. The headlamp is light and comfortable enough that you may forget you have it on. While not strictly hiking work, the use around the house has demonstrated the headlamps excellent utility, which is not limited just to backpacking. Uses to date include: night dog walking (flat grade with snow cover), general night tent work (sorting gear, cooking, reading, locating the all important pee bottle, etc.), nighttime automotive diagnosis and repair (dead battery), pouring over star charts and operating the equatorial mount on my telescope (red LED, very nice!) and even as a black ops light for quick applications (walking through a darkened house without disturbing anyone for that midnight snack). The focusing lenses are very effective, allowing the five LEDs to project a brightly lit, clearly defined, tight circle of light, instead of the broad 'area light' effect you get with most of these headlamps. The closer the beam is projected, the smaller and brighter the resulting circular lighted area is. The farther out you throw the beam, the more the lighted circle resembles an area light, as the lighted area becomes larger and more diffused. This characteristic permits enormous flexibility of use. It is excellent for close detail work, especially where preserving your night vision is important.

Pros: wicked light, multi use

Cons: dont like the on off switch

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-05-08:
General comments: I bought the Petzl Duo 8 for running the high peak marathon and winter mountaineering about 2 years ago. I have now replaced it with a Petzl MYO XP, more of which later. This torch has been around in several different forms for many years, originally made as a halogen / sodium bulb combo, LEDS have made it a much better torch. The 8 LEDS create a fantastic ambient light for close proximity tasks. If there is a lot of snow it can create an enormous reflected pool of light. I have used it for long walk outs from the Cairngorms on many a night and can testify to its long life on LEDS and good field of light. The halogen is powerful, but eats batteries and I have mainly restricted its use to navigation sweeps and searching for items, or climbing routes. The battery life promoted in the literature seems if anything to be a bit under generous, and I have found batteries have lasted well for such a powerful torch. The waterproofing and zoom functions are also great. However, it has been well and truly superseded by the MYO XPÖDo not buy a Duo nowÖ.buy an XP instead the battery life is longer, it uses a single mega LED for both zoom and ambient lighting via a nifty flip down diffuser. I have used the XP extensively for running and it lights!!.....the way forward for modern headtorches. The Duo is dead, long live the XP.

Pros: Powerful, robust.

Cons: Totally outgunned by the new MYO XP...heavy battery consumption on halogen setting.

  Reviewed by Pete Baars (Merseyside) on 2006-06-01:
General comments: I've had a couple of these, to use as back-up lights on caving trips with groups. I transport them within a dry bag, within a tackle bag, so there's no real reason for them to fail, as they're kept dry when not in use and are relatively well protected. In principle, they're a very good lamp, well designed, as is the case with most Petzl products, batteries last for ages, the level of illumination and ease of use is excellent, the ability to flick between LEDs and Halogen Bulbs is particularly useful when caving, the halogen allows good views when looking at objects a little further away, but I've found the following problems: Batteries have much more of a tendency to leak in this lamp than in any other petzl lamp that I've ever used (and I've used a fair few), I don't know if this is because of the sealed battery case? The durability of the unit, I have had 2 of these that have stopped working within 2 years of purchase, batteries had leaked in them,which invalidated the 3 year warranty, but despite spending a considerable amount of time cleaning the battery contacts, I was never able to revive them, I'm not certain if this is due to the leakage, or a weakness in the cable running between the battery box and the lamp housing?

Pros: Very efficient use of battery power and ability to flick between low energy light and full beam.

Cons: Durability and tendency for batteries to leak in the battery case. Quite heavy compared to a lot of the more modern designs.

  Reviewed by Matt Lillie (Cornwall) on 2008-07-12:
General comments: Although head torches may not look great I find them a lot more practical than normal torches. On a resent walk in the Black Mountains it got extremely foggy, misty and wet while me and some mates were up on a ridge. My mate took out his torch but after only meters had to put it back because he needed his hands free for reading the map, and because we were all falling over. After the failed attempt I took this out and turned on the light and instantly our problems were lightened quite literally. Although the light didnít penetrate the mist it certainly gave us a bitter sight than without it. Its great, amazing value for money

Pros: brightly light durable

Cons: ???

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