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   Berghaus Storm IA Jacket

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The Berghaus Storm jacket is a traditional waterproof jacket for the hill. It's been around for ages and like most of the established Berghaus products, it has a good reputation. The Bergaus Storm jacket can also be used in tandem with one of Berghaus' interactive fleeces (IA) - for example the Activity or the Polarplus.
There are currently no prices for this product. It's possible the product has been discontinued.

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Berghaus Storm IA Jacket

Official Berghaus Storm IA Jacket specification from Berghaus

   Berghaus Storm IA Jacket Reviews

  Reviewed by Somebody (Somewhere) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: The Beghaus Storm IA jacket is an excellent waterproof for Irish conditions.This is the first Berghaus jacket I have purchased and I will be getting another one when I kill this one. Compared to my previous jacket it performs better and is lighter and less expensive. I would recommend it without reservation.

Pros: It performs very well in cold wet windy conditions.

Cons: The arm lining does creep out sometimes when you are putting it on and requires minor adjustment as you are putting it on.

  Reviewed by Jonathan Jefferies (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I have only just bought this Beghaus Storm IA jacket last week as I have shopped around for ages for an exellent outdoor hiking jacket and this is the daddy for it's price range! Has everything I need and more I do DoE and am currently doing ML Summer award training so I needed a jacket that would surive on the hills! Recomend you look at this before getting a more expencive jacket and with the Zip-in fleece it is an exellent winter jacket or when it snows in the Breacons! :-)

  Reviewed by Julian Fraser (England) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: I researched the Berghaus range of jackets pretty thoroughly as I walk regularly on Dartmoor and am very pleased with my choice, the fit is great (I prefer the longer style of coat), the weight is nice and light and if you can't quite stretch moneywise to the High Trails in XCR Gore-Tex then this is the jacket for you.

  Reviewed by Daniel Meggitt (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: Very good jacket combined it with zip in line fleece makes excellent winter jacket and simply remove fleece and great for spring weather even when zipped up keeps u cool. Very good wet weather protection and good strong hood that doesnt flap about in the wind. Highly recommend for british weather.

  Reviewed by Paul Elston (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: The Berghaus storm is an excellent shell jacket, very breathable and water proof.

Pros: Nice hood and venting pockets.Very good performance allround

Cons: Front pockets could be bigger though,

  Reviewed by david cook (UK) on 2005-09-29:
General comments: Had 24 days in the Yukon and it rained on 16 of them....I was as dry as a bone!!.....sat on it, slepted on it, canoed and backpacked in it.

Pros: Worked great all the time!! I would highly recommend the Berghaus Storm jacket.

Cons: 2 areas for improvement. The lining around the cuff area could do with being cut off earlier. It sometimes creeps out of the sleeve and can get wet. Also, the storm flaps that cover your face could do with some form of tie back when ot in use, or they can flap about in the wind.

  Reviewed by Richard Drew (Kent UK) on 2006-01-16:
General comments: The Berghaus Storm is a fairly traditionally designed jacket, with a length more suited to walking than scrambling or climbing. I bought mine principally for birdwatching (it's available in a nice neutral dark green) but it is ideal for serious walking, and like the similarly styled Cornice doesn't look too out of place for commuting. Like most of Berghaus's walking jackets it is interactive i.e. you can zip in one of their fleeces using the double zip and collar and sleeve attachment points. There are some who claim that this creates a cold spot down the front of the jacket but with the extra material the doubled storm flap provides I think the problem is over-stated. Do note that older Berghaus fleeces use a longer zip and therefore don't fit well - personally I'd recommend their current Spectrum Microfleece over anything heavier. The face fabric is tougher than many Gore-Tex jackets, and rustles a lot less than the dearer XCR jackets making it a good choice for wildlife enthusiasts. The bodies mesh lining seems strong enough and doesn't get in the way, but the sleeve lining is slightly too loose, causing it to occasionally work out of the sleeves (particularly when a fleece is attached) and get wet. Unlike the cheaper Cornice, the jacket mainly uses Velcro closures over poppers which are stronger and easier to use. The wired fold away hood gives excellent protection, but doesn't turn with the head. Lower pockets are a little small to be useful and awkwardly placed as hand-warmers, but don't get blocked by pack waist belts too badly. The chest pockets are generous (great for maps or field guides) and help vent the jacket when not in use. It's Gore-Tex so yes it's totally waterproof and reasonably breathable, but as with most Gore-Tex jackets does get a bit sweaty in warm humid conditions. It's great on cold days but can get overwhelmed in typical autumn weather.

Pros: A truly waterproof, hardwearing walking jacket.

Cons: Only minor design flaws, principally over long sleeve liners.

  Reviewed by Ben (NE England) on 2006-02-11:
General comments: This Berghaus Storm jacket, unlike some, does a good job of keeping you dry. It has a reasonable wired hood and the cut is fine for any activities. The inner is about 2 inches too long on the sleeves but other than that it has no major annoyances. It has a therma-link system allowing you to zip a fleece inside, this is a little unnecessary and just adds weight. The pockets are a good size and take a map or map case with no major problems. The lower pockets are a little fiddlely to use and they're lining a little annoying. The zips on both the jacket and the pockets though expected quality have very small pullers on them making them hard to use with gloves on. The wrist Velcro and hood Velcro is well positioned and usable. As with all breathable waterproof jackets you get adequately sweaty but it keeps the water out well and has no irritating drips points on it. The Berghaus Storm is quite heavy and does not go very small but is no worse than other jackets. Perhaps not the best waterproof made, but does its job marvellously and is pleasant to wear when the weather is unpleasant. It is reasonable value and should last a while.

Pros: Keeps you dry

Cons: Weight and sleeves.

  Reviewed by John (Liverpool) on 2006-04-25:
General comments: My brother bought the Berghaus Storm jacket in a sale about two years ago. The coat works as an excellent hiking and winter walking coat. I have borrowed this coat from him on several occasions. This coat has some hidden talents. Although designed for year round walking and mountain use which it excels at my brother and I have used this coat for some tough mountaineering uses. The coat has been exposed to rough gritstone, very high wind, it has frozen in a tent over night and it still works and looks as if it were new. The point Iím making is that this coat is very durable and hardwearing. The coat is showing almost no signs of wear at all. The effects of this however is that the coat does not pack down well, only a minor issue I know. I also found the coat to be a little too warm for summer use, but this makes it very useful in winter. Overall I canít really fault this coat. If you are just getting into winter mountaineering and alpine climbing this coat is ideal and will last a long time.

Pros: Very durable, one of the best hoods of any coat I have ever used. Gives you a feeling of security in very bad weather. Gives good freedom of movement.

Cons: Not a great pack size and quite heavy.


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