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   Hilleberg Nallo 2

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The award winning Nallo 2 is superbly lightweight due to an innovative flysheet fabric and a lower rear pole and sloped profile. Still requiring only four pegs to pitch this incredibly lightweight backpacking tent sleeps two comfortably. Twin hoop tunnel design for ease of pitching Large vent on the vestibule allows maximum ventilation Pitches inner/outer simultaneously Large vestibule for storage and sheltered cooking Shell can be pitched alone to form lightweight shelter Inner door mesh backed for ventilation Internal no-see-um mesh at booth foot and head end for increased ventilation.

Hilleberg Nallo 2

   Hilleberg Nallo 2 Reviews

  Reviewed by Calum McRoberts (Midlothian) on 2006-04-05:
General comments: The Nallo 2 has been the first choice for many trekkers and backpackers for many years now. Very lightweight - Hilleberg give a weight of 2.1kgs if you take all the pegs, poles, bags etc. It is a roomy tent for two, with a massive porch which is amply big enough for storing rucsacs and cooking inside it - with care of course! This new model has a tapered ceiling, lowering towards the back. The poles are colour coded which means set-up is very quick. One issue that everybody needs to know of is that there is a bit of a condensation issue with this tent. Even using the vent to its full potential at the rear and with your door open you will still get appreciable quantities of condensation inside the tent. That said, I have owned two of these tents and would still buy another as my first choice for all lightweight use. This lightweight comes at a cost however and you should not expect the groundsheet to last as long as other tents. Scottish heather and rock will make short work of it, so pic your site with care!

Pros: Lightweight, build quality, fast to pitch

Cons: Quite a big pack size for such a lightweight tent. Condensation

  Reviewed by Fred (Kendal, UK) on 2007-02-09:
General comments: Just what I was used to as a seasoned camper with girlfriend, but in about a quarter of the weight, even less of the messing about time setting it up, and only three times the price I was used to. A great trade-off! Have used in autumn in the Lakes in torrential downpour for several days with no leaks.

Pros: Light & tiny for a two-berth. Workmanship perfect and tension well-calculated in using pull-cords at well-placed points. I won't need another tent unless the mountains seduce me or it gets nicked!

Cons: Wire for vent annoying when trying to pack it. I've already broken peaks in hats made of similar stuff, and I always pack the wire last now. Also, the guy ropes are reed and white! If I'm going to spend 300 notes on a tent, I'm experienced enough to know where guy ropes are! Plus I didn't like the reflective strips sewn in to the new generation. Should have been velcro, so you can choose when to be seen and when not to. I've spent ages picking them out! Also, I would have liked a compression sack if they'd have sorted out the wire vent support - even less air in your pack!
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Dave responded : totally agree with your reflective strip comment. I opted for a green tent for a reason, i just blacked mine over with a permanent marker. I use this tent for just myself, it only weighs 2.1 kg fully packed, for that you get a 4 season home from home with a vestibule thats twice the size of the Akto. Its 2.1 kg you wimps, loose weight from someone else if you cant handle it, i could never go back to being cramped again. Ive had no condensation at all, maybe because it is just 1 person inside. (2008-04-25)

  Reviewed by GMcintosh (Glasgow) on 2007-09-27:
General comments: If you are looking to buy a lightweight bombproof tent then this is the boy. I had wanted to buy this tent for a while but was always put off by the high price point but now that I have used it...its well worth the money. Coming in at 2.1kg it is very lightweight and when you take the poles out of its stuffsc it squeezes down to a very small pack so it dosent take up a lot of room. Pitching is simple, 2 poles, feed them through, put out the guys and its done. The tent sits quite low so wind resistance makes it good for all conditions. In some other review that I have read some complained about the tents lack of condensation control and found it wet in the mornings. I found this the case th first time but on the tail of the tent there is a zip which you can open which helps control the condensation, this can be propped up with a small pole which is supplied. I found the tent very spacious inside. I would advise also to buy a footprint for the tent. The porch area is spacious enough to use a smell stove in altough it wouldn't always advise this!

Pros: weight, ease of pitch, interior space value for money!

Cons: Initially price

  Reviewed by chris (stockport) on 2008-09-28:
General comments: The nallo 2 currently one of the lightest 2 man tents on the market at only 2.2kg without the foot print this tent is perfect for 2 people but could possible acommodate 3 small people or for the single that likes to have some living space. The tent it's self has nice build quality to every last detail the pegs are super strong that can be driven into hard rocky ground the guides are easy to adjust and pitches easy even in the dark colour coded poles are a nice touch, the tent has held strong in gales for me with no problems altho sometimes condenstation has been a problem but there is an easy fix for this used the 2 outer vents front and back and open the inner tents vent 2 inches and the problem seems to be sloved with minium heat loss. only niggle is if the ground isnt flat the tent seems to slack and crack in wind apart from that it's the best 2 man tent i have owned.

Pros: light weight strong adjustable nice living space and gear storage

Cons: condenstation build up hard to pitch on sand without snow pegs Price

  Reviewed by smartlemming (Somewhere) on 2009-02-13:
General comments: The Hilleberg Nallo 2 is A VERY good tent, very light very roomy if you get stuck in bad weather,but we have had problems with the poles in very windy weather (strange that they give you a spare section) this may have been that when putting tent up the pole sections have not gone fully home but we have not had this problem before. Credit to hillberg they sent us a new set of poles.This tent is also NOISY in high winds and in cold conditions with inner curtain zipped halfway up condensation can be a problem (but if weather is ok next day does not take long to dry out especially if you split inner from outer and I belive later models have ''through'' vents not just the one fitted to our model.I would say that the FLAPPING in windy conditions is the biggest problem we have found with this tent as it can keep you awake all night (we camp in Norway 3 weeks in the summer and most nights it's hard enough to find a place to put the tent never mind wind direction etc -worth it though).

Pros: VERY well made with quality materials, very light, very waterproof. About as light as you will get for two persons for anything more than sleeping.

Cons: Because of the 2 loop construction can be difficult to put up on rocky ground as opposed to geodesic type also noisy in high winds (Hillbergs wobble but they don't fall down), Also there seems to be a big difference in shape and rigidity from very cold evening to sunny morning - the tent only seems to look right and tight when warm.

  Reviewed by Hebairt (UK) on 2009-03-01:
General comments: I've been very pleased with my Nallo2 and had no venting problems at all, though I've not used it in the UK yet. The improved vent in the foot of the tent makes a lot of difference to air flow-through and I always take care to pitch into the wind and leave the inner door open too. Also, I'm only using it as a solo tent - perhaps the people who had condensation troubles had 2 bodies in there. It's light- 2.5kg with the footprint. Quick to set up and take down. It is a little thin - I had an accident with it and tripped and trod on the flysheet over the vestibule while setting up the tent and put a big hole in it. But rainproof - 100% so far and I particularly like the fact that the high point of the tent is directly over my head so I never feel claustrophobic with this tent

Pros: Goes up fast and easy Good headroom - 1m high at the door Has vented well for me, though not used yet in UK conditions All sorts of neat design tricks and high quality materials throughout

Cons: Costs and arm and a leg

  Reviewed by Richard Callender (Blanefield) on 2012-02-08:
General comments: Would like to add this is an excellent cycle touring tent. Its sits nicely on top of the rear rack, though do buy an additional suitably sized compression sack to minimise bulk and protect the tent bag from the usual mud and muck. Superb design and build detailing and can vouchsafe its ability to withstand some pretty horrendous weather conditions (Holland early September 2011 ,,, ermm you had to be there!)

Pros: Treat this tent as a (very) long term investment. Quality pays!

Cons: Wouldn't take it to a festival.


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