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   Platypus Clean Gravity Filter

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The answer to simple, effective and fast water filtration. The hollow fibre media filters 4 liters of water in just 2.5 minutes without a single pump stroke. Simply fill up the Dirty 4L reservoir, connect it to the rest of the system via the quick-disconnect fitting and hang the whole system from a tree, your car, or anywhere. Then go and cook dinner, set up your tent or whatever. With no moving parts you get a quick, 4-second clean by simply reversing the height of the reservoirs and a full 8-liter capacity provides on-demand water for any group size. The system includes two 4-liter reservoirs (one for Dirty, unfiltered water, one to collect Clean Filtered water), Hollow-Fiber Filter Cartridge, hoses and all fittings.

Platypus Clean Gravity Filter

   Platypus Clean Gravity Filter Reviews

  Reviewed by Ian Craigie (Scotland, UK) on 2010-07-01:
General comments: I took this as the water filter for a group of 12 to Malawi, and was able to provide everyone in the group with sufficient filtered water each day for several weeks. It is simplicity itself to use, and having previously taken a hand-pumped filter for personal use while travelling, this unit was a joy to use. A slowing of filtration was easily corrected with a brief reversal of flow, and the system carried on as before. I also used chemical purification on the filtered water, and although the water was not visibly contaminated, no one in our party became ill due to the water consumed. It is perhaps a little large for personal use, but it is light and comes with a useful net stuff bag. I was also able to include a Platypus folding bottle and some iodine in the stuff bag, and it was very easily carried. A highly recommended method of providing filtered water for larger groups, but also useful for individuals or couples off the beaten track. Just let gravity do the work!

Pros: Fairly quick. Eaaaasy. Good capacity. Simple. Light and easy to carry, despite relative bulk. Stuff sack is a good inclusion. Filter cleared easily when slowing with simple flow reversal.

Cons: A little bulky, but unavoidable if you wish to set-and-forget for a reasonable volume of filtered water.

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