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   Hilleberg Akto

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The Hilleberg Akto is a high quality 1 man tent for use in 4 seasons. It's one hoop design can be erected in a flash and in decent conditions, only needs to be secured by 4 pegs. In nasty weather, this can be ramped up to include the six guy-points. Once you experience the Akto, it will pain you to go back to your bivi bag - the amount of room in this Hilleberg for occupant plus gear is impressive.

Hilleberg Akto

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Hilleberg AktoHilleberg AktoHilleberg Akto
Hilleberg AktoHilleberg AktoHilleberg Akto
Hilleberg AktoAt 800m above Loch Mullardoch.  Windy.At 800m looking into Glen Cannich

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   Hilleberg Akto Reviews

  Reviewed by Sam Walmsley (England) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: This is a fantastic quality tent, very easy to set up, light enough to carry around, but (allegedly) strong enough to endure even very severe weather. It is also well suited to adventure racing, as it can sleep two people as long as they are on reasonably friendly terms. Although I've never had the chance to test it in a big storm, I can vouch for it's ability to withstand heavy rain and moderate wind without any problems. For one person it is very comfortable, and the porch is easily big enough to cook in.

Pros: Light, durable, waterproof

Cons: Condensation can be a problem.

  Reviewed by David French (Surrey, UK) on 2006-01-04:
General comments: I went to buy a bivvi bag, and came out with a tent. Why? Well, this is a tent which weighs about the same as a bivvi (1.5KG approximately), but it's a heck of a lot more comfortable to sleep in. You can cook in the porch, keep your stuff out of the wet overnight, and if necessary would hold two people without too much discomfort - useful if you're checkpointing or for emergencies. And have you ever tried changing your pants in a bivvi bag? Hilleberg have put a lot of thought into this tent. It pitches as a single unit - the inner and outer remain attached - which means you can put it up in no time at all. The outer is very lightweight ripstop nylon, but is totally waterproof. The tent has a single hoop, which keeps the weight down. The guy lines have quick-adjust clips, which mean you can tension the guys instantly, even with wet and cold fingers. The inner and the outer can be separated by degrees, meaning you can make the porch bigger and the inner smaller, at will. I've used this to house 3 cold wet people in complete cosiness, plus their gear. The inner also has a built-in vent, so you don't have to leave the door open to avoid condensation, and even the top of the outer door is wired so you can leave an air gap (or a peep hole) without letting the rain in. The attention to detail even goes as far as providing a stuff sack which is bigger than it needs to be - so you can pack it easily when it's wet and you're in a hurry, without looking like an elephant trying to put on a condom, although it doesn't take up any more space in your rucksack. I've used this tent in expeditions (when feeling antisocial, or as an emergency shelter) and it's stood up to the weather pretty well, the only exception being on sand in the wind, when the lack of a firm structure like geodesic domes, and the inability to peg it down properly, meant it wasn't that stable.

Pros: Good design; nice attention to detail; better all round than a bivvi, no heavier, and generally cheaper than a decent goretex bivvi bag.

Cons: Not as stable in strong weather as a "proper" mountain tent; mine is not cut that great, which means it can look a bit wonky when I put it up, although this might just be mine.

  Reviewed by Jamie Bassnett (Manchester) on 2006-01-12:
General comments: The Akto is made from a single hoop design, a design adopted by other tent makers but they have not mastered it aswell as Hilleberg have with the Akto. With a porch twice the size of its competitors and excellent build quality using the most advanced of lightweight materials for all parts of the tent, the ultra lightweight Akto at only 1.5kg is an unbelievable and in my opinion essential piece of kit for any solo backpacker. The Akto can also be used without the inner in summer for an even lighter shelter. The only downside with small tents is possible condensation, however the Akto has two end vents to combat this issue and the newest version comes with a vent in the top of the door aswell for true chimney venting effect. The benefit of cooking in the tent in bad wether is huge.

Pros: Lightweight, tiny pack size, roomy porch, easy & quick erection, excellent build quality, effective venting, pull out string on pegs.

Cons: Condensation possible, pegs are uncomfotable to the palm.

  Reviewed by andy park (glasgow) on 2006-02-10:
General comments: Now onto my second Akto in 5 years and still believe this to be the best 1 man shelter available. Just a little heavier than a bivvy but all the comfort of a decent size tent. Gossamer weight yet super strong, I've used this in varying conditions thru 4 seasons in the UK and Alps and it never fails to impress. Top quality fabrics shed water without stretching the fly. Great room/weight ratio. Single Pole with captive end socket makes it a breeze to pitch quickly when the weather closes in. Reassuring when your invariably exhausted after a hard day on the trail. Will probably sleep 2 close friends by unclipping the inner but can't say I've had the occasion as yet.

Pros: Light, small and fast to erect, great sleeping and storage area, very warm and draught free due to fly sealing all round down to ground. Surprisingly wind resistant.

Cons: Susceptible to condensation due to small size in still conditions, Need care from abrasion due to the gossamer fabrics involved. Pegs bend a little too easily. Needs very precise pitching and guying angles to get the best from it.

  Reviewed by Ed (Cumbria) on 2006-03-02:
General comments: I've used lots of tents in the past but now have stuck with Hilleberg, they're not the cheapest but I would say definitely the best. The Akto is no exception, for lightweight backpacking its exceptional. Its lightweight and will take pretty much any weather thrown at it. I've used many times in inclement british weather, several storms in new zealand and longer treks in europe and found it brilliant. The amount of room you get inside is great. The fact that it opens from the side is brilliant because it gives you so much more room and you can sit up in the middle and look out at the view. The porch is roomy and you have no problems fitting yourself and a full size bag inside with room left over for cooking. Some people claim that its bad for condensation- all tents are it depends on climatic condiions and with both ventilation holes open and the top of the outer fly door open its usually fine. Many other designs have tried to copy the Akto and i can't say how good they are but the quality of the material's used in the akto is ace and all in all i;d rather pay a bit more for quality materials, a few grams heavier and have a tent that lasts than have tent thats lighter not so well made and doesn't last as long.

Pros: Great build quality, very lightweight, lots of room multitude of guy rope points so very stable when erect. Single hoop design means you can sit up in the middle of your tent. Outer material is brilliant. Outer and fly pitch together, takes about 2 mins to pitch!

Cons: Tent pegs are very lightweight but took a battering on hard european ground (think the new model comes with different pegs). Not self supporting (though only solution would be geodesic so heavier). Pricey- but worth it.
This review has 2 comment(s):

Rory responded : Hello Ed, So if i were to buy this, would it withstand winter in Scotland in a hiking expedition? (2015-08-25)

Buachaille admin responded : Absolutely! (2015-08-25)

  Reviewed by Dougie Lockhart (Dumbarton, Scotland) on 2006-12-08:
General comments: I've used this tent for most of the long distance walks in Scotland, never in winter but in all other seasons. I carry a Crux 47litre 10kg pack (excluding water) and like to have everything inside, nothing strapped or tied to the outside. Obviously a light compact tent like the Akto is ideal for this. I'm not young anymore, so the quick and easy deployment at the end of a 20-25 mile walk is important.

Pros: Very quick and easy to erect, and so light and compact it's like not having to carry a tent at all.

Cons: Severe condensation in all but high summer. Remember this comment applies to walking in Scotland, though. I've even tried making an extractor fan from an old PC cooling fan with a 9v battery glued to it (didn't help). Fundamental fault seems to be lack of a high central vent in the inner tent. Needs near-perfect pitch to avoid contact between fly and inner.
This review has 2 comment(s):

Dougie Lockhart responded : Have since used this tent for a long walk through France in August-September. Even in a dry warm climate condensation remained a problem. The tent was packed dry on only one occasion in two months. I was impressed by the one-man Vaude which is popular with randonneurs in France -check it out before committing to an Akto. (2010-01-01)

Dougie again responded : I should add in fairness that this tent was unpacked/erected/taken down/repacked almost every day for four months and showed no damage or wear at the end of the journey. Probably few products would bear this kind of use. (2010-01-01)

  Reviewed by craig wilson (edinburgh) on 2007-07-20:
General comments: It will be a miracle if anyone ever gives this tent a bad review. Before buying I had narrowed my options down to the Akto and the Terra Nova Laserlite. My decission to go for the more expensive option was based on the fact the the manufaturers had slightly different ideas about their products weather resistance: Terra Nova suggesting the Laserlite is for three season use, Hilleberg suggesting that the Akto would have no problems with 'above tree-line use'. Not that I always pitch on the tops of hill or anything but given the very changable nature of Scottish weather I like to feal secure when I'm in my tent! The solid feal of the tent when pitched using all the guy lines is excellent, a nice low wind shedding shape with very strong but light rip-stop fabric. Many reviews I read before buying this tent mentioned a problem with condensation. I find that the (relatively) new chimney vent above the door and the low end vents work well enough provided you don't pitch in grass that smothers them. Plenty of room in the porch to cook and store wet gear

Pros: Size to weight ratio is excellent. Ease of pitching (only one pole), goes up in minutes. Strength in poor weather. Small pack size

Cons: Price, but you get what you pay for - this will last for years.

  Reviewed by graham slater (carlisle) on 2007-07-29:
General comments: FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC.Need I say more. This is a lightweight bombproof bit of kit. It goes up in a one in 2 mins flat. Great porch. Packs easily into ample sized bag. SUPERB SUPERB SUPERB. Would I have another, mmm let me think a second YES YES YES. :)

Pros: The lot

Cons: mmmmmmmmmmmm none

  Reviewed by Ian Yates (Up North) on 2008-08-09:
General comments: I borrowed this from a friend for a quick weekends camping trip on the premise that I was looking at buying one. All I can say is that this to me is the ultimate in light weight, one man tents. I have spent many nights out under canvas and more importantly, many days out carrying said canvas and the Hilleberg is THE best single man tent that I have ever used. It is not just its light weight or its simple to pitch construction, it is not it's virtual destruction proof materials (gusts that destroyed my camping partners v%*go in the shetlands), it is the all round durability and just...well..sexiness of the damn thing! Yes this tent for a solo trip out for a weekend is a very expensive proposition, but as the age old adage goes...You Get What You Pays For! This is no more true than with the Akto. This is the ultimate for solo campers. There is more than enough room for all your gear, plus at a push a second person can be accomodated should conditions dictate that they have nowhere left to sleep (thanks Doddy) If you can justify this price tag and you are going anywhere but the lowlands of ooooh Devon, then this must be a tent at the top of your list of choices. I only wish I did not have to give it back!

Pros: Roomy, lightweight, ease of pitching

Cons: Your friends will wish to borrow it
This review has 2 comment(s):

Geoff responded : As Scottish exile now living in Dartmoor, I can promise you that a wild night on the coastal paths of the "lowlands of Devon" justify an Akto just as much as as a Highland glen! (2009-11-26)

jenny shaw responded : I agree with all the review just about to buy my second Akto...the best solo tent around in my opinion. The only one that has a cowl over the entrance door so that rain that comes straight down!! does not flood in the porch when venting for cooking, etc. This was essential for me on long, often wet!! cycle-touring trips in can vent-and keep dry and even peep out without opening the door flap. I have tried a couple of similar side-entrance designs (laserlight and another similar) but found the lack of a rain cowl was mostly a problem...we live in a temperate climate, it rains! I carry a sponge square to mop the inner fly and dispense condensation before packing up daily. 10mins of venting etc, and the fly soon dries out...worth a dry tent at the end of a long day on the road. You can mop inside the fly (condensation) from inside the tent if the inner door is fully open, bit of a pain, but whilst drinking that early cuppa? An excellent all-rounder of a tent. I want the new(er) model with an all-round zip inner door. The older style had two zips that met in the middle and never fully kept out any Scottish midges! They didn't seal together properly! (2015-01-30)

  Reviewed by Ian Draper (Midsomer Norton) on 2009-03-04:
General comments: Having used many tents over the years & been a tent tester for Coleman, I bought an Akto last September. Although expensive it is quite simply the best tent I've ever used. It's about the lightest you can get for a start (and there's a few things you can do to shave the weight down), but for me the two key things are the ease & speed with which it can be pitched, & the surpringly roomy interior even with a full backpack. I've got a foot print that I take when a bit of extra weight isn't too much of a concern. That's excellent too! It fastens into the loops on the tent bottom & pitches with it...really easy, & provides ground cover in the 'porch' area. I like the fact that the Hilleberg Akto can be pitched with a second pole in the sleeve if heavy conditions are anticipated, never had to, but it's good to know you can!

Pros: Easy & fast pitching. Pretty roomy yet lightweight.

Cons: The one thing I could gripe about is the amount of condensation that you find clinging to the inside in the morning. There are good vents on tent but I guess the nature of the material means that condensation can be a problem. Although, I do find I can shake most of it off & the inner doesn't get wet inside if you fold & roll carefully.
This review has 1 comment(s):

PaulM responded : Is there anyone that has compared this with the lightwave T0? I've got my choices down to these two I think, and I'm inclined towards the lightwave, but there's not so many comments about this one! (2009-05-01)

  Reviewed by Lance (Darlington) on 2009-08-12:
General comments: The best one man tent money can buy. It's not the lightest, or the cheapest. But I have found the Akto the best allround tent so far.

Pros: The design gives you the choice of laying your head at eather end of the tent. Plenty fo porch space for Rucksack and cooking. Drys very quickly.

Cons: You do get condensation as in all tents if you don't keep the vents open. When the door is wet so are you when you open it and tie it back.

  Reviewed by Russ (Down South) on 2009-12-09:
General comments: A very well made tent. At 6 foot, I find this tent very cramped. Spent a couple of months in it walking the Pyrenees . The condensation is a real problem no matter how you pitch it or adjust the zips. Covering the porch area with plastic sheet does reduced the condensation a little. I have to crouch when sitting in it, which can get tough on the back when eating or reading inside. It is, however, very stable in strong winds. I'd rather carry the extra pound or so and have the comfort and dryness of a bigger tent.

Pros: High quality Stable in wind Light

Cons: Too small - needs to be just a bit longer and higher Condensation is terrible Expensive for what it is

  Reviewed by Cameron McMurdo (Glasgow) on 2010-02-27:
General comments: Bought this tent Jan 2010. Went for a overnighter on the Black Mount last week. What can I say, the tent pitched easliy, plenty of room to cook in and store gear plenty if internal space and very comfy for long winter nights. Heavy snow fall during the night had no effect on the tent, had to dig myself out in the morning, but at no time felt threatened by the elements outside, slept like a log. Great tent worth every penny.

Pros: Quality sturdiness

Cons: A bit pricy but you get what you pay for.

  Reviewed by dan fisher (brum) on 2010-02-28:
General comments: ive used the atko about 250 nites thru out all 4 sesons always pitching in the dark. it is utterly, utterly gale proof. CONDENSATION: in 25 years ive used many solo, 2 man tents and bivis. appart from 2 larger and heavyer 2 man tents; a wild country quaser and a saunders spacepacker, the atko has the least condensation of all. any tent of this size will have exactly the same amount of moisture to air volume ratio which will become over saturated at exactly the same point and give you exactly the same amount of condensation. the solutions are 1. use a bigger and so heavyer, bulkier tent or 2. use a tarp. I dont LIKE the condensation, when i get it , but its never been a PROBLEM. It has large 3 vents on the fly. they work well enuf. i recon this condensation issue has come up mainly as there is nothing realy wrong with the atko so one is inclined to present 1 of the natral aspects of any tent as a problem. its a bit like complaining that it weighs something or costs £ to buy. COMPARE TO THE LAZER which is the ONLY other compareable rivale on 2010's market: lazer is 500gs liter, £100 less. the atko has 1 more large vent and is a winter tent, tested in the artic, used in iceland, that'll stand significantly stronger wind. as ive had a couple of qualitiy, 3plus season tents blow down on me during english summertime this was the deciding factor for me: strenth.

Pros: 1. very fast pitch even in dark, 2.huge space to weight ratio - will fit 2 freindly people and there kit. 3. not a stich out of plase. 4. beautyful to observe, like a spots car or jet fighter. 5. the various catches, zips, tighteners and other minor details are all tottally appropeiate for their spesific funtion. the atko has been evolved and designed to the nth degree of detail. 6.there is not much to say about it as its basically faultless. i trust it with my comphort and health 110%.

Cons: i'm 5'11"/183cm with a back problem. i can sit up straight in the atko and i have to do so but my head brushes the top of the inner. cant blame the tent 4 that but if thats your hight and problem this will apply to you to.

  Reviewed by edward gridpipe (MANKCHESTAAAAA) on 2010-08-17:
General comments: I've had this beloved little tent for a good 5 years now, and it is mainly used on Dartmoor, Devon. It may be relatively heavy these days for a tent of this price, but you are getting a near perfectly designed tent, unlike the super light terra novas this actually has enough space for a fully grown man. It takes about a minute to pitch and just a little longer to pack. It can be used in any conditions the uk can throw at it with ease, infact i can pitch it in quite a blasť fashion, and not even take natural wind shelter in to consideration, pretty handy at the end of the day, you can just pitch were you fall, and dartmoor does get quiet unpleasant in the middle of january. If I feel like a bit of 'ultralite' camoing, I can pitch just the outer, as a more comfortable alternative to a tarp - and a bivy bag is not required. The porch is perfect for me, plenty of protection from the elements whilst cooking/star gazing I have never experienced the reported condensation problems, and i rarely have any vents open, i use it all year round too, perhaps I don't breathe much?

Pros: Near perfect design - its the little things that you love, but it does the big things right too. Everything seems perfectly tuned, no wasted space or weight (apart from leather logo!) Very durable (looks as good as new after 5 years), and stable in wind Versatile pitching options Speed and ease of pitch - even with gloves on

Cons: Price - Although I am now sorted for life Weight - Although the space is uncompromised (im 6 foot 1) Non reflective guylines - I think this has been changed in newer akto designs.

  Reviewed by Jay Russell (Bradford) on 2010-08-25:
General comments: Had my Akto for many years now (last model) its had a good deal of UK use on several backpacking routes. I'm 6'2" and it is plenty long enough, there is also sitting height in the middle of the tent. It can be pitched with only 4 pegs in calm weather and it goes up all in one. Mine, being the older model doesn't have the hood at the top of the door so keeping a zip open in the rain means getting wet. The newer version should fix this problem. I originally got my Akto on loan from Hilleberg to review, and it was a comment I made. Pleased to see they improved things!

Pros: Light, strong, easy to pitch, spacious

Cons: Nothing that hasn't been improved on the later models

  Reviewed by garry dutfield (kingswinford) on 2010-12-05:
General comments: the only 1 man true 4 season tent on the market !!!!!

Pros: fantastic will stand up in any gale


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