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   Raichle All Degree Lite Gtx (B1)

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The Raichle All Degree Lite GTX is a very versatile walking boot. Light enough to be used all year round while being stiff enough to take a flexible crampon. This may be the perfect boot for UK walkers who only get the chance to don crampons a couple of times each winter.

Please note, as of 2009 Raichle have been rebranded as Mammut so these boots are now called the Mammut Degree Light GTX.
There are currently no prices for this product. It's possible the product has been discontinued.

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Raichle All Degree Lite Gtx (B1)

   Raichle All Degree Lite Gtx (B1) Reviews

  Reviewed by Emma (Trail Magazine) (UK) on 2009-02-27:
General comments: Ah - what can I say about these boots? I'd sleep in them if I wasn't clinging to the last remnants of normality. Looking up at Crib Goch recently I though "Yeah - can't be THAT hard." An hour later I was straddling the knife edge shaking with fright and thinking "Where's the bloody path?" while worshipping their pointy fronts and super-grippy Vibram soles that stick to rock like limpets. These four season bad boys are designed especially for scrambling. Next day, I attempted a classic bog jump. My feet stayed clean and dry in their Goretex oasis, but I ended up looking decidedly like Swampy.

  Reviewed by John Bolland (Northants) on 2009-03-15:
General comments: I love these boots. They were a bit of a gamble being relatively expensive but were well worth it. My previous boots had lasted me almost 15 yrs before becoming too slack around the ankle & worn on the sole. I was reluctant to replace them but am delighted with their successor! The All Degree Lite are very well made & have a very waterproof durable outer. They are really warm even with gaiters in deep snow. They have never let me down. The soles are quite stiif, and can be tiring when walking on the road, but come into their own on soft or broken ground. The stiif soles & construction make edging or toeing in on slopes a doddle & give a good feeling of reassurance. When walking on the road, loosening the top 2 layers of laces certainly helps reduce the strain on your ankles. All in all I think these All Degree Lite boots are great & loved wearing them. They are like wearing indestructible slippers!

Pros: Build quality, reassurance, comfort, waterproofness.

Cons: They are very heavy to carry if you're not wearing them on your feet!

  Reviewed by Paul Reilly (Edinburgh) on 2009-06-30:
General comments: Up until now, I have always been a loyal fan of full grain leather boots. They are breathable, durable, waterproof and easy to maintain. So naturally when it came to choosing a replacement, I was keen to go for what I knew best. However when shopping around for my next leather boot, I was encouraged to opt for a pair of suede and fabric boots with a gore-tex liner. Initially, I was reluctant to change my ways, but after seeing the Raichle All-Degree GTX in the sales at a low price I took the plunge. I am glad I did too. I wanted a boot that would be durable enough to tackle scrambling routes and the huge rubber rand offers plenty of protection from the rocks. The grip from the vibram sole is increadible. The semi-stiff sole proves comfortable when travelling over rocky uneven terrain. Despite the addition of a gore-tex liner they breathe extremely well and the boots fit snugly on my feet. I am yet to receive my first blister with them yet, which is something I canít say for my leather boots. Unfortunately I find that lacing them up is often fidgety and a locking cleat would be desirable. Keeping them looking clean and new is also more effort than with leather boots, but always worth the effort. The boots are quite heavy despite what the name may suggest. I have reservations about the durability of the suede and fabric outers. A good all-round boot definitely worth the investment, but they havenít made my leather boots redundant. Yet.

Pros: Great for scrambling. Warm and comfortable. Breathable. Blister-free.

Cons: Durability may prove a problem with suede and fabric outers. Not as easy to clean as leather boots.

  Reviewed by Eiran Cooper (Stockholm) on 2010-11-26:
General comments: Fantastic B1 all season boots, though I'd be inclined to say that these are a different kind of 3 season boot since to wear these in summer you'd have to be either a lunatic, a masochist, or both! Support on the hill is unparalleled as far as I'm concerned, though I'm sure B2 or B3 boots would actually lend more support, it would be impossible to walk in them over rough terrain. They are actually so supportive that when laced tight, I can walk on my toe points like I'm wearing ski boots! Wearing these in winter is like wearing a duvet around you toes! I've never had any problems with cold feet (although I've always worn Smartwool Mountaineering socks with them) that said, wearing these in summer is suicide for exactly the same reasons. Breathability would definitely become a big issue in warm weather, though it's never been in cold. They are also completely waterproof, I've actually waded through rivers with these using tight fitting gaiters, and my feet didn't get wet. The downside comes from their weight and their lack of comfort. Even with mountaineering socks I still struggle with pain in the back of my heel when walking on even terrain and on long walks they can feel really heavy. I've put in foam inserts and they feel a lot more comfortable, if a little less roomy, so you may want to allow for this in sizing when you buy. Probably best to put the inserts in when buying. I'd recommend them only for walking in rough terrain when you expect bad weather, especially winter, when even without crampons your ability to cut steps is excellent.

Pros: Support, waterproofing, they stick to the terrain

Cons: Comfort, weight, lack of breathability if you were to try and use them on a hot summers day

  Reviewed by sven lewis (South wales uk) on 2014-01-24:
General comments: Used at Everest Base Camp for 14 Months ....They will take care of you if you take care of them.......treat with Nikwax boot wash or Neatsfoot and they will give you the respect you deserve. Ive had mine for 8 years and Im out every weekend with them

Pros: Support, waterproofing, grip and warm in -22C

Cons: Toe pinch with crampons on steep decents


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