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   Rab Summit 800

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Utilising the finest performance materials and down filling available, the Summit range has been designed for climbers and mountaineers who require the warmest and lightest sleeping bags for extended use in extreme climates and exposed bivouacs.
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Rab Summit 800

Official Rab Summit 800 specification from Rab

   Rab Summit 800 Reviews

  Reviewed by Mick Wood (Chesterfield) on 2006-01-24:
General comments: If quality and warmth are what you want out of a bag then, as is the case with all RAB products, you can't go far wrong with the Summit. The pertex outer and the ample down fill make for a light and warm, very warm, sleeping bag. Weighing in at only 1600g and going down to -20 degrees celcius you'd be hard pressed to find a better option. You will always have the eternal question of down versus synthetic but providing your not going to get your bag wet then this is the bag for any outdoor enthusiast hoping to venture into the colder climates on their travels. The bag itself packs down incrdibly small for a sac giving so much warmth, which in itself is always a great thing. I usually find myself trapped in sleeping bags and end up fighting my way out half way through the night desperate for some space - not so in the summit. The bags design allows enough room for a comfortable sleep and the one handed closure around the head and the baffle designed to keep out draughts allow you to get comfortable quickly and straight into that comfortable nights sleep! Quite a wrench to fork out that amount of money for the bag but once you get over the pain of handing it over you find yourself with a solid reliable bag guaranteed to keep you warm.

Pros: Good bag shape, great warmth to weight/packed down size ratio. As always, RAB's quality workmanship!

Cons: expense - difficult to make the purchase but ultimatley worth it in the end

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-13:
General comments: The Rab Summit 800 was an object of desire for me for many years when I was a poor postgraduate student breakdancing in a freezing Argos sleeping bag in Cairngorm bothies. With my first proper wage packet I splashed out and bought one of these great bags. Some things did disappoint me straight away, though. The stitching on the bag, was poorly finished and at the end of each horizontal stitching run there were several loose threads and unfinished loops of stitching. Also the stuff bag I had, came with no compression straps and the storage bag no toggle on the drawcord. I returned the bag for the stitching and it was replaced by the shopÖ.however the new bag still has some loose threads and this smacks of poor quality control. Despite this the down quality and bag shape is excellent keeping you warm in even the coldest temperature. Unless you are going to be doing a lot of bivvying or snowholing then the Summit 600 would be more suitable for this country. Like most sleeping bags the zip can snag easily so be careful when getting in and out. Also the Pertex endurance outer is not as breathable as other pertex fabrics and the bag can very often feel quite clammy inside. All this is a small price to pay for incredible warmth. 4 years on it is just as warm!

Pros: Warmth, warmth and warmth....well protected outer

Cons: Clammy, some stitching quality not great for a £300 + bag, zip snags

  Reviewed by Matthew Thornton (Lincolnshire) on 2007-06-01:
General comments: I am a big favourite of all RAB products as their work ethic I think produces bags at the highest of qualities, better that the other large corporate brands. This bag however I would not recommend for use in the UK as for a start, the rating of -20 is just unsuitable for the UK weather. In the UK, the weather rarely goes down below -10 so you would have to be lucky to find a cold enough night to get the best out of this bag. Also, due to the UKís unique humidity levels (which are very high), most down bags, even those with endurance coating are susceptible to a coating of condensation in the morning. If you are looking for a bag for the British Isles, then I would recommend the RAB Quantum 600 Endurance, or any of the RAB Atlas bags, as these are specifically designed for the UK climate conditions. Having said that, if you plan to use this bag for how it was designed, eg in Canada in the Yukon, the bag will be perfect. The pertex endurance will be able to cope with exposed Bivis well enough, and with a trapezoidal construction, cold parts in the down are non existent. The bag is very warm and is suitable for all seasons. The baffle lined zip is also great as it doesnít tend to snag if you do the bag up carefully, and heat loss is also reduced due to the down filled baffle inside. Lastly, there is a pocket on newer designs that allows you to store items that you know you wont be able to find when you wake up which is also proof that there is great attention to detail. I love this bag so much, Iíll give it 10/10!! Ė but honestly, if you use the bag in the correct condition specified by RAB, you really canít go wrong.

Pros: I love the weight of the bag, for a four season bag, it is very light. Also the compressibility is excellent, as it the warmth, the generous cut of the bag and the overall quality of the bag. The shoulder baffle also comes in handy when the weather really turns cold and you need to maximise as much heat as possible. You also get what you pay for with this bag so no complaints with the price.

Cons: There is really nothing I donít like about this bag, I believe it is perfect when used for what it is designed for, and should last for ever if taken good care of and renewed by professionally cleaning it and storing it loose using the hanging loops at the foot end.


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