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   Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTX

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The Mt. Trail GTX now features a full grain waxed leather upper for extra durability out in the elements, this is backed up by a full Gore-Tex bootie for total water resistance. The boot is also designed to roll forwards with a natural walking action thanks to the Vibram Backpacking Rolling II Advanced sole unit-making days out on the hill, far more comfortable! Please note, as of 2009, all Raichle walking boots have been rebranded as Mammut.

Ladies version of the Mountain Trail XT GTX also available.

Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTX

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Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTXRaichle Mountain Trail XT GTX

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   Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTX Reviews

  Reviewed by Philip A Mitchell (United Kingdom) on 2006-12-15:
General comments: I recently purchased a pair of Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTX boots after hearing how good they were from fellow Hill and trail walking enthusiasts. On taking them out of the box I held them up and inspected the workmanship they certainly looked good. On first trying the boots on I was amazed how comfy they were, and as I have fairly broad feet it was pleasant to find a pair of boots that had been made on a last that accommodated a wider foot. The fit of these boots are indeed excellent. The high ankle padding gave the boot a firm feel when worn fully laced, and that gave me a feeling of confidence in the ability of the boot. The boot is constructed from what appears to be top Full grain leather grade leather with a Gore-tex lining and a further feature is that the toe cap is protected by a rubber cover. Though the sole is stiff, the natural walking feature built in to the boot meant that I did not clomp around like a robot, which I must admit is sometimes a feature of some other stiff soled boots. On testing the boot out on the grit stone paths of the Dark Peak area of Derbyshire in the UK I found the grip pattern of the Vibram sole to be excellent and while wading through streams and peat bogs the waterproof feature’s of the boot kept my feet nice and dry. I have climbed Kinder Scout and Snowdon in these boots and they have performed excellently on both trails, giving my feet and ankle all the support they need, and with never a blister, it’s also nice to know that on the walk back to camp down the country lanes they are just as comfy.

Pros: Good strong material and workmanship. Comfort out of the box and Great Vibram soles

Cons: Supplied laces a bit thin. Gore-tex lining might make the boots hot in the summer if you suffer from warm feet
This review has 12 comment(s):

Pat Stanyer responded : Having recently purchased a pair of RAICHLE Mount Trail XT GTX and used them for the first time in the lake district on all types of terrain, I can only concur that these are the most comfortable boots I have used. They appear to be of 'bombproof' construction and with care should last for years. (2006-12-16)

Alan Methven responded : I totaly agree with the other comments. I thought claims that boots were comfortable 'straight out of the box' were exagerated until i bought these boots. (2007-01-22)

Peter Lang responded : Agree, superb boots well fitting and I have narrow feet no blisters covered, 100+ munros in 3 years owned boots have recently had to get them resoled at feet first thourghly recommend (2007-03-06)

George Sim responded : I have to concur with this review and delighted to do so. Having just come back from my Mountain Leader training course at Glenmore Lodge - a full week in the Cairngorms - and wearing the boots on a variety of terrain (granite, scree, bogs, snow, etc) - I emerged dry and unscathed! I did have a small issue with a painful achilles tendon, but that was more due to me than the boot I reckon. After loosening the top of the boot concerned for a couple of days - all was well. A thoroughly comfortable boot which lives up to it's reputation as one of the top boots on the market (2007-08-03)

J Howard responded : I have only just bought the boot but am pleased to note that they were extremely comfortable in the shop. They accomadate a superfeet insole well and are comfortable even with my bad foot (same symptoms as a mortons neuroma) when most boots aren't. I look forward to testing them out properly but reccomend that everyone at least considers them. (2008-03-31)

dougie mccoll responded : superb boots owned 15 months ...all round superb......BUT...the outside edge of the sole has come away gone burst within a few weeks the two extreme outside lugs have come away from the vibram sole...awaiting shop to tell what the outcome is to be.. (2008-09-02)

Steven Q responded : I agree with the comments about how comfortable they are for a stiff boot. However, I don't find that the soles give me the same confidence as the more traditional sole on Meindl Burma or Borneos (I use a pair of each). On wet rock I find the level of grip rather unnerving for a 3 season boot. After just over 2 years of use (I am a keen fell walker, but use 3 pairs of boots) the tread on one of the inner heels is peeling away from the sole. It is also just beginning to come away in two other places despite the soles being around one third worn. I have sent them back to Raichle via George Fisher (Keswick), and have yet to get their response. I will update my comments when I hear what solution, if any they propose. (2008-10-18)

Steven Q responded : Well, top marks to both Raichle and George Fisher - they have given me a full refund for the boots which were over 2 years old, which is particularly good of them since I had lost the receipt, although I had the box. I would have considered a 50% refund to be fair given the use I've had, so this is excellent customer service. (2008-10-30)

Neil cumbria responded : These boots are very comfortable and dry, but I've gone through three pairs and they all fall to bits long before they should. The sole should not fall off before it's worn out!!!!!!! (2010-01-08)

Gary responded : I agree, when I first got these boots they were really comfy straight out of the box. However I am really disappointed that after only 16 months the sole on one of the boots has started to come away! I took them to my local cobbler for some advise and was told the rubber cushioning between the boot and the sole had started to perish! Not impressed, I expected to get a good few years out of these boots. Will probably look at Scarpa next time. (2010-03-30)

mike responded : Fantastic boots, comfy straight out of the box and superb support on uneven ground,probably the best boots I've worn in forty years walking the hills. But at only eighteen months old the soles are coming away from both boots,this is an ongoing problem with Raichle and Mamut XT GTX boots. (2010-08-16)

lesley responded : good waterproof boots, not wet feet any more. i also suffered achilles tendonitis when i first wore these boots, very odd, possibly to do with the high backs? i am not confident with the grip, have slipped a couple of times on concrete, so am carefully where i step. just happy to have dry feet. (2010-11-19)

  Reviewed by Martin (London) on 2008-07-28:
General comments: This is a very good, chunky pair of 3 season boots, and I would say for trekking purposes 3/4 season as they will comfortably take a strap on articulated crampon (I use Grivel G10s with mine). I've used them in Scotland in full winter conditions on munros (hiking, not scrambling/climbing) and they've been excellent. As opposed to the lightweight brigade, I whack my various appendages often enough that I like to have something a little heavier on my feet and these are perfect for trekking in the UK mountains and are equally at home on rock, scree, grass and mud. The leather seems decent quality - they've been well-scuffed and recovered well with a good helping of nikwax. After a host of problems with three pairs of various boots in a row I have now been happy with a pair of these for the last couple of years. That said the first pair of these I bought ended up with one boot leaking, but Ellis Brigham in Manchester sent it off and I got a new pair free of charge as it was a manufacturing fault. This is a problem with gore-tex linings - it only needs a needle to have gone through one lining at any point in the manufacturing process and it will leak once you start hiking in the wet. This also happened with one of a pair of Columbia boots I had for the summer. Again they replaced it free of charge with a new boot. I would still like to find a good simple leather boot in a 13 that fits me, but until these die that is a hunt that can thankfully be postponed.

Pros: Decent leather, well adhered rand, comfy, well-shaped tongue and comforatble ankle top. Good sliding lace system too.

Cons: Gore-tex lining not to everyone's tastes... but so long as it lasts it's pretty good especially since testing last year found that gore-tex lined boots were no hotter for your feet than normal leather boots. It was in Trail at some point and I think it came from the Leeds Met research lot.

  Reviewed by daren tallontire (penrith) on 2008-08-20:
General comments: I purchased a pair of mount trail xt gtx raichle boots after trying many different pairs of boots on over a period of about one month.I found it difficult to get boots that where the perfect fit,but have found this in these boots.The first time i put them on they felt so comfy and supportive,holding all the right parts of my foot and ankle in place.The craftsmanship is first class and the finish on these boots is pure quality as you would expect of a boot of this price.My first trip in these boots was a walk up jacks rake in langdale and they did not dissapoint.The rand on the front of the boot and the strong toe box were perfect in protecting my feet in this rocky and slippery terrain,and the grip from them was again first class.One thing i must mention about these boots is the first class full grain leather that they are made from.This,with the gortex lining,has kept my feet dry in the wettest lake district condition i have come across for a long time.

Pros: Comfortable straight from the off.great finish off full grain leather,excellent support and grip.i bought these in the sale so saved a few pounds along the way

Cons: I cant think of anything bad to say about these boots.So far they have been brilliant

  Reviewed by Scott Dickinson (Inverness) on 2008-08-31:
General comments: I've had these boots for 18 months and used them lots from easy forest walks with the family to scrambling on Skye. Skye in particular has shown how good a boot they are - 10 hours of walking/ scrambling and running down scree has resulted in scores in the rubber rand at the front of the boot; knocked off the little Gore-tex tag on the side of the boot (I was initially concerned about this as it has left a hole which penetrates around 1mm into the side of the boot but 12 months on there is no discernable difference to function) but not much else in the way of damage. The plastic coating at the end of the laces has broken away making lacing up a pain, however the laces themselves are still in good condition. They are very comfortable, although on longer walks the weight becomes apparent and takes its toll on the legs - the only downside of the strong, durable construction. The insole is perhaps a little thin, this also becoming apparent over longer days (7+ hours). I have had no issues with leakage,even on the wettest days the Highlands have thrown at me, the minimal stitching and Gore-tex liner doing their job. The flip-side of the Gore-tex is their reduced breathability over boots without liners as on warmer days my feet have become hotter than I would have expected, although not uncomfortably.

Pros: Strong, very durable, comfortable, waterproof, excellent grip.

Cons: Fairly heavy, Gore-tex liner makes them warm for summer

  Reviewed by Jon Wallis (Bristol UK) on 2008-11-15:
General comments: I bought the Raichle Mountain Trail XT GTXs in preparation for climbing Kilimanjaro. They replaced a venerable, and much loved, pair of Scarpa Mantas, so had a very hard act to follow. They got their first outing on a long weekend in the relatively easy Surrey countrywide (albeit on 20 mile days!), and were very comfortable from the start - no breaking in needed at all. Subsequent trips to Snowdonia proved them to be an excellent boot for "proper" mountain terrain. Grip is very sure, even in wet weather. The rubber rand over the toe provides good protection against scuffs and cuts from rocks and scree. Their sternest test was an ascent of Kilimanjaro, up the demanding Machame route, when they performed superbly in a variety of conditions, from paths in cloud forest, through scrambling up the rock face of the Barranco wall, to the snow and ice of the almost 6000m summit. Basically I didn't give them a thought, which is the way it should be with boots - they were comfortable over several days of hard walking, were warm enough even on a night ascent at -20°C, gripped well on a prolonged scree descent - essentially I could rely on them completely.

Pros: Very comfortable. "Rolling" action sole feels odd the first time you wear them, but feels natural - and works excellently - thereafter. Waterproof. Good grip, even in wet weather.

Cons: The tongue seems designed in such a way that it looks a mess no matter how you tie the laces. Would benefit from "locking" lace guides at half-way point, so you could get different tensions on lower and upper part of lacing. If it's warm, damp spots appear on the ankles, which I assume is water vapour (ie, sweat!), which looks odd, although doesn't affect their performance in any way.
This review has 1 comment(s):

T Hunter responded : These are pretty comfortable boots for a multi-day walk, but the level of grip on slippery rock is not great. There is a little too much plastic in the sole compound and the grip pattern is not aggressive enough for all surfaces. I haven't done Kili, but friends who have with their children used lightweight 2 season goretex boots (also on the Macheme), so I wouldn't take the fact that you managed it in these boots to be a ringing endorsement of their suitability for mountain use. Altitude is the only real difficulty on most routes up Kili - the terrain is straightforward. Quite a few porters do it in flip flops or wellies! A much tougher test is how they behave on a wet or icy day on Tryfan, or on Sharp Edge in the Lakes. (2008-12-22)

  Reviewed by Rachel Ashby (Northans) on 2009-11-29:
General comments: Does anyone have a contact point for Raichle? My husband had a pair of Mountain Trail Xt GTX and they are only 11 months old and have split all around the toes.
This review has 1 comment(s):

Buachaille responded :

Hi Rachel,

Since Raichle have recently been rebranded as Mammut, I would suggest starting here.


  Reviewed by jack the hat (my super-king-size bed) on 2009-12-17:
General comments: Mammut mountain trail xt gtx ms Crackers! Comfy out the box. Walk easy, natural gait, slow swagger, elegant yet arrogant posturing possible with supercilious sniggering at proles in HiTecs... However - coarse Romanian workmanship - no delicate, delicious, Swiss craftsHeidi here! Soles are pretty nifty...I got from offsales to curryshop to knocking shop without a stumble... A brew a chew and a screw! And any problems with bits dropping off do not relate to only the Vibram sole units. As said: Comfy Crackers. Watch out for unusual wear and tear on generally outstanding treads. And be just a tad curious why a Romanian made item should be selling at a premium Swiss price...up yours or what? Cheersm'dears! Jack The Hat
This review has 2 comment(s):

Buachaille responded :

Hi Jack,

Nice review but keep taking your medication. :)


Tony B responded : I have a pair of Raichle 60 degree boots for winter walking and am looking at the Mountain Trail for spring/autumn use. I asked my local dealer about the problems with sole separation and they told me it's the Chinese made boots that had the problems - the Romanian manufactured boots (including my 60 degs) have no problems. (2010-07-07)

  Reviewed by Foggie (Aberdeenshire) on 2010-03-07:
General comments: Have had two pairs of these boots. Most comfortable boots I ever owned but both pairs had a serious flaw. The soles are just not up to extensive use in Scottish Highlands - bagging every weekend. First pair sole disintegrated after a couple of months. Second pair sole started falling apart after just three weeks. Discussed with Mammut (who now own Raichle). Mammut blamed a reaction to peat and suggested that the problem is now resolved on newer models. This is however untrue as the latter pair of boots, that lasted three weeks, were the newer model. Worth checking Gear sections of Hillwalking forums. Many walkers are experiencing disintegrating soles after very short periods of time.

Pros: Very, very comfy

Cons: Soles are very unreliable - can fall apart after three weeks use
This review has 3 comment(s):

Soul Soldier responded : Mine also fell apart i was not a happy bunny. besides that they were great (2011-01-25)

James responded : I want to echo the comment about the soles---catastrophic failure! Boots were fine for a few casual day walks but during a wet heavy-pack 4-day walk, the side walls broke away allowing water to enter the foam mid-soles section. In six hours, the mid-soles disintegrated like they were made from chalk. Had to lash spare bivvy cord around the soles' arches and heels to the upper boot to stop them falling away in a large piece. Had to hike back out. The most expensive and worst boot I've ever owned. (2013-01-13)

Russ responded : Same for me, catastrophic sole failure up scafell pike, I wasn't far away from coming down in bare feet. Sole disintegrated, and turn to dust almost, do not buy, they will let you down. (2013-06-17)

  Reviewed by The Summiteer (Edinburgh) on 2010-03-08:
General comments: Hi - I've had a pair of the for nearly 5 years, the only problem I've encountered with the soles, is their poor grip on wet rock. Otherwise they have been great! As mentioned by others, these boots are VERY comfortable, A friend recommended these boots to me. He's had his for 5 years now with no problems, although he doesn't go out as frequently as I do.

Pros: Fantastic comfort & support

Cons: Poor grip out in wet conditions on rock

  Reviewed by Lee (Bradford) on 2010-07-22:
General comments: Got what a nightmare! Bought 2 pair of these last weekends for my wife and I to replace my cheap Hi-Tec lightweight boots and the wife’s cheap millets boots. I have been breaking mine in by doing a couple of miles a day during my dinner hour only to find that these things are DANGEROULSY Slippery on wet rock. I am really quite peeved as one of the reasons for getting new boots was because my wife’s confidence was severely dented after slipping in her chepo millets boots and hurting her hip. I thought that buying a more expensive pair might keep a better grip. Were going to the Lake district next week and am now beginning to dread it as the weather forecast predictably for a British summer is wet wet wet. Please tell me that this lack of traction will wear out!

Pros: Any good points are overshadowed by the lack of grip on wet surfaces!

Cons: DANGEROULSY Slippery on wet rock. Please dont get these boots!

  Reviewed by NAB (CUMBRIA) on 2010-08-20:
General comments: I have had afew pairs of these and found the grip pretty good.but really only climbing boots or shoes any good on wet rock.

Pros: Very comfortable and waterproof

Cons: Soles always fall off long before the sole is worn down, Poor design,modern shite.I only persevere with them because i walk alot and they fit my feet perfectly

  Reviewed by NAB (CUMBRIA) on 2010-08-20:
General comments: I have had afew pairs of these and found the grip pretty good.but really only climbing boots or shoes any good on wet rock.

Pros: Very comfortable and waterproof

Cons: Soles always fall off long before the sole is worn down, Poor design,modern shite.I only persevere with them because i walk alot and they fit my feet perfectly

  Reviewed by Tony Pickering (Northumberland) on 2011-09-20:
General comments: I bought these as a long term boot for montain and hill walking, expecting them to last at least 3-4 years. After 18 months and not a lot of hard walking, they were fully tested out in the Spanish Pyrennees. They failed miserably, one boot both the sole and heel started coming away badly,the heel on the other. They were falling apart, bits dropping off and only just got me to the end of the trip. The grip wasn't the best, even on dry ground, poor on wet.

Pros: Comfortable.

Cons: Very poor quality, heavy, poor grip, high disintegration factor.
This review has 1 comment(s):

James responded : I want to echo the comment about the soles---catastrophic failure! Boots were fine for a few casual day walks but during a wet heavy-pack 4-day walk, the side walls broke away allowing water to enter the foam mid-soles section. In six hours, the mid-soles disintegrated like they were made from chalk. Had to lash spare bivvy cord around the soles' arches and heels to the upper boot to stop them falling away in a large piece. Had to hike back out. The most expensive and worst boot I've ever owned. (2013-01-13)


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