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   Alpkit Indigo

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The Indigo headtorch from Alpkit uses 4 LEDs to give a range of approximately 10 metres. It weighs practically nothing (107 grams), takes 3 AAA batteries (one set will last up to 80 hours) and is suitable for camping, walking or general use around the house.

Alpkit Indigo

Official Alpkit Indigo specification from Alpkit

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Alpkit IndigoAlpkit Indigo

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  Reviewed by Julian B (London) on 2006-06-18:
General comments: I bought my first Alpkit Indigo out of curiosity. 5 including free next day delivery was surely too good to be true? As promised, it popped through my letterbox the next day complete with nice hand-written note from one of the guys at Alpkit. The first thing you notice is the battery compartment - it's made from soft rubber which is good because it doesn't dig into the back of your head. When I first inserted the 3 AAA batteries (not included) I couldn't get the torch to switch on, however, all that was needed was some wiggling of the batteries. This isn't a major problem but it seems to be a fairly common with the Indigo (I've since bought a few more for friends). The batteries have to be lined up perfectly with the 'springy' connectors.

Of course the first thing to do when you get a new headtorch is to test out the strength of the beam. This can be problematic at 9 o'clock in the morning and usually involves either locking yourself in the cupboard under the stairs or putting your head inside your jacket and blinding yourself The Indigo doesn't disappoint - the beam definitely isn't strong but it's stronger than it's price tag suggests. The beam actually has two settings. The first click turns on 2 of the LEDs. The next click turns on all 4. One further click turns the headtorch off. Other things to mention: it's very light; it comes in two colours (red - pictured above, and 'stealth black'); also, the torch section can click up/down to adjust the angle of the beam. Overall, for the money the Alpkit headtorch is a revelation (the batteries almost cost as much as the torch!).

  Reviewed by Dylan Hayes (York, UK) on 2006-11-07:
General comments: I bought one as a spare head torch is always worth having. For the money it's great: Stick one in the car just incase, and leave it there. The beam is a blueish white, and is fine for closeup work, like reading or cooking. For walking the patchy beam pattern becomes more appearent, and the lack of 'throw' compared to more expensive lights is obvious. Having said that, it's certainly good enough to walk to the toilet block on a dark campsite, or get you back from the pub. It's not as good as a Tikka, but would still be good value and worth having at 10 quid.

Pros: Cheap as chips! Decent light for close up work, or in tent

Cons: Beam doesn't go a long way. Bulky for the light output compared to tikka

  Reviewed by Hannah Charnley (Lancashire) on 2007-01-25:
General comments: I have only owned this torch for a few weeks and have used it several times with no problems what so ever so far. This is always reassuring as I had a ring head torch before this one and the battery life was about 2 hours. I've used the Indigo head torch for about 20 hours altogether so far and am still one the first set of batteries which are showing no signs of giving up any time soon. It's true that this is not as good as the Petzl Tikka or similar products by Petzl but for five pounds including postage I can't find any reason to complain. It's got a choice of 2 leds or 4 leds - the beam isn't huge and doesn't go a long way but it's fine for what I want it for - excellent for close-up work and reading in the tent as well as just wandering around camp in the dark. (I've had far too many bruises from falling over guy ropes).

Pros: Cheap, good quality, worth it!!

Cons: Haven't found any yet...

  Reviewed by W.J. Donaldson (Edinburgh (Scotland)) on 2007-11-29:
General comments: I like long distance touring by bicycle (last tour: 17,247 miles). After being disappointed by various expensive head torches, including hi-tech ones from Petzl (high cost when one was lost, uncomfortable pressure on forehead from another, low battery life because of the ridiculously high powered halogen bulbed models), I thought I'd try a "cheap and cheerful" Alpkit Indigo. I've now tried out this Alpkit Indigo head torch. And I've decided that it's the head torch I'll be taking on my next "Round the World" cycle tour. At 5.00 (including postage!!), it's a HUGE bargain. And even if you're NOT travelling on a restricted budget, this would be clearly the best head torch to get. It won't floodlight the dark side of the moon. But neither, of course, will a Petzl head torch costing more than ten times as much to buy and to run. The Alpkit Indigo has given me a more than adequate view of the interior of a tent to sort my gear and get into my sleeping bag for the night. Further, in a recent and quite unusual power cut in southern Edinburgh I found that this head torch allowed me a more or less normal evening (apart from watching any television or computer work, of course!), It was comfortable to read with for as many hours as I wanted. It's exceptionally light to carry and can be easily scrunched up and stuffed into corner of a cycle pannier or a jacket pocket. In other words, it's easily portable, highly effective, cheap to run, and a far better option than any other head torch costing perhaps many times as much! I'm just about to order a couple more of these Alpkit head torches -- as presents for my sister and brother-in-law who who often go touring with a caravan trailer. I'm absolutely certain they'll thank me for the present!

Pros: Marvellously cheap, Highly efficient, Highly portable, Very comfortable to wear. Ideal as a solution to tent or caravan living.

Cons: Can't seem to light up even the largest crater on Mars. Sadly deficient here.

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