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   Rab Quantum 400

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Extremely light weight, this Quantum range has some of the lightest sleeping bags in the world. Using Pertex Quantum fabric for construction of the inner and outer, which weighs a tiny 30g/m2. All bags are filled with 96% Polish Goose Down with an enormous750+ fill power, producing a bag with an excellent loft for it's weight.
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Rab Quantum 400

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Rab Quantum 400Rab Quantum 400Rab Quantum 400

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   Rab Quantum 400 Reviews

  Reviewed by Calum McRoberts (Edinburgh) on 2006-04-05:
General comments: The Quantum bag has the instant comfort factor as soon as you take it out of the stuff sac. The Pertex Quantam fabric is incredibly lightweight - which allows the goose down fill to loft to its full potential - and this makes the bag feel very nice when you are inside it. I felt that the baffle could be better because I am definately aware of cold spots along here as the temperature drops. As with all Rab bags the temperature rating is accurate. Supplied with stuff sac, which easily accomodates the bag and a storage sac. Two hang loops at the foot end for hanging the bag up helps prolong the life of the down by avoiding compressing it. The lightweight fabric is good on extended trips as it does dry out very quickly should it get damp, such as the feet end when you are camping in a tent. Generous fit.

Pros: Lightweight. Comfortable. Rab quality. Pack size

Cons: Definately that baffle which does let the bag down.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-20:
General comments: I currently use a Haglofs LIM 50 bag for mountain marathons, which I bought to replace a RAB Quantum 400 that I used throughout 2003 and 2004 for events such as the KIMM, LAMM, Saunders Lakeland Marathon and The Mourne Mountain Marathon. I have switched to synthetic because I simply could not rely on the Quantum 400 and it made me nervous. On the LAMM 2004 there were exceptionally wet conditions at the campsite, having kept the Quantum 400 dry throughout the race once in the tent it quickly got very damp from condensation and some minor water ingress. It collapsed noticeably and I spent a miserable night, whilst a mate in a £20 synthetic cheapo from Argos stayed comfortable. The Quantum 400 is available as a special order with a Pertex Endurance outer, although this would make it heavier, I consider that this would be a much more reliable outer for damp conditions. Like the other reviewer, I also noticed a draft through the zip baffle and some quality niggles such as stitching imperfection and obvious uneven down filling. Having had the same small niggles on another RAB bag….I will not be back, I’ve lost the faith.

Pros: lightweight, warm when dry

Cons: Poor quality of construction, doesn't hold out any water, air leaks throught he baffle, hideously expensive

  Reviewed by Craig Jones (Killearn, Scotland) on 2007-04-06:
General comments: I have a Rab Quantum 400 made with a Pertex Quantum Endurance outer. I went for the Endurance outer for precisely the reason mentioned by a previous reviewer, i.e. the extra protection against damp is well worth the small gain in weight. I have used the bag in night time temperature conditions varying from +15C to -7C. I have found this to be a warm bag. In conditions above 0C I tend not to use the baffle and often sleep in a fleece hat rather than use the hood. In colder condition I use both the baffle and hood and have been warm and comfortable in the lower temperatures mentioned above. Whilst I find the shoulder baffle works it can be a bit fiddly to tighten and loosen, but as I only find that I need to use it in temperatures below 0C it is something I can live with. The bag has a full length zip which works well. The bag is easy to roll up and goes to a size small enough for the lower compartment of my rucksack. At home I store it in the cotton bag which came with it. I’ve used the bag on regular occasions over the past 15 months, it is in good condition, the build quality is excellent and there are no noticeable cold spots.

Pros: Build quality, has performed to manufacturers spec and beyond, low weight and small rolled up size.

Cons: Baffle works well but is fiddly to deal with.

  Reviewed by Matthew Thornton (Lincolnshire) on 2007-05-31:
General comments: I got on very well with this bag. The bag is light, one of the lightest down bags for its rating, and is spacious inside giving enough room to store clothes that you need drying. The little pocket in side is a nice touch and is great if you wake up in the middle of the night but can't find you torch! The shoulder baffle is comfortable and does up via a simple popper closure on the new design and tightens through shock cord. The bag is plenty long enough I found for me (@ 5ft8in), but for a smaller person, I felt the bag is cut quite long so alot of material is wasted especially as the bottom end. Another good feature about this bag is that you can undo it from the bottom end which meant instead of opening in at the top and waking up freezing cold, you can open the bottom and let warm air gently seep away on a warm night. I was a bit worried about the material as it felt quite flimsy and have managed to undo a bit of the stitching however this was easily rectified by tying a bigger knot. So far, I have gotten on really well with the bag, I especially like the foot box at the end which keeps your feet toasty when it is snowing outside! One last point is when you buy the bag, it seems to shrink down very small and you wonder where the other half of your sleeping bag is, but once you get in, the bag is very lofty, and you realise why the warmth to weight ratio is so good. 8/10 for this bag.

Pros: I like the lightness of the bag and also the body hugging design. The bag is very warm and suitable definitely for all round UK use. The foot box is also very comfortable and unlike many other bags that I have tried, the hood fits very well as it doesn’t sit on the bridge of you nose as many bags with a big hood cowl do. lastly i think the price is very reasionable for a bag of this quality.

Cons: On this bag, the outer shell is a bit flimsy and unlike the endurance fabric, this pertex is not as water or down proof so the down has a tendency to poke out at times, and when in the lake district and the weather is damp, the condensation can at times seep into the down giving a porridge effect if not dealt with soon after. These however are only minor points and shouldn’t be a problem most of the time.

  Reviewed by Paul Bar (Staffs) on 2010-06-03:
General comments: I bought this bag because i wanted a top quality product. How ever i have used this about four times and i have a cold spot right in the middle of the bag. It is ok lying on your back but go over onto your side and your butt and lower back soon get cold, not happy...also to zip lets a lot of cold air in as well...has anyone else had this trouble??? Think i will be writing to rab an this but dont old out much hope. Will let you know how i go on.

Pros: Very light and comfortable.

Cons: Cold on the butt and lower back, zip lets cold air in..
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tam ginelli responded : Hi mate, Ive started to get a cold spot near my bum too...had the bag a while, and only started getting it on a recent long trip out. Might just need a good shake, i dunno. Let me know what you get back from rab please! Cheers, TG (2011-06-26)


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