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   Vango Spirit 200+

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The Vango Spirit 200+ is a solid 2 man tent from Vango boasting good stability and build quality. In the UK, the Vango Spirt 200+ can be used in all four seasons.
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Vango Spirit 200+

   Vango Spirit 200+ Reviews

  Reviewed by Connie Martin (Edinburgh) on 2006-04-04:
General comments: Used this on a backpacking trip around Europe. Bought it second hand due to lack of funds. It comfortably fits two as long as you are good friends, and can really be thrown up including the fly sheet in one go. Light enough to travel with on a budget. Good waterproof and windproof qualities. Almost a whole section for gear which was enough for two 100 litre rucksacks, and the usual assortments of boots and jackets. Sold the tent due after the trip and therefore it really didnít cost much for a very usefull tent. Versatile, easy to pack and pitch, light enough to carry. I find that Vango are good at simple tents and as long as you donít expect to climb everest in one they will stand up to the job every time. Found it to fill with quite a bit condensation on a number of occasions even although it had a inner mesh material but this was really down to the changeable weather. The mesh does do a good job of keeping the beasties out so you can do without having any other form of midgey net. Colour co-ordinated very light weight poles, go in the colour coded body of the tent, so you really cant go wrong pitching it. Can be done in under 6 minutes weather permitting when you get the hang of it.

Pros: lighweight good travelling tent easy to put up

Cons: none overall

  Reviewed by Paul Farrar (Andover) on 2008-05-27:
General comments: The 2008 model has an extra 15cm length to the inner tent. This is critical for the taller person as the 'foot end' slopes quite sharply and if you're not careful, your feet will press through onto the flysheet leading to dampness at that end of the sleeping bag! The tent is well designed, robust and generally easy to erect. It has an outstanding space to weight ratio and is very comfortable for 2 . The entrance vestibule holds masses of kit and allows a lot of flexibility in who sits/dresses/packs kit where! I would regard the purchase of the additional 'footprint' as essential to maximise the use of the whole space. The tent can be pitched 'all at once', including the footprint, inner and flysheet, or in segments starting with the flysheet. Overall, an excellent product.

Pros: Space, quality of construction, flexibility.

Cons: Poles can be a little tricky to extract unless you have a 'helper'. The 'tri-corner' alloy pegs have sharp 'hooks' and can be difficult to extract from harder ground.

  Reviewed by Alasdair Fulton (Glasgow) on 2008-06-29:
General comments: I spent a lot of time trying to work out what tent to buy, and came up with this one. I needed a tent that would stand up to all round scottish weather, be light enough that I could lug it into places like the Dubh Loch and have plenty of space for 2 to live for a couple of weeks, climbing, camping and cooking. This tent does exactly that. At around 2.5kg it is much lighter than the more sturdy geodesic designs, but it will still cope well in 40mph winds, like we experienced in the outer hebrides last week. When pitching, make sure you peg it out properly and tension all guys and adjusters , this is the only way to avoid the material flapping about when it gets windy. (a common problem with tunnel tents) The tent has a huge porch, plenty big enough for two 60l rucksacks and space lefft over for cooking and getting in/out of tent.

Pros: Quick to pitch. Strong design. Well built, good materials. Huge space to weight ratio.

Cons: Can be a bit flappy in a breeze. (Good pitching and goiod ground for pegs helps) Not the best ventilation, but not terrible. A bit short, but just OK for 6' / 180cm tall person.(2008 version)

  Reviewed by Colin Craig (Alloa) on 2009-05-04:
General comments: Purchased this several months ago and has been to Skye, Glencoe and other harsh environments. The tent is very well constructed with more storage than you would probably need (3 pockets each side of the sleeping compartment, running the full length). Simple to pitch as the first time I pitched it was in the dark during high winds in Glenbrittle (Skye) and was up in several minutes. Vestibule is huge but just means you have more space to fill with junk. Excellent price for what you get. I am hoping that a couple of bikes will fit in it but not totally sure yet, might be a bit tight.

Pros: Cost, quality, ease of pitching, massive porch, plenty of pegging points and stability system inside.

Cons: Flaps a bit if not pegged down correctly or winds side on. Guylines are bright during the day but are virtually invisible at night (had numerous people tripping over them at night).

  Reviewed by Marije (Nottingham) on 2009-07-26:
General comments: We're gutted that ours got stolen last month - just when we were about to take it on a trip! It was our absolute favourite - such a good deal for a sturdy lightweight tent. We've used it for cycle touring (never felt the need to put the bikes in the front porch but possibly could fit them in if needed), and on multiple camping trips throughout the year. Withstood gales in the Lake District without effort. Just after we bought our first, one strap that holds the poles together snapped. We got our money back though, and bought the same tent again. Never had any problem with that one. The tent is up very fast, inner tent at same time as outer tent which is great in the rain! Pitching in darkness no problem, the colour coded poles help a lot.

Pros: great weight and quality for money, loads of space in front porch for bags with space left to sit in case it rains outside. Very easy pitching in any weather/light.

Cons: Flaps about in the wind more than non-tunnel tents, space in inner tent is limited. Limited choice of colour.

  Reviewed by Graeme C (Manchester) on 2009-08-25:
General comments: Excellent all-round tent for the money and for it's weight. Loads of porch space for two bags, boots etc and still space to cook if required. Side entrance in fly means even in dreadful weather you don't get the rain lashing straight in to your inner tent which i thank is a big plus over lot's of other two man lightwieght designs which usually open straight out (inner then fly). Relatively easy to pitch after a couple of goes although I would still recommend two people to do this as the poles can be a real pain to push in and pull out of their material guides which might just become a problem putting it up in high winds. Having said that it is a 2 man tent..... Also for the weight it bears comparison with much more expensive tents. When there's two of you and you split the rest of the gear for your trip then it really doesnt overload your bag. Packed size also pretty good. Plenty of room in inner for 2 with good storage pockets either side. Stability in high winds is superb especially with the TBS pro system inside and I can personnaly vouch for it having withstood some pretty awful early spring weather near Sprinkling Tarn in the lakes on a quite exposed pitch. No leaks and I felt secure inside! I love this tent and would basically recommend it to anyone!

Pros: Design features are excellent. Loads of room especially in the super usable porch. Stable and weatherproof and at about 2.6kg you just won't find better for your money! Buy it!

Cons: Being really harsh on it here, but as I said above sometimes the poles are a pain to insert and remove by yourself. (No problem if there's 2 of you!)

  Reviewed by Hobbitt (somewhere near Vienna (Somewhere) on 2009-08-26:
General comments: I'm in the middle of cycling to Slovenia and the spirit 200+ is turning out to be a great tent. Loads of room inside for drying freshly washed cycling shorts overnight. I've can even fit my bike trailer inside the porch which means that I don't need to keep unpacking every piece of kit. The only problem so far is with condensation since I've started following the Danube. I'm using my classic orange bivvy bag as a groundsheet but the floor is still getting a wee bit wet by morning. Nothing a quick dry in the 30' morning heat can't solve :o)

Pros: Great designed doorways, there's even a storage pocket for the inner door. Big enough for cooking, gear storage etc but small enough for wild camping on the thin embankments of the Danube

Cons: Condensation, could do with a bit more ventilation and a thicker (but more heavy) groundsheet

  Reviewed by wiggy comet rider (bristol) on 2009-09-06:
General comments: have had sprit 200+ all summer and found it to be a good size to use for solo motorcycle trips quick to pitch and plenty of room in porch to store panier bags and wet clothing. been on isle of man for manx grand prix for two weeks of rain. found ground sheet of inner to leak badly and sleeping bag bed ect got very wet as rain seeped in through floor. ended up sleeping inside of my bike cover.

Cons: water leaks through ground sheet


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