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   Montane Superfly XT

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Building on the strength of the award winning Superfly, the TX version is longer cut and reinforced shoulder, elbows and hips.
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Montane Superfly XT

   Montane Superfly XT Reviews

  Reviewed by Dave Walker (Morpeth) on 2006-05-30:
General comments: This is a really superb jacket. Recently it got it's biggest soaking in gales and heavy rain on the Cuillin and never leaked. It is very light and perfect to packaway in your daysack. It is also warm and the eVENT is very breathable while locking out all rain and wind. The hood is highly adjustable and can extend over a helmut if need be. The hood also protects your head and face from windblown rain in all directions. It weighs very little and is a sound investment. Plus the pockets are very waterproof and my car keys stayed dry.

Pros: Very waterproof. Very windproof. Warm but very breathable with excellent vents. All seams are taped and pockets are watertight. Lightweight and easily stored. Excellent length.

Cons: Velcro cuff adjusters need some practice to get used too.
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moggy responded : very useful review, will post my own when my jacket arrives (2006-09-11)

  Reviewed by Andy mogg (Yorkshire) on 2006-09-21:
General comments: Ive been a big fan of montane gear for a while now and decided to add the sueperfly xt to my gear collection after many hours of deliberation. In the end the superfly xt came out on top for a number of reasons. 1) Event - Ive heard lots of good reports about how event copes with sweat and moisture compare to goretex, ive always been a fan of goretex but found it to be quite hot and sweaty. 2) Weight – Although not the lightest jacket in the world for the spec its still a light jacket and much lighter than my current one. 3) Quality – After playing around with various jackets in lots of different shops the quality of the materials and construction of the jacket won me over. 4) The hood – ive always really hated hoods but this one is nice and adjustable so you can fit it round your head and you hardly notice you are wearing it. I have yet to test the jacket in really heavy rain but it has so far stood up to everything I have thrown at it. Its light, packs down well, has plenty of pockets and vents. I also like the reinforced patches as it means that I don’t need to worry about the jacket wearing under my rucksack on long treks as much as many other lightweight jackets available. The extra length on the jacket is also nice as is the slightly looser fit as it means in really cold conditions you can still get a couple of layers on underneath. If you are looking for a lightweight hardwearing mountain and all round jacket then you cant go wrong with the superfly xt

Pros: Event material hard wearing Great hood light

Cons: quite expensive (although shop around for deals) no inside pocket hood is confusing at first but great once used to it.
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Simon Barnett responded : Agree with both reviews. I bought the jacket and used it for the first time in appalling conditions (horizontal hail) in the Lakeland fells in November and thought it performed well, was very comfortable to wear and kept out whatever was thrown at it. Only drawback I think is the lack of any proper collar on the jacket which makes it a bit drafty around the neck and as the reviewer noted the cuff ties also take some getting used to. (2007-01-04)

Dave Walker responded : I agree with Simon - the lack of a collar is a bit of a drawback. I have added another review (2 years since my first) to explain other problems. (2009-01-06)

  Reviewed by R HOLT (WIRRAL) on 2007-09-21:
General comments: I have the 2007 version. This jacket really is great!! the best i've had, you only find out how good this jackets is when your half way up a mountain and its pouring down and you feel like nothing can soak you, It also packs down nicely and doesn't feel heavy. As a person thats sweats alot I picked this jacket as it is made with EVENT fabric, as other leading materials just don't work for me. I picked Montane as a friend recomended the make to me. Plus their build quality seems to be better, but time will tell. Ideally I would have liked the back to be a bit longer (Thats coz i'm lazy and can't be bothered to put my waterproof trousers on). The collar and hood can be a bit annoying when rolled up and stowed away, but when it rains the collar and hood is great.

Pros: Very breathable, Very waterproof and surprisingly light to wear

Cons: Collar & hood can be annoying when rolled up and stowed away (but great when you un-roll them to protect you from the rain).

  Reviewed by William (London) on 2008-01-08:
General comments: This jacket is a expensive peice of kit, however it is certainly a worthwhile investment. I had brought this product after searching long and hard for a jacket that would keep you dry from rain and Sweat! The eVent system is one of the most superb systems ever, it's breathibility is much better then taht of Gore-Tex. When i took it to my expedition to the Pyrenees i found that this jacket removed alot of the heat generated by my body, as well as keeping the sudden rain storms out! I also liked the hood, usaully the hoods would blow off in a storm i experienced in the pryenees but to my suprise te hood remained fasten, also the pockets are very spacious for your compasses and what nots, as well as super waterproof

Pros: Very waterproof, very breathable, great hood design, great for outdoors sports use, does what it says on the tin

Cons: It is a pricey peice fo kit, and the

  Reviewed by Josh Jepson (Wakefield) on 2008-02-17:
General comments: I bought this jacket for a trip up to scotland early this year, and have never had an e-vent coat before, it surprised me just how waterproof it was. I was sliding down the snow practicing with my ice axe, and just laying in the snow and did not feel a bit of water come in, it is great. Also there was little if no build of condensation and some gore tex jackets I have had in the past have had this problem. Another positive as that it kept me warm all week through icey gails and snow. The four pockets are nice and big which is great for the winter when you want to get at things quickly. Unlike some jackets the superfly has a double storm flap on the main zip so keeps out the rain once again. My only reservation is that the jacket is quite short so you many have a problem with run off water. All in all this is the perfect jacket for winter, been both warm and water proof, and maybe slightly too heavy and warm for other times of the year.

Pros: perfect for winter conditions been warm and waterproof as well as practical with the large pockets.

Cons: Not many, other than the length, it would be perfect if it were longer.

  Reviewed by Dave Walker (Haydon Bridge, Northumberland) on 2009-01-06:
General comments: I posted the first review above. This is an update some 2 years later as I have changed my opinion a bit. This is a good jacket but I have just sold mine and replaced it with an Arc'teryx Alpha SV. The XT lack of collar means you get a bit of a draft down your neck. The Arx'teryx has a high collar and gives great protection. The XT hood is good but does not move as well as the Alpha SV when you turn or lift your head. The two side vent on the XT does not give enough ventalation and inside still gets a bit sweaty. The Arc'teryx has two full side vents with waterproof zippers and gives much better ventalation. The fit of the Alpha SV is far less restrictive than the XT. If you spend a serious amount of time on wet and windy UK mountains, spend the extra cash and buy an Arc'teryx or Mountain Equipment.

Pros: Tough, well made, quite good for movement and not bad value for money.

Cons: Not enough venting. Hood could move better with head. Fit is a little restrictive.

  Reviewed by John (Newcastle) on 2009-08-03:
General comments: This is the first Event fabric jacket I have owned and cannot fault it having had it for a couple of years now. I also own a paclite jacket for summer use, maybe I am doing something wrong but I get a fair bit of condensation with the gore-tex paclite. I have never had any condensation with the superfly XT. I bought it after reading a review in trail magazine, it only being bettered by an ME jacket, but the difference was minimal. Totally waterproof and windproof and as I have mentioned spot on condensation wise. The construction is first class and feels extremely robust. It has four big pockets, sufficient for your map and the zips are waterproof. Also provided are two zipped ventilation flaps. It is a superb winter coat with a flap round the back where you need it for when the wind picks up and flourescent strips if anyone needs to spot you on the hill at night. It may not suit some because the collar arrangement takes some getting used too when the hood is folded down. The hood by the way is also first class when used with or without a climbing helmet.

Pros: Superb winter coat

Cons: hood arrangement may not suit everyone

  Reviewed by Jason Newton (Callander) on 2009-10-02:
General comments: I'm a big fan of this jacket. Like other users I spent a lot of time deliberating about which jacket to go for and plumped for the Superfly. I haven't been disappointed. It is used heavily in the Scottish hills over the winter and I find it a big relief sometimes to pull on and be able to batten down the hatches. It is very waterproof, very easy to re-waterproof (which is a God send to an eejit like me who has a habit of ruining jackets), the eVent breaths fantastically well and retains it's breathability. All the pockets are the rights size for gloves/maps/compasses etc. The hood is fantastic and very adjustable. I've not noticed any of the stuff above about drafty necks and the collars not being adequate, but then I will were a buff if the wind is cold. All together I would thoroughly recommend this jacket. I've really put it through it's paces and it has never let me down.

Pros: Fantastic breathability. Great hood, plent of rood for helmet + goggles etc. Very waterproof. Very easy to rewaterproof. Great zips and pockets. The red colour is very good as well and suits my complexion!

Cons: The only slight alteration I think they should look at is the cuffs. In my opinion they are slightly too narrow which makes tucking the gloves away difficult. A slight gripe though and in no way would this make me think anything other than this is one great piece of kit.

  Reviewed by Kelvyn James (Lake District) on 2014-01-08:
General comments: I'm an outdoor instructor - the kit I use gets a lot of stick. Having physically worn through the material of my last hardshell I spent a bit of time looking into what to get next. Then a friend recommended the Superfly - and as soon as it went on I was impressed. The cut & design just simply work. Its the perfect length to wear with a climbing harness - without, as some manufacturers have done, being so short that you get cold kidneys. The pockets are well thought out and can all be gotten to with either a harness or a rucksack on - there's also side vents that you can actually reach whilst on the move - another good feature. I particularly like the hood - the brim is nicely wired and there's a lot of adjustment possible to get a hood that not only goes over a helmet but also moves with your head. When done up there's a micro fleece inner to the front around your face - another nice touch. Initially my only negative for the jacket was the 'burnt orange' colour - but to be fair most people think its red & its kinda grown on me. I don't really understand people who moan about event fabric - it just needs a wash & reproof every so often - its common sense - look after your kit & it will last.

Pros: great design

Cons: Unique colour


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