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   The North Face Nuptse Jacket

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The North Face Nuptse is a classic down jacket - it has been popular for years and this doesn't appear to be changing. The goose down has a fill power rating of 700 to keep you snug when the temperature starts dropping. You would think this warmth may come at a cost (i.e. weight) but it doesn't appear to - The North Face Nuptse can be scrunched up and bundled into it's own pocket.       Ladies version

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£133.99FREE £133.99
£133.99FREE £133.99

The North Face Nuptse Jacket

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The North Face Nuptse JacketThe North Face Nuptse JacketThe North Face Nuptse Jacket
The North Face Nuptse JacketThe North Face Nuptse JacketThe North Face Nuptse Jacket
The North Face Nuptse Jacket

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   The North Face Nuptse Jacket Reviews

  Reviewed by David J Moore (Manchester) on 2006-01-06:
General comments: What can you say about this jacket - you see them on the high street, but it is on the hills that these jackets come into their own! Very very warm and snug, an excellent fit with adjustable cuffs - the medium fits me to a t! This jacket has it all. It packs into an very small stuff pocket and will take up no room at all in your pack, but once required the jacket expends and plumes up to a huge size to keep those chills at bay! Overall, in my opinion - buy buy buy! 5 Stars

Pros: Fantastically warm and very very light, I know The North Face also have a limited edition of this jacket which weighs even less, but for the money this is fantastic - a really perfect down jacket in my opinion!

Cons: Difficult one to say - it does not have a down hood unlike some other similar down jackets, althought it does have a showerproof fold-away hood in the collar. I suppose having a down hood maybe means you do not require a hat, but I always carry one anyway, so personally the lack of a down hood does not (for me) detract from this jackets appeal, that said, it may be an issue for some users. The stuff pocket is also maybe a tad too small to easily get the jacket into, but once in it takes up no room at all in your pack! One concern would be that the jacket isn't waterproof, but for this price you can't expect that - either pay a LOT more for a down jacket with a waterproof outer, or be careful!

  Reviewed by Tom Thumb (Orrible London) on 2006-03-01:
General comments: The fill of the Nuptse jacket is 700 fill power, this is significantly more than some of its more expensive rivals (see Mountain Hardwear Sub-Zero jacket). The fill power gives a very toasty feel to the jacket which takes about 30 seconds to warm up. There is nothing like the feel of a down jacket especially when you are pottering around you tent after a days walk. The fabric on the body is taffeta nylon which is extremely light and apparently ripstop. I wouldnít like to try this as I have seen many a Nupste jacket sporting small patches of sticky tape keeping the down at bay. The shoulders have a double reinforcement of fabric. The down stays in palce due to the construction of the jacket so you should never have any cold spots. I have never experienced any with this jacket. You have two handwarmer pockets and one zipped pocket inside for stashing bits and bobs. The fit is excellent and unlike other jackets it is not too short. There is also a hood of some description but to be honest I have never used it or expect to use it.. Like all down jackets it packs away very small so getting it in your rucksack for winter walks is very easy.

Pros: Packs very small, and is extremely lightweight. Very warm and has 700 fill power.

Cons: Do not get this wet, hide in the first sign of rain. Rubbish hood and everyone owns one.

  Reviewed by Jim Freer (Scotland) on 2006-03-03:
General comments: OH the feeling of warmth and snugness when you put the North Face Nuptse on is amazing . Wether you want a jacket for cold mornings waiting for the bus, or waiting for the weather to clear up at Everest base camp, this is the jacket for you. It's extreme warmness is a bit over the top for climbing hills in, but when it comes to lunch time at altitude, pull this from your bag and watch as your pals shiver in envy. I have felt warm and comfy at -20 in this jacket, whlst others around are cold and grumpy. In conclusion a jacket to feel good in. My wife even reckons it looks great to go out in. I have avoided geeting it soaked and have used the weedy looking hood.

Pros: Warmth, warmth and warmth. Light weight and very stuffable. Makes your mates green with envy for those lunch stops on a cold hill side

Cons: Not so clever in the rain, gets to sweaty for any sustained walking. Will stay in the wardrobe if the temperature is above freezing. Not a very exclusive jacket

  Reviewed by ac muckle (yorkshire) on 2006-03-26:
General comments: Fine 'entry' level down jacket which neatly packs down into a small size for travelling. It has kept me warm in very harsh conditions but as noted in previous reviews, it does not like any hint of rain. Best under a gore-tex outer. I am nervous when wearing the jacket close to abrasive surfaces / foliage as the outer material lacks strength and durability. Next time I will buy Rab for a higher spec.

Pros: Light and warm.

Cons: Just not tough enough.

  Reviewed by tim poole (Aberdeenshire) on 2006-03-28:
General comments: I love this jacket... I have had two North Face Nuptse jackets now, I first had a black one, which was then stolen out of my car (beware) and now I have the brown coloured one. The first thing that attracted me, was the fact The North Face supply them up to XXL which for me is great as the XL is just too short in th earms and rides up at the back. The XXL though is a perfect fit. The 700 fill down makes for a really warm jacket whether having your lunch at top of a snowy Cairn Gorm or watching the local rugby team - which is why this jacket is popular - because it is fashionable as well as functional. It is, what I would call splashproof, very light rain or dry snow beads off no problem, anything heavier and you need to cover the jacket or remove it - but most down jackets are the same so no problem. There is an emergency hood, which to be honest I have never even taken out - becuase it is not down filled, it is not going to keep your head that warm - unless in a real emergency. And obviously you should not wear the jacket out in heavy rain anyway, so a hood not necessary for me, but it stows in to the collar and makes the collar stiffer and more hugging so it a plus point overall. The only down side, and this may be because it is XXL in size, is that it is a real struggle to get the jacket in to the stow pocket, so much so I now longer try, but use a spare stow bag from a sleeping bag which is slightly larger. All in all a thoroughly recommended down jacket.

Pros: Lightweight, fashionable, extremely warm, up to xxl in size, emergency hood

Cons: Struugle to get jacket in stow pocket

  Reviewed by Andy Martin (Edinburgh) on 2006-04-01:
General comments: I have the special edition Quantum nuptse jacket. It comes with 900 fill limited edition and only about 1000 were released to the European market. If you speak to Cotswold outdoor, they will try and track one down for you as they still had a few left in various store. I tracked mine down at £160.00. Excellent service from Cotswold. Quick comment on the last guy's review - Make sure you get all the air out in before you start stuffing, it makes it loads easier.

Pros: Excellent and warm, very very light weight, worth paying the extra for the special edition as the finish and material of the jacket is very different. Stows inside its own pocket where as the latest version of the nuptse 700 in europe doesnt come with a stuff pocket (to my knowledge)

Cons: Cons: The nuptse isn't waterproof, can be zipped into a outer shell, but this adds more weight and of course more money.

  Reviewed by Bob Rivers (Scotland) on 2006-04-03:
General comments: I bought the North face Nuptse jacket at the beginning of last year when it was still full price and it has seen me right through the scottish winter. North face offer a lifetime guarantee on their products and I had to make use of this in january as the zip totally split. I had the drawcords up tight all the time and I think the constant stretching of the zip. The fixed it free of charge and sent it back promptly. The jacket is very warm and when folded into its own pocket it fits very easily into even a small rucksack. It is truly amazing to see it fold down so small into a package thats about 6inches by 6inches by 3 inches deep. Feathers are molting slightly out of the seems, but this isnt a huge problem. I would have another one of these in a flash and its looking relatively unscathed for a years hard use conisdering that I have worn it everywhere. Previous reviews say dont wear it in the rain, but I have found that light showers have been fine, the rain just beads off it and it shakes off really well. £89 is a great price, there is lots of internet stores that are charging a lot more. Buy this jacket before teh north face decide to discontinue it.

Pros: Warm, very light weigh, looks awesome when folded down. looks cool. makes you look like mr t.

Cons: None None None

  Reviewed by DREW MORRIS (SUNDERLAND) on 2006-04-08:
General comments: When I initially received the North Face Nuptse jacket and tried it on, my first reaction was 'It's too small'. I had asked for a large size and on checking, that's what I had but it felt 'skimped' and not what I was used to in a down jacket. After trying it with several different layers underneath, up to more than the maximum I might wear (base layer, mid layer fleece and two fleece jackets !), I realised that it did actually 'fit' me and that's the key word. I still had a perfectly good range of movements. Being used to down jackets of a longer length, I was at first uncomfortable with the jacket's just-below-waist length, it actually reaches to my wrists rather than finger-tips, but I appreciate that this lack of length helps to make up some of the weight saving. Every time I wear the jacket I find myself tugging at the hem in an effort to pull it down further but to no avail; it stays the same length. The elastic and velcro of the cuffs themselves is really easy to adjust from loose fitting to tight and either way, the cuffs don't seem to chafe my wrists as they don't move up or down with arm movement. Other than the fit, the jacket is particularly light weight and warm, which in a nutshelll is really the point.

Pros: warm lightweight

Cons: too short around the mid-drift.

  Reviewed by Mohammed Ali (Nottingham) on 2007-12-02:
General comments: I believe this North Face Nuptse jacket is one of the best jackets going. Its so warm you sometimes feel you are in your house sitting nearby the fire. This jacket is the most comfortable most warmest jacket ive ever worn.

Pros: The most warmest jacket ive ever worn.

Cons: One thing i can only think about which isnt that good is that the actual style could have been better for e.g. more fasionable.

  Reviewed by Mark (Scotland) on 2008-06-22:
General comments: This is the best down jacket I've ever owned. I'm not sure if it carries the kudos of some other brands... always hankered after a Rab for that! It has survived and thrived over the last 4 winters, it's a piece of kit that never causes anything but absolute confidence, I can honestly say I've never felt in the slightest bit cold belaying at the bottom of an icy crag in the middle of a Scottish winter. Waterproofing is good (I proofed it myself) and the material is both lightweight and tough - no rips or tears to date. I decided against a hood. I couldn't see the point of taking the head gear I'd need when I wasn't wearing the jacket and a hood? I've washed and re-proofed it a couple of times without any reduction in performance. The really cool thing about it is that it's not one of those pieces of kit that looks stupid off of the crag, I use it all winter whatever I'm doing. Overall I can't see anyone being disappointed with this jacket, although some might prefer a hooded jacket.

Pros: It does exactly what you need it to. It's strong and durable. Reasonable price. Looks good ..... anywhere.

Cons: Bit heavier than others. Slightly less 'technical' than others Some might look for a hood.
This review has 1 comment(s):

Jamie responded : Could anyone suggest the best way to waterproof this jacket; I bought one several weeks ago and wish to waterproof just to make sure it doesn't suffer on those long expeditions. Thanks. (2009-05-09)

  Reviewed by Francis Charlesworth (London) on 2009-03-19:
General comments: This jacket is great for chilling out at night in. Its lightweight enough so you can just chuck it in your pack. I used on in the Himalayas last year and it was great! When wearing it you look a bit like the Michelin Man but its not meant to be stylish! The cost is good for what it is as long as you use it enough. It also holds its feathers well! The North Face often gets criticism for being a fashion brad and in part this is true however this jacket is defiantly a good technical one.

Pros: The Jacket is really warm; it keeps the wind and cold out and is very hard wearing. It can be folded into an internal pocket, which compacts it very small. The pockets are placed well. The jacket has well placed pockets, which can hold necessary items. It can be made to fit well with the draw cords around the chest and at the bottom.

Cons: The hood in one word is 'naff' its just like a plastic bag. It keeps the rain out but thatís about all it does. Itís not warm so be prepared for chilly ears! The jacket is too hot for walking in!

  Reviewed by V Jassal (Newcastle upon Tyne) on 2009-05-09:
General comments: I originally had the gilet version of this and found it to be really warm but that it could also be worn out and about and not just the hills. I wanted a full sleeve version that I could have at the top of my rucksack that I could pull on and off as we stopped and started. It is a great jacket that does exactly what it is supposed to - keep you warm but is easy to compact down. The jacket is initially water repellent but after washing is highly absorbent so great care must be taken to keep out of the rain and waterproof. The hood doesn't really do anything and I have never used it. Similar versions have a down insukated hood as well, which I can see the benefits of but the nuptse jacket's hood is simply a rain cover. Either have a good hood or don't have one at all.

Pros: Highly compactable and retains body warmth very well and quickly.

Cons: The hood doesn't really serve a purpose and when on, it is difficult to put a waterproof layer over the top as the jacket is so bulky. Everyone on the high street seems to be wearing one!

  Reviewed by GAM (Northern Ireland UK) on 2010-09-24:
General comments: I have this jacket in Blue/Black, as well as the Vest. It is light and warm and like the vest, packs down small. For me it is best suited to winter temperatures. The outer fabric will take a shower, but I would not use in heavy rain. The only other point is that everyone seems to be wearing them now on the high street!

Pros: Light, warm, packs small

Cons: Everyone is now wearing the and not ideal for heavy rain

  Reviewed by Robin Cant (Durham) on 2010-12-29:
General comments: I've just bought one of these in brown to replace my aging Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero jacket. I'm very disappointed. Although rated as a 700 fill it is nowhere near as warm as my Sub Zero which is only 650 and 8 years old. Out on cold days I have been known to shiver wearing it, something that never happened previously with the Sub Zero. It's a right sod to get it to fit into it's stow pocket. The material feels very delicate and not up to much hard use. Thinking about putting it on ebay and going back to the Sub Zero

Pros: Nice colour...

Cons: The zips on the pockets are continually snagging on the material Difficult to get into Stow Pocket Not warm Delicate material


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