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   Berghaus High Trails Jacket

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For the demanding user the highly specified High Trails III has excellent technical performance for tough mountain walking and now comes with a New shorter length InterActive zip for added versatility. Features:- 2-layer GORE-TEX XCR Brenva for total waterproof/ breathable protection 2-layer GORE-TEX XCR Lofoten reinforced shoulders Superb roll-away hood with wired peak and volume adjuster Two zipped reach-across chest pockets with venting function Two zipped hand-warmer & two internal mesh pockets. Warm lined collar Retained elasticated waist & hem drawcords Average weight: 860g

Berghaus High Trails Jacket

Official Berghaus High Trails Jacket specification from Berghaus

   Berghaus High Trails Jacket Reviews

  Reviewed by Stuart Wilson (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: After a lot of research I bought this jacket and I have not been let down it is warm comfortable and very waterproof. I use it for everything from in town to walking and it suits all. All in all pretty happy with my purchase.

Cons: I too have had the problem of the lining coming out when putting it on and the super sticky velcro. One thing I did notice is that the velcro on the front fastening depending on how you hang the jacket rubs at the cuff on the right sleeve and causes bobbling

  Reviewed by Jon Hinds (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: A brilliant hill-walking jacket that can take everything the british weather throws at it. Lightweight and very comfy I would highly recommend.

  Reviewed by David White (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: An Excellent Jacket. Lightweight and very practcal and most importantly it has been totally waterproof. Love the pockets. Would highly recommend.

  Reviewed by Kevin Webb (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: GoreTex XCR is superb, it breaths so well. As I get older I seem to perspire more easily so I need breathability. It's long enough to keep my bum dry if I don't wear overtrousers, love the map pocket. GPS goes in one internal pocket and mobile in the other. Spent a long time researching, came up with High Trails and I'm not disapointed, it is an extreamly good jacket

  Reviewed by Robin Fanner (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: Bought two last year; one for myself and my wife at knockdown prices. These are fantastic jackets that will keep out anything the weather throws at you. Other users have mentioned the instant-fastening velcro pocket patches being a nuisance, but on the up-side I've not lost anything out of them.

Pros: Love the large map pocket and the ventilation system. I use it for walking and cycling, staying dry and cool every time. Top product.

  Reviewed by J Hargreaves (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I have just bought this jacket from the lakes and i have to say it is excellent. I havent had the problem with the cuffs when putting the jacket on, but i do agree with the velcro problem on the pockets. Everytime i take my hand out the velcro latches shut so i have to open it agen, it is a very small problem but the rest of the jacket is quality. I also have a berghaus fleece and underlaying T-shirt which are also quality. saying all this i also bought a bergahus rucksack and trousers. I feel like im a sponser of berghaus. All products i have bought from Berghaus have been top quality. Enjoy...

  Reviewed by David Gray (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I must stress before buying this jacket test the pockets. The velcro around the pockets are a major hinderence. Zippiing up/down the pockets is almost painful as you ALWAYS have to negotiate past the velcro. The inner lining around the cuffs of the sleeve does stick out when you put you hands through it. Saying that the jacket is warm, not too thick and provides you with the waterproof ability and flexibility. The hood works surprisingly well!

  Reviewed by geoff horky (cumbria) on 2006-02-18:
General comments: I think previous reviewers must be sponsored by Berghaus!

Pros: The jacket looks good. It bears the Berghaus logo. The hood is good. It's a Paclite hood and can be made to fit really well, even over a fleece hat. The storm flaps are also good and will keep out the worst of weather which is more than can be said for the rest of the jacket! The wide cuffs fit over any gloves and can be secured firmly. The velcro fastenings are secure.

Cons: Bad points are many. Firstly this jacket is NOT waterproof. I first took mine for a walk around the Solway Firth, and came back soakedt! I've worn it up the fells in Cumbria several times but now only wear it about town. It is overpriced ( I paid 240 for mine 3 years ago, although they can now be found for less) . The map pocket is good but there are too many pockets for my liking - I keep losing things in them! - they are unnecessary for any hill walker - which brings me to, probably, the crux of this jacket - Who is it targetted at? It has some features (the Paclite hood, wide cuffs, storm flaps etc) that would be welcome on any garment designed for extreme conditions but the rest of it is only suited to occasional walkers. The number of pockets etc and the work involved in producing these extra, unnecessary details only add to the cost of the product, which is still overpriced. If you want to wear a Berghaus logo ( and why wouldn't you? ) buy this jacket. If you want a product that is really useful in the high ground of Britain then give it a miss and buy one with less pockets but better weatherproofing. Berghaus make many! I Like Berghaus products and own many, but this was a disappointment.

  Reviewed by Banjo Jimbo (New Forest) on 2006-03-01:
General comments: Some of the other reviewers have doubted the waterproof ability of this jacket but I'd have to say that I've found it to be waterproof. It did leak after an absolutely severe drenching, but then most jackets do. Really breathable however, which makes up for it, I particularly like the massive pockets, as I dont like to carry a dweeby map around my neck all the time - and also I dont like to squash and ruin my map when trying to stuff it up my jumper or into an infeasibly small pocket. My main gripe with the Beghaus High Trails jacket it is it is too heavy at 890g, and that for a few quid more I could of got a far superior jacket, this being at the upper cusp of middling cost jackets. The weight and bulky nature of it mean I only really wear it when I am guarenteed to be wearing it all the time- it takes up lots of room in the rucksack.

Pros: The hood is nice, and also the chinguard does not rub loads. That really winds me up- so this is an important feature.

Cons: Too big and baggy, too heavy and too.....well bright - I should have got a less load jacket.

  Reviewed by Robert Hornby (Preston UK) on 2006-08-02:
General comments: This is a nice looking jacket, made out of a strong version of the gore-tex XCR fabric, which seems quite robust, but is extremly heavy, so its not really designed for a person trying to travel light. There are also many pockets on this jacket, 2 being large chest pockets with anoying velcro covering them and 2 handwarmer pockets. Also there is a waterbottle pocket and a gps pocket on the inside of the jacket. It also has a decent hood, which has a few wire supports inside it, but it tends to blow down in the wind because of the design of it, berghaus should really start making all there jackets with the mountain equipment style stealth hoods ,which dont blow down.

Pros: Nice looking jacket, enough pockets to hold anything you feel like taking. Strong over all jacket with reinforcements where your pack harness fits.

Cons: There are quite a few bad points with this jacket, for a start its not waterproof!!! atall, i used this jacket when i climber ben nevis in febuary and a came back soaked and i dont sweat overly, so it must be that the jacket is just not atall waterproof. because my bottom half was dry wearing my mountain equipment salopets, but my top half was soaked. So i must stress if you want to stay dry just dont buy this jacket, instead actually go for a waterproof jacket, such as similar jackets from mountain equipment and TNF, which now seem to be taken more seriously as mountain makes than berghaus and i can see why from this jacket. Also the velcro on the chest pockets is probably the single most anoying thing about these jackets because it just refuses to stay open. Also the inner liner of the jacket comes out of the ends of the sleves when you put your arms in them, because theres just too much of it! Also the hood is not great, berghaus should really start using a new design of hood. In conclusion dont buy this jacket, unless you just want it for a fashion accessory, because its good for nothing else.

  Reviewed by Paul Nelson (Bedfordshire) on 2006-12-17:
General comments: I've had this jacket for nearly 2 years and don't regret buying it for one minute. I find it very waterproof, breathable, windproof and comfortable. The jacket is cut well and covers the backside snugly. Well designed drawstrings at hem and waist. The velcro cuffs are solid although the internal lining poking out is pain when putting it on in a hurry. I disagree that the jacket is too heavy. This a hill walking jacket designed for the UK hills and the 2 layer XCR Gore-tex fabric makes this an idea choice. The venting system at the front is very useful. Small velcro patches allow the flaps to be folded back and these also double as map pockets or somewhere to store your hat or buff. Two internal pockets (one long one short) are good for GPS or phone. The hand warmer pockets are a good size and I agree they can be fiddly to get into. The storm flaps face forwards. My only gripe would be at the hood. It folds away nicely into the collar but when unfolded the chin guard can flap about in the wind. The hood sits high on head and does not turn when you turn. The volume adjuster just pulls the hood backwards. It is not snug and I've got a big head. There is a wired peak and draw cord adjusters that do not get in your eyes when the wind whips past your face.

Pros: Waterproofness, comfort and style.

Cons: Hood


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