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   Vango Venom 300 Down Sleeping Bag

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The down-filled Venom from the Vango range provides competitive mountain marathon runners and modern backpackers with a state of the art combination of warmth, extreme lightness and small pack size. Demonstrating that you sometimes have to step back in time to make giant strides forward, Venom uses the very best goose down in preference to modern synthetic insulation. The Venom 300 has been tested to IFTH standards independently. It consists of a 90/10 goose down and is excellent quality sure to last. The outer fabric is Polair Micro ripstop which is soft, downproof, water-resistant and washable. The ratio of insulation coverage is calculated to provide insulation differences at key areas. A box wall construction is both warm and prevents down from shifting. A luxurious bag from one of the respected experts in specialist outdoor gear. ...

Vango Venom 300 Down Sleeping Bag

   Vango Venom 300 Down Sleeping Bag Reviews

  Reviewed by Charlie S (Dunblane) on 2009-04-22:
General comments: Excellent value for money. Light and compact but still warm. Used it overnight on a mountain marathon when the temperature dropped below zero - condensation on inside of tent froze - but it did well. Feet and legs fine but needed a fleece top to be comfortable though not a hat. If I'd mastered the drawstrings on the hood and shoulder baffle before it got dark I might have been even more impressed!

Pros: Warm, well made. Excellent value for money on a bag that's rated to zero degrees

Cons: None

  Reviewed by Paul Hastings (Aberdeen) on 2010-09-30:
General comments: As with most Vango products the Venom 300 offers excellent value for money as long as you are aware of its limitations and use it within the recommended limits. Packed size and weight are excellent for the price. I’ve used it in the Cairngorms in temperatures down to 2 or 3 degrees and got a bit chilly overnight but no major worries about the temperature rating overall. It doesn’t profess to be an alpine wunderbag and is more than cosy enough considering the small pack size. My only reservation perhaps is the half-length zip – sure it makes the bag a bit stronger and lighter but it does make ventilating it on a warmer night a bit trickier – and it makes it harder to get yourself out as you wake up in a sweat and have one of those panicked, claustrophobic “Help! I’m stuck in a roasting cocoon” moment s – or is that just me?! As with all down bags – keep it dry and it’ll keep you fairly cosy. For the money an excellent 3 (or 2 and a bit if you’re a cold sleeper) season bag.

Pros: Price, compact packed size, light weight

Cons: Perhaps not cosy enough for some, half-length zip might not suit everyone.

  Reviewed by Cameron (Glasgow) on 2011-04-12:
General comments: Bought this bag last Autum, based on th epositive reviews on this site. I was looking for a 2/3 season light weight bag and managed to purchase this bag from the Scout Shop in Glasgow for £50.00. Apparently it was last years design, the new model has a white piping between the orang and black now. However I decided I could live without this new design. Took it on fe few bothy trips August September and found the bag to be warm enough to give undisturbed sleep. I was delighted in my purchase. last month I had two backpacking trips and this time I camped, the bag did not let me down. I was warm despite the temp dipping at night. The great advantage of this bag is its weight and packed size, takes up no space in the pack. I use a cotton Liner just to keep the bag clean. I find pockets for wallets, keys etc inside the baga a waste of time, but this in my only adverse comment about this bag. the hood and neck draw cords work well and help kee the heat in the bag. The half zip does not allow the bag to be opened out if it gets to warm, but when does that hapen in Scotland. I guess shorter zip weighs less. In all a great bag I would certainly recommend it.

Pros: weight, packed size and in my case price £50 for a down bag, not bad.

Cons: None


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