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   Petzl E-Lite Torch

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Ideal as an emergency headlamp, the E-lite gives you long-term dependability, even when kept for years in harsh conditions.
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Petzl E-Lite Torch

   Petzl E-Lite Torch Reviews

  Reviewed by David Walker (Haydon Bridge) on 2009-01-06:
General comments: Excellent very light and compact headtorch. The Petzl E-lite has 4 lighting options and is perfect for camping and hill emergencies. The light is not bright enough for long term night nav on the hill but would be useful in case of emergencies. You can pack it away in it's little case, with the battery intact and it will you can be confident it will work when you need it. The battery can sit in the torch for 10 years without being used and it will be fine. A very useful and well designed piece of kit. If you do serious mountain walking, buy one as you need it some day.

Pros: Light, good design, tough and extremely long battery life.

Cons: Not as bright as a conventional head torch.

  Reviewed by Ian Draper (Midsomer Norton) on 2009-03-04:
General comments: As a backup light the Petzl E+Lite head torch is great. Guaranteed to last for 10 years it always provides a fallback if something goes wrong. I like the fact that the torch can be swivelled on its baseplate & has a clip to fasten it to material or something in addition to the strap. Its also got a red buld which can be set to flashing for emergencies or a steady light which is reasonably useful at night as it doesn't completely destroy your night vision.

Pros: Excellent, reliable battery life (if left & relied on for emergencies) of 10 years, light weight (for the extra 15g over 3 AAA spare batts for my Tikka Plus I get backup light & emergency light).

Cons: Can't really think of any other than it's not as good as using a conventional head torch, it really is just a backup, but a flipping good one!

  Reviewed by Pete Withers (Cumbria) on 2009-03-18:
General comments: Used this a lot during my time in the military and now I'm a"civie" - great illumination for camping, walking and getting the boy scout out of a horse`s hoof or 4x4 tyre in the dark! Seriously a great allrounder, very lightweight, directional and the clamp clip makes it great for a map reading light cliped straight on to your OS map! Take a bit of magnet with you as I have in the durable case and it sticks to the tent pole sleeve to. container is big enough for a spare battery that will open the battery compartment if you haven't got a multi tool to hand. Not the brightest light but im sure oncoming walkers appreciate me not blinding then silly and I bumble off in to the darkness. Don't recommend it but dropped it when I pulled my beanie hat off on to concrete - didn't even flicker.

Pros: Good points all of it, can fault it.

Cons: None reported yet.

  Reviewed by Andrew Christopher Ward (Leeds) on 2010-04-18:
General comments: This torch is an absolutely brilliant idea. It is ultra lightweight, compact and water resistant. It's strongest points lie with being a torch reserved for emergency's -i.e. lying in your bag just in case. I find it exceptionally useful for map-reading in the dark as I find it isn't bright enough to blind you and ruin your night vision like it would if you were reading a map with other torches. Sadly this is also the torch's downfall, the torch light isn't really bright enough if you're out overnight on uneven ground with no moon, it provides barely just enough light. And the red light option is useful for reading / an in-tent light, it just isn't strong enough to see more than a metre ahead of your feet. The battery life is very good, however I would stress this is a torch to be used in emergencys only, I would normally take a better brighter torch with me and have this as a backup. I used this as a normal torch quite regularly and now find that the batteries are running very low, providing almost non-existant light. Batteries are also slightly mroe difficult to replace than normall AA/AAAs.

Pros: 100% the torch for you if you want a backup torch to be able to rely on in case of emergency.

Cons: 100% not the torch for you if you want a torch for general usage. Better off with the standard Petzl in that case.

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