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   Vango Diablo 900 Tent

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The Diablo 900 is a spacious 9-man tent with 3 sleeping areas capable of housing up to 3 people each. The Diablo also features a huge porch and sewn in groundsheet.

Vango Diablo 900 Tent

Official Vango Diablo 900 Tent specification from Vango

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Vango Diablo 900 TentVango Diablo 900 TentVango 900

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   Vango Diablo 900 Tent Reviews

  Reviewed by Ben Johnson (Bath) on 2006-01-02:
General comments: With the Diablo 900 Vango have produced the mother of all Family tents. You'll see many cheaper copies of the Diablo 900; none of them come close to the original. Although inner up first approach can put some people it is much easier to erect and create a much stronger structure, which is incredibly important with tents of this size. This design also means the inner living area as well as the bedrooms are completely enclosed, great for keeping out the weather and keeping in small children! Once you know your way around the tent there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get it up in under half an hour, not bad for a tent that's eight metres wide. Feature wise Vango have thought of everything. The are windows all over the place keeping feeling light and airy, and a door in the back bedroom can be opened if then tent becomes a bit to stuffy. There's even a designated entry point for your electric hook up, essential for all your camping gadgets. Although this doesn't weigh in as much as a frame tent the Diablo 900 is still heavy and Vango have conveniently split the fabric and pole into separate bags, to stop those backbreaking lifts from the boot.

Pros: Loads of space, well thought out features.

Cons: The Diablo 900 was difficult to get hold of after an huge shipment sank on it's way over from the far east, should be sorted for this summer though. Check with the campsite your visiting first to make sure they're not going to charge you for two pitches.
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Kurt Elliot responded : Couldn't agree more, the Diablo 900 is the best family tent I've seen and used - I wont use another. Withstood 80 mph gusts while camping in Kinlochleven (2005). So bad we had to book into a caravan for the night as the kids were terrified but when we woke up the tent was one of very few still standing and virtually unscathed. Super quaility, super strength, super size... (2006-04-01)

  Reviewed by Jim Sabiston (Cardiff) on 2006-04-09:
General comments: I have owned this family tent some sometime before it recently became accidently ripped and was replaced with a wild country homestead. At first I was a bit concerned as to how difficult setup would be. I am "technically challenged" to begin with, and I have had a very hard time setting up large family-style tents in the past. Imagine my terror when we realized that the instructions had not been included with our tent! Quite honestly, I was amazed with the setup of this tent. It definitely requires two people to set it up, but for the two of us, it was a breeze - from opening the tent to having it fully set up took us less than 15 minutes. This tent met all of my criteria for choosing a family car camping tent, and then some. It stayed comfortable and put up with as much abuse as we could give it. This tent has proven to be the perfect match for my family until its recent replacement, and has been extremely durable. At a glance, this tent looks like it has only been used once or twice (apart from the self inflicted rip) because it has held up so well - in reality it's seen a great deal of use and would have had plenty life left in it. I have had no problems with zippers or with the material/seams fraying etc, and I have no reason to expect that it would have done as it got older. I was very pleased with the quality and durability that this tent has provided to my world of family camping.

Pros: Huge, multi room

Cons: I ripped it with fence pole
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Andy responded : What's better the Homestead 10 or the Diablo? (2008-06-27)

  Reviewed by jane (Lancashire) on 2009-07-13:
General comments: I bought this tent 4 years ago and have found it to be a great tent. Its Huge Have to admit to only having the three of us in it the majority of the time its absolute luxury far enough apart as not to hear the snoring! ! we were forced to admit defeat last year when attempting to put it up the heavens opened and it was far too windy to get the fly sheet on in time. But as soon as tempers dried out with the tent the mission was completed in no time. Last years great summer weather in cornwall was the absolute challange each morning i was finding other tents on the site with snapped poles and in some cases abandoned tents and so gratefull that i had been advised to buy the Diablo. Have been looking at updating and checking out other ranges but still feel be hard pressed to but as good for the money

Pros: Huge and worth the time required to put up. Think the velcro on the new model is a good move as the ties on mine did break with the extreem summer weather

Cons: Not really a fault on the tent rather thecamp site owners. Can be difficult to find the sites that accept the larger tents.

  Reviewed by mark (kent) on 2010-08-21:
General comments: Diablo 900 was the fisrt tent we had its 6 years old now and apart from having to re water proof it this year its great. lots of space and dont think its to hard to put up. its been put down 3 times wet and its still ok

Pros: space and light wieght for tis size

Cons: although the bedrooms are big the roof of the tend to gap in so its difficult to use all the space.

  Reviewed by Judith (South Africa) on 2013-12-11:
General comments: I'm looking for a store to buy the inners of the Vango Diablo 900 Tent please


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