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   Lightwave t0 trek

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The t0 trek is a lightweight one-person tunnel tent that we believe is one of the most weatherproof solo shelters available.
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Lightwave t0 trek

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Lightwave TO TrekLightwave t0 trekIsle of Islay, and the Isle of Arran.
Both skilfully produce the most vicious of midges.
These tents, along with the 100% mark reviews, I give another 100% for keeping us comfortable during vampire hours.
Lightwave t0 trek

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  Reviewed by Scott (UK) on 2007-11-17:
General comments: I've owned my TO Trek for about a year now. I'm impressed with it, its as light as the two other solo tents (Terra nova Solar Minor and Vaude Hogan ultralite) I've owned but the build quality is what you would expect for the price and it doesn't seem unnecessarily flimsy, but still around the 1.5kg mark, which I think is the optimum weight for a good solo tent. And it is also the only 1.5kg tent that I have owned that has been able to stand up to winter weather. You do have to choose more sheltered spots to pitch it with it being light weight, but I have used it at 1000m during the British winter, and exposed to winds probably around 50ish MPH. I pacifically brought my TO Trek as it uses two poles while still being a solo lightweight design, which only the Hogan also does but with a flawed pole design which led to them cracking and the back collapsing in only moderate winds. All other ‘light’ solo tents I have seen use only a single pole design, which I feel stops them being able to be used during winter conditions. The others are all 2.5kg plus. The materials are all good quality, lightweight rip stop fly sheet with strong guying points, bathtub ground sheet, ripstop nylon inner tent, mosquito meshed vents at the back of the inner and top half of the inner door, 6 four season Velcro tabs for attaching the outer to the poles to the fly to stop it or the poles moving in strong winds. Anodised lightweight aluminum pegs which I haven't been able to bend which work very well in rocky ground, not so good in soft though so I have added 4 titanium V pegs. And four highly reflective guidelines which come in handy when trying to find the tent in the dark, and a cowl above the door for ventilation to prevent condensation and which also works well at stopping rain coming in when your getting in or out.

Pros: Probably is one of only two four season solo tents which are still lightweight. Only good quality materials used throughout. Two poles not the usual one, marking it one of the sturdiest 1.5kg tent available. 1.6kg. Enough room and a good shape for sitting up right in. Enough room for say one and a half persons. Can open the top of the outer door to vent it. High sides on the groundsheet. Relatively easy and quick to put up. Small pack size. Two pockets for gear. Large enough porch for cooking and storing rucksack, boots, and the front of the inner can easily be rolled back if you are concerned about cooking inside it. Looks good. Comparable with more expensive tents like the Akto on weight, size, and strength. Used it during 50MPH winds with no damage caused to it. Sheds snow well. Low sides on flysheet help stop snow blowing under. Strong lightweight aluminum pegs. My favourite solo tent so far, by far!

Cons: Leaks on the seams at the porch pole sleeve and rear of the top seem, I have had that with all the tents I have owned though, I asked and Lightwave for some seam sealant and they sent it no problems. The sides blow in at the centre more than you might expect, due to it to being a two pole tunnel design, I'm not sure why there aren't any pegging points in the centre of the fly, but the tent is clearly well designed. Could probably do with adding four extra pegs for the loops and the bottom of the poles in case the guidelines come out during the night, they do hold it steady though. There can be quite serious problems with pitching it on your own in strong winds due to the inner only being secured with three pegs, two at the front, one at the back, that's also where pegging out the bottom of the poles can come in handy. Sides blow in, so you can end up damp in the morning, if you don't sleep in the centre. Pegs are designed for rocky ground, not soft. Shape doesn't take the wind well from the sides. I've got a little nervous when the winds been strong and hitting side on, but the guidelines do hold the poles, but they can seem a little flimsy being designed to be lightweight, and the centre of sides do get hit by it with them not being taught. I don't see what can really be done about that though as to be around the 1.5kg mark a tent can only use one or a maximum of two poles. The TO Trek is one of only two tents I've seen that actually uses two. The vent at th
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Scott responded : Cont... The vent at the back can let a small amount of snow in, but the sides of the flysheet are low to help prevent it. (2007-11-17)

Somebody responded : Just recently sore a photograph of two Akto's taken during strong wind in the Lake district. Looking at the pictures I would say the TO Trek holds its shape better. (2007-11-29)

PaulM responded : Looked hard for a review of this tent. Thanks. Now after another year or two - I wonder how it has been? Are there any more first-hand experiences out there? I'd welcome some links to look at before I buy this over the Hilleberg Atko which I believe is the only other contender. (2009-05-01)

  Reviewed by Tim (Ireland) on 2010-05-17:
General comments: Had this tent for two years, would agree with mos t of the above comments. Very stable when pitched correctly. The pole in the cowl over the door is fiddly but keeps the rain out. Pegs are excellent, very light/strong.

Pros: Small footprint and stable, Ideal for wild camping, can be pitched almost anywhere.Reflective guylines excellent.

Cons: None really, Pole in cowl tricky to fit in a hurry in wind/rain. Pitches inner first but can be pitched as one fastentening inner to outer with velcro tabs.


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