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   Salomon Pro Trek 6

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An extremely hard wearing 3.5 season walking boot - suitable for most UK winter days (the Pro Trek 6 will take a flexible crampon at a push). The rubber 'toe cap' runs all the way round the base of the boot providing great strength in a typically weak area. I found this also reduced the chances of wet feet - my 18 month Pro Treks can still be subjected to a good 4 inches of water without leaking. Another useful feature is the locking lacing - you can lace up the bottom part of the boot then lock the system thus letting you continue lacing without the bottom section becoming loose. The grip of the boot is pretty good and appears to improve when the soles wear down a little. I would consider purchasing another pair as my next pair of boots - they are perfect for use all year round in the UK.
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Salomon Pro Trek 6

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My beaten up Pro Treks (and crampon savaged waterproofs)

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   Salomon Pro Trek 6 Reviews

  Reviewed by Sam Walker (Leeds or Birmingham) on 2005-12-28:
General comments: Bought these Pro Trek 6 boots as my first pair of proper hiking boots about 3 years ago now. Liked them as they're pretty light and seemed instantly comfortable. They were fine until I took them anywhere rocky. The sole is very very thin and this is something that you would notice if you're likely to be in Snowdonia or Scotland rather than the Yorkshire Dales. Seemed strangely stiff too, quite strange for lightweight boots and combined with this thin sole I didn't find them to be the most comfortable boots in the world. Also, slight complaints re build quality, snapped laces first time I used them and the top eye-hook chipped off after a bit of Welsh scrambling, They wore out withing about 50 days out, not all that impressed after spending about £90 on them

Pros: Lightweight. Fine for easy paths and trails. Gore-tex liner is ok for moorland walking.

Cons: Poor build quality. Sole isn't very thick, can feel stones and stuff through the sole. Gore-Tex liner can be sweaty.

  Reviewed by John (Glasgow) on 2005-12-30:
General comments: Sam, totally disagree re: durability. Have used mine extensively over the past 2 years. The only signs of wear are that the soles have worn down a little (expected as the rubber is soft and grippy) and that the rubber rand has come away from the upper slightly (for about 1 cm) on the instep of the right boot. This last problem is more asthetic, the boots still maintain their high level of waterproofing.

  Reviewed by Mat J (Staffs) on 2006-01-10:
General comments: Probably an almost perfect boot for the majority of UK conditions all year round. These boots fitted me just right from when I first put them on. I'd have to agree with the review above, in that you can feel a lot through the soles, this suits me fine as it means they climb quite well. The soft sole hasn't been a problem on paths, with the blue layer providing cushioning. The rubber toe cap that wraps all the way round the Pro Trek 6's seems to do its job well. It keeps the water out and after two years of fairly hard use it's not showing much sign of wearing out anytime soon. Although they stay very dry, if you do get them wet inside these boots seem to take ages and ages to dry out. The locking laces are handy so that you can lace the foot and the ankle independently, tight around one and looser around the other if you want. Salomon's round laces seem to like to untie themselves so you might want to replace them. All in all a good boot, especially at they are getting cheaper now.

Pros: Build quality. Rubber toe cap wears well and keeps the boot dry.

Cons: Snow tends to build up on the soles. Sole wears quite quickly.

  Reviewed by Mick Wood (Chesterfield) on 2006-01-24:
General comments: Bought these boots for the simple reason that I got them really cheap as part of a deal. As such I had no pre-conceptions about what to expect. The main feature that attracted me was the rubber rand around the front of the boot which has proved ideal for scrambling about on rocks and even performed well on low grade rock climbs. Another feature of these boots is the neoprene tongue, which to my mind only gives the advantage of extra insulation? The lace up system works very well allowing you to lace the lower section of the boot as tight as is required whilst tightening up the top, ankle section to a different tension. I usually loosen the bottom section whilst having at ighter, more supportive top section. The sole itself works fairly well on wet rocks and the such and whilst using my boots have not been let down by them. They have been tried and tested in conditions ranging from hot and dusty Honduran treks right through to Welsh wetness! Salomons fit is a little different so my best advice would be to try them on at your local shop first if you plan of buying them via the internet.

Pros: Good rand and sole for scrambling

Cons: Neoprene tongure, pointless really!

  Reviewed by John (Nantwich) on 2006-04-15:
General comments: I have used these boots fairly regularly, particularly over the summer season and never had a problem with durability. The boots have remained fully water proof and they are extremely scuff resistant. However I agree with the previous comments regarding the sole. Grip is good, but stones can be felt through them. Walks in Snowdonia and many of the munros become quite uncomfortable over a period of time. They are a good boot and I do like them, despite that fact I bought the wrong size. A variety of different insoles and volume reducers has almost sorted this and I find them comfortable now. This may just be down to my having the wrong size but I have found the heel cup to be quite bad at causing blisters. When trying on the correct size I have still found heel lift to be an issue. I think this is more to do with my feet than Salomonís design though, I have never found a good fitting pair of boots. These are as good as any I have tried, but ensure they fit correctly before buying. If scrambling and rocky paths are what you plan to do then look around for a boot with a thicker sole, not essential, but more comfortable.

Pros: Well built, highly durable. Mine still look almost new, very good lacing system.

Cons: Sole is too thin for my liking, prone to heel lift.

  Reviewed by Alan (Malvern) on 2006-09-02:
General comments: I have owned a pair of these boots for about two years now and generally have been very pleased with them. As mentioned in other reviews Salomon have a specific foot shape in mind when they make their footwear, and although I have owned a number of pairs of Salomons in the past, these Salomon Pro Trek 6's caught me out a little. I found it took a lot longer than normal to wear these boots in and they still tend to be quite aggressive around the tops of my ankles. Mine have now lost their waterproofness and require a fair bit of priming before very wet walks, but are in pretty good nick considering the use they have had. Due to the narrow fit it is difficult to wear two pairs of thick socks which sort of restricts the boot to warmer weather and increases the chance of blisters if you are prone to them. Personally I like the addition of the rubber rand as it has taken a considerable beating on my boots and has doubtless saved me having to fork out for a new pair of boots awhile back.

Pros: Affordable, high quality mountain boots, that will go most places that you want to take them.

Cons: Can be awkward to fit gaiters to and tend to be less waterproof than some boots where the tongue joins the toe of the boot.

  Reviewed by Simon McDougall (Glasgow) on 2007-03-29:
General comments: I've only had four pairs of hillwalking boots in the seven years I've been walking and these one's have been the best by far. Comfortable, lightweight, breathable and obviously waterproof. They have taken a pounding, as all boots will but have stood the test of time. I've noticed that with gore-tex boots they don't last as loong as the older leather boots but these will last two years or longerif you look after them. Sole give you plenty of cushion without being hugely thick and the fit is well thought out and comfortable for a long day/weekend. I got my boots for £90.00 which is pretty average for gore-tex boots.

Pros: Weight. Fit. Average price. Good breathability. Comfortable sole.

Cons: May not last as long as leather boots but thats nothing different to other gore-tex boots.

  Reviewed by chrelen (Warwickshire) on 2009-11-14:
General comments: Great boots for most conditions below the snowline. I've worn Salomon for years as I have very narrow feet and they fit well. My previous pair were better made but these are still robust. They can be worn straight from the box and are waterproof if proofed occasionally. I've used them across peat bogs, streams and high mountains and they've been found. They are too warm in summer due to the goretex liner but thats true of all goretex liners. I've also used them with basic crampons and they've been ok. They have a high rand so they dont get ruined by being bashed on rocks and the lace locking mechanism is brilliant.

Pros: Waterproof, light and tough

Cons: Warm due to the goretex liner


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