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   Terra Nova Bothy Bag 12

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Indispensable if you participate in any outdoor activity. Originally designed in response to the need for an inexpensive, lightweight shelter. Bothy bags are increasingly used by mountain rescue teams, outdoor centres and youth groups as emergency shelters. However they can also provide a simple shelter for lunch stops. Bothy bags are made from ripstop nylon and are windproof, highly water resistant and very strong.

Terra Nova Bothy Bag 12

   Terra Nova Bothy Bag 12 Reviews

  Reviewed by Simon Harry (Inverness) on 2006-02-02:
General comments: I bought the Bothy 4 to carry with me for winter walking and for mountain bike riding ( i take out groups). Although they are fairly costly (?40 for mine) they do have the potential of saving you or your groups life. I find the bothy very easy to get up, the group need hardly any instruction to use it (good in a gale on Cairn Gorm), and they work amazingly. there are holes/windows in the fabric so you can check whats happening outside and they fold away in their own stuffsac very easily. My mate carries the 8 man version as he guides groups, this though is quite a size to pack in addition to the rest of your gear. Mine is nor a problem although i may invest in the 2 man for me and the missus. get one today cause if your into walking in the hills in winter, this could be a life saver

Pros: compact, low weight, will save your life

Cons: cost, but hey what are YOU worth

  Reviewed by Pete Baars (Merseyside) on 2006-04-03:
General comments: I work in the outdoors and caryy one of these with me on pretty much every activity that we do. They are invaluable on a wet and windy day, many people have never experienced one before and I have found some groups of adults that I've led have taken some real coaxing to climb inside when we've stopped for a brew or a butty. However after 10-15 mins sat inside the cocoon of warm air that forms around them, out of the biting wind and the sting rain, they're often reluctant to leave again! They really couldn't believe that the shelter gave them just that and so effectively. They're simple, with no moving parts, no poles, just a big reactangular box of ripstop nylon. with a little reinforcing around the base, pull it over your heads and sit on the bottom of it. It's so simple, but then aren't all the best ideas? My advice, get a yellow one, even on the greyest days, once you're sat inside it, with a mug of something warm in your hand and a nice thick chunk of flapjack, the day will seem a whole lot brighter. (It also helps Mountain Rescue teams to pick you out from a distance if you're using it as an emergency shelter for a more serious situation). The only downside I've found with the 12 man version from Terra Nova is that it is massive, the weight is fine, but the pack size is bulky, so I prefer to caryy 2 x 8man shelters and give one of them to one of the group to carry. They make great improvised saild for open canoeing and if the weathers really good, just spread it out and sit on it like a picnic blanket, everyones bum stays drier and the whole experience is much more sociable.

Pros: Simple kit with good build quality Excellent when the proverbial really hits the fan Great for lifting spirits on a bad weather day Increases visiblity in a rescue situation May make the difference between coming home or not!

Cons: The 12 man version really is, in my opinion, a bit too bulky

  Reviewed by chris (glasgow) on 2006-05-25:
General comments: One of the most use full pieces of kit I have used in the last few years. If youíre working on the hills especially with groups of young adults they are really usefull. On cold wet or windy days the last thing you feel like doing is stopping for lunch but you really have to with a bit of explanation to stop them blowing away down the hill with you still holding on to it they are the easiest thing to use. Just pull it out the bag over your head sit on it job done. Bright colours are good if you have to be rescued, the down side is it makes the world seem dull and dark when you get out. If you have an injury on the hill it is useful for separating them form the group especially if you have two so you can deal with them separately. They are bulky in your bag but not too heavy and really worth it. The cold will eventually get in but it does keep the wind chill down and it rains through in about 20mins depending on the amount of wind and rain but thatís long enough to get something to eat. Good value and bomb proof like all tera nova kit.

Pros: great for groups

Cons: bit bulky but worth it

  Reviewed by peter laurence (blackburn) on 2009-10-15:
General comments: proven kit in the field

Pros: efficient and work well

Cons: the jds components bothy is cheaper for the same spec


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