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   The North Face Mountain 25

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The Mountain 25 is a versatile, extremely wind resistant expedition tent, and another classic The North Face tent regularly seen at base camps and on mountains the world over.

The North Face Mountain 25

   The North Face Mountain 25 Reviews

  Reviewed by stuart elms (london) on 2008-03-10:
General comments: you need a two man tent and are looking at reviews to help you. Ok then. i got this as an upgrade from a TN Solar when my son grew a couple of feet upwards. It's now 2 years old and has shown no wear and tear despite being used both summer and winter. it's bright yellow and has TNF very prominently on the side. it pitches inner first then fly and as such in high winds need a bit of manhandling to get up. poles are colour coded and fit easy, sleeves are smooth. it's pretty much the bog standard geo shape and shrugs off the wind. We've all heard the story of "i woke up after the storm etc" but if you peg this down and use all the guys it is never going to move. ever. never ever. it has some clever and quirky guys that spread the load to one peg point and they work very well. we get 3 in the tent, me, missus and son and it takes 3 thermarests side by side with ease. With three of us in it it can get a bit ofcondensation in the cold especially around the bucket floor. however ther are loads of venting variables with two roof vents and two doors. The front porch is ok to cook in but i'd only use gas as the roof is quite near. cook with care! There is a small collection point above the front entrance, it seems that the flysheet can creep forward over the pole and collects rainwater. this can be overcome with guy tightening but the first time in the rain we had a small drip coming through the seam. a bit of loo roll saved the night and seam sealer solved the problem but wasn't expected with such a tent. Since then though 100% dry regardless of the elements. I use an old us poncho underneath when the ground is wet but the bath tub groundsheet does seem to be ok on it's own. heavyish and not smallest pack job, it also has TNF weird inner pads that hold the fly off the inner. they are a spongy, round thing that is held either side by a piece of ribbon, seem to work but weird. good tent.

Pros: very very stable, big inside, hard wearing.

Cons: heavyish for carrying, seam needed sealing, water can collect over front vestible
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stuart elms responded : the tent is still going strong and remains bomb proof. (2009-12-27)

  Reviewed by Roderick Aitken (Kippen) on 2009-09-28:
General comments: Over all this is a good tent and I love it! Have had it 3 years now and it has seen action all over Soctland, west coast beeches to top of the Cairngorm plateau and it h as preformed well. Its pretty bomb proof, handles wind no bother wih minimal rattleing. Easy enough to put up in a breeze too, the fly sheet can be a hassel to get on it serious wind, but once on won't go anywhere and plenty of anchor point and guys. Is quite a big tent for 2 man tent and you'll get 3 in no bother, as such is a bit bulky for 2 man expeditions. As with most tent will get condensation, there are plenty vents, but the 2 on the roof can be difficult to keep open. Never had a problem with leaks just condensation. There are lots of nice design features and pockets inside the tent. Quite a decent size porch and a smaller rear one. a great tent and am delighted with it.

Pros: Hard wearing and sheds wind well, designed well.

Cons: complicated roof vents, its yellow, not the most subtle tent in the world!


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