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   Vaude Badawi

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The award winning Badawi; excellent ventilation, ingenious construction and serious spaciousness.
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Vaude Badawi

   Vaude Badawi Reviews

  Reviewed by Max Berman (Scotland) on 2006-03-30:
General comments: Beautiful design. Unique look. Ingenious to use. Bit of a pain to pitch. When you first see one of these at night, filled with people and lit from within, you feel like you're missing the party. Once you see this thing, you will find it irresistable. It looks like no other tent I've seen but is vaguely reminiscent of some kind of ancient nomad's dwelling. Practically it is excellent. After your first pitching you will find lots of neat design features like the hang down tent-tidy which sounds naff but is actually pretty useful. We use it for two people and tons of storage. We tend to camp with several other people so this is primarily used as the party-tent. With its ample "social" area big enough to cook in and seat up to 7 around a pretty big table. The only downside is a lengthy and complicated assembly. I'd say even with practise, it will take 3 people well over 30 minuits to pitch and double that if there is a slight breeze. If you're staying put for a while, I can't reccomend this enough.

Pros: Spacious, well designed, excellent party-tent.

Cons: complicated and time consuming to pitch
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Phil Withers responded : I agree it is hard to pitch and the instructions leave a lot to the imagination especially relating to which tension straps to adjust first i.e. the grey ones or the orange ones. Vaude also dont supply the footprint as standard it is an add on, in addition its difficult to know if the Groundsheet protector is a different product to the footprint or one in the same. However all that being said it is a superb tent. (2007-05-14)

  Reviewed by Tam (Staffordshire) on 2008-08-12:
General comments: The reason for getting a new tent was the need (desire) to stand up inside and cope with cooking even if it rained, the desire for the Vaude Badawi tent was that it looked so good! Despite reviews warning that it was hard to put up we found it tricky on the first attempt but on the second attempt 2 of us got it up in less than half an hour (teamwork helps). I agree that the instructions could be more helpful and i have cheated by using more tent pegs than supplied. I suspect we don't need to use extra pegs, it's just that i found it more reassuring to do so.

Pros: Space, ventilation, lots of light for as long as possible due to the pale colour of the fabric.

Cons: Slippery ground sheet
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Monty responded : How does the Badawi handle hot weather ? Is it well ventilated ? (2008-11-28)

  Reviewed by CBW (BATH) on 2009-09-11:
General comments: It's certainly a unique design and one that will bring out the cheeky comments from your friends. I admit it is a pain to put up, but I mastered it on my own (I'm a slight female), even in heavy wind and rain. My biggest criticisms are four-fold:

Pros: Big!

Cons: 1) The tent is extremely draughty and cold, especially if you’re in the Alps during the summer – it might be good if you’re heading to the hotter climates. (NB I am looking to replace this tent with a tent that has a sewn-in groundsheet in future.) 2) The sleeping areas are shallow and extremely claustrophobic, especially if you’re the person sleeping on the outside. Be prepared to clamber over your sleeping partner if you need a comfort break in the night. 3) The sides are too steep! Be prepared to bend down very low to unzip the tent and expect the zipper to get stuck. It’s certainly not an easy exit if you’re in need of a comfort break during the night. If you have bad joints this tent is not for you – expect to do lots of bending and twisting! 4) This tent is far too big for 2 campers. I recommend it for a young couple with small children wanting to camp in southern France, Italy or Spain. I am not sure why this tent has won awards. I’ve seen and been in other tents which boast nothing inparticular, and are cheaper, but are considerably more enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable to camp in. If you choose this tent ….GOOD LUCK!
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Claire Cornish responded : I agree with the previous reviewer - the tent is designed for hot weather camping on a flat pitch. If its raining the rain comes in the mesh bottom edge of the sides and the entire floor is then soaking. If its raining and you need to get in the tent, or out, loads of water gets in because of the pitch of the sides. The gap around the edge means that vermin can get in and your dogs can get out. Its also draughty because of the mesh at the bottom of the sides and cold even in summer in the north of GB. It is big, but is not designed for camping in the wet, damp, cold and wind. Deffo a hot wetaher tent! I was disappointed to have spent so much money for something so patently unsuitbale! It comes with no warnign that its for hot climes! (2011-07-17)

  Reviewed by Steve Yesnik (Oxfordshire) on 2010-09-08:
General comments: I bought this tent from earlier this year for £425 ... it was well worth the money and the customer service was excellent! Are you changing model or something, and will it be this price? I may give my Badi to a friend and buy a new one :D Excellent Tent by Vaude

Pros: Super Huge, plenty of ventilation, noisy kids kept away

Cons: took an eternity to put up, and I seem to have paid too much for it
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Buachaille responded : Hi Steve. The current price (£333) is a special offer from Gear-Zone (33% off). This offer will last until September 19th 2010. Thanks, Neil. ( (2010-09-08)

  Reviewed by nick (derbyshire) on 2011-08-24:
General comments: I've had a Badawi LONG for about 6 years now. This is the bigger 6 person version of the Badawi. It IS a pain to pitch and the instructions are non existent. But with a little practice it's a 1 person, 15 minute job. I only use it a few times a year and the first time is always a confused tangle. Once up it's a lovely huge spacious tent with a big "living area" in the middle. A little too "ventilated" for colder climes perhaps; but you can buy a "comfort floor protector" which not only goes under the whole test but wraps up the sides to block breeze / snow etc. (an extra £110 though you can get it in a bundle from some sellers). There is also a basic footprint groundsheet without the turned up edges for about £65.

Pros: BIG and impressive. Big sleeping pods that are comfy for two and viable for three (or even four at a pinch). You can stand up almost anywhere in it without it being a wobbly "car camper" tent. Looks like a weird futuristic teepee

Cons: A pain to put up. A wee bit fragile (the rubber bungees perish and some of the many adjustable tabs have torn off) The inner groundsheet only covers the living area, leaving a potentially muddy gap twixt living room floor and sleeping pods. Looks like a weird futuristic teepee (though the 2011 version is more sane)


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