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   Camelbak Unbottle

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This personal hydration system fits into, or on to, a day pack to give you refreshment during prolonged outdoor activity. Ladder lock on handle. Threaded cap securely holds water. Fully insulated to keep liquid cold for hours. Durable, abrasion resistant exterior. Slick Clips to attach UnBottle to the outside of a pack. Weight 300g empty, 3260g filled. Lightweight. Easy fill, easy clean OMEGA reservoir with external access.
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Camelbak Unbottle

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Camelbak Unbottle

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  Reviewed by Steve McGarry (UK) on 2006-02-08:
General comments: The Camelbak unbottle offers good value for money - it's easy to use, light and fairly durable.

Pros: As it is a Camelbak product it is a high quality piece of kit and the bladder is first rate. The addition of a large mouth makes filling the bladder easy. It also makes cleaning a quick and efficient task, which is important when u see what kind of crap is growing in it if you've left it by the radiator !! This large opening is I feel more reliable than the platypus big zip, which doesn't seem to be as resistant to popping open. The pocket offers a good amount of insulation for the contents, whether warm (not boiling hot) or cold water on a summers day. This is a good thing when you consider where the hydration pack pockets in backpacks are positioned - next to your back. The pocket is also made from very hardwearing fabric. The mouth piece is much better than platypus as it has a lock on it. This may not sound like much but when you sit on it in the car and still have a dry arse you'll understand ! It also has 4 D rings for securing it to the outside of your pack when there's no room in it.

Cons: Although before I praised the insulation pocket before the fact that it is so well insulated means that there is a large weight penalty - sometimes I just can't justify carrying the extra weight. However, the plastic bladder is thick enough to stand up to being on your bag, just keep it away from pointy things.

  Reviewed by David Walker (Morpeth, Northumberland) on 2006-06-03:
General comments: This is a great way to carry water. The opening is a reliable watertight screwcap and is large enough to easily fill and empty. The insulation cover gives the bladder good protection although it struggles in freezing conditions. Due to the large opening, the bladder is easily cleaned although the tube is a little harder. I found that filling the tube and bladder with warm, soapy water for a couple of hours then rinsing well with warm water does the trip. The mouthpiece is easily cleaned and the bite valve works well as does the lock. I haven't really encounted any major problems.

Pros: Good protectioo for bladder. Good storage of 2lt of water. Easily cleaned.

Cons: Does not prevent freezing in sub-zero temperatures.

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