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   Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST

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Expeditions adventure and youth groups have used these tents for over 30 years. They are unmatched for all year round performance and are tough easy to erect and perform exceptionally in all kinds of weather. ST are standard in all cotton CN models have nylon flysheets. Features include: PVC groundsheet with peg lugs helps prevent punctures is hardwearing and waterproof. The frame design is strong simple and virtually unbreakable Pitches either flysheet or inner first: keeps kids gear and inner dry whilst pitching A cotton inner is highly breathable and has no condensation build up Cotton flysheet on ST Models is breathable and reproofable Nylon flysheet on CN models provides complete waterproof protection Large bell-end and porch provides excellent storage.

Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST

Official Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST specification from Vango

   Vango Force Ten Mk5 ST Reviews

  Reviewed by Mike Taylor (Cheshire) on 2008-01-14:
General comments: The vango MK5 tent is a classic, but in my opinion, it is either something you love or hate. The tent is incredibly stable, but that is only because it is so heavy! It is also very expensive, for what you get, which is a simple triangular design. However, this tent is a pure classic, used on hundreds of everest expeditions, it is a shame it is no longer so popular. In a way, you want to have this tent just so you can say you had one before they become 'extinct'. Sadly though, i have to admit I didn't actually buy it. I was given the tent by a friend who was moving away and no longer needed it. To be honest, I wouldn't buy it just because you can get a lot more for your money!

Pros: classic, bombproof, no-frills design

Cons: HEAVY, expensive
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Geoffrey bailey responded : It's not the weight that makes its stable but the triangular space frame. The forces are transmitted in axial tension/compression rather than bending. A lot of the dome type tents can be more spacious but are a lot more unstable in high winds. (2009-06-08)

  Reviewed by Rob Lavinton (somerset) on 2009-01-18:
General comments: The comments about the force ten being heavy and expensive are true but this is offset at the moment by the offer on at sports warehouse. 269 delivered. Beat that! This tent has stood up in a freak hurricane that occurred in the Swansea area in winter 89/90, Dont be fooled by all the fancy looking designs that are out there. These only work when you go for the quality options and are expensive to repair, if you can get the parts that is!! For mountain use i have a north face westwind. for wild camping I use a North face starburst. For bomb proof camping on a camp site in hurricane force wind for this price it has to be the Force ten mk5 std. Easy to put up, easy to repair, quiet and comfortable in the worst possible weather.

Pros: Comfort to die for. Easy set up. Bargain at sports warehouse price.

Cons: Heavy, not for hiking (unless you are hard as nails). Usually expensive.

  Reviewed by shaun (sheffield) on 2009-05-12:
General comments: this tent still holds its price because it is a qualty classic. I have one of thesse tents and use it all the time in the UK. I used it recently in the worst storm I have ever been out in and it was a pleasure to be in my bag in the comfort of the MK5. The force 10 MK5 is very heavy and not something you want to ack pack with but don't let this put you off. It is very easy to erect and has plenty of space inside and in the porch and the extension i bought has enough room to cook in and hold all my equipment. I was maing some hot food and hot coffee in the proch in a gale force wind and felt at total ease. I had a good nights sleep because the tent was solid unlike the mess around me with the other tents onsite when i woke up. Finally, it was a joy to have lots of campers coming over and admiring an old classic. I will keep my MK5 for ever and will enjoy it for many years.

Pros: solid, comfortable, spacious, easy to erect. excellent value for money (best tent on the market for the price)

Cons: heavy

  Reviewed by maurice (manchester) on 2009-09-13:
General comments: I've had a force 10 mk5 for 15 years. They are greater stable tent for use all year round and don't suffer the problems you get with modern tent. Firstly they are quiet tents in the wind. None of that sound of flapping nylon stopping a good night sleep. Secondly they don't siffer from condensation. Thirdly, a decent ground sheet that keeps out water, no need for a footprint outlay. For the majority of camping, weekend base car camping where weight isn't an issue they are terrific.

  Reviewed by roland (cornwall) on 2010-06-21:
General comments: After getting wet several times in cheap tents , I decided to buy this classic . money well spent .after a storm on a local camp site it was one of the only ones left intact .the rain was horrendous and not one leak . it is heavy but one great tent ,yet to try it out in winter... i have confidence after all they have been used in the harshest elements.

Pros: classic design ,orange can't lose it .

Cons: heavy.

  Reviewed by John Holt (UK) on 2010-08-12:
General comments: Hi, I,ve used/endured/loved/hated the Vango for 30 years! Both in the Army and out. I still use the tent when conditions are "uncertain" as I am confident it will take anything. I also use a Banshee by the same company? Honestly, for total dependability I can,t fault it.

Pros: Rock solid,still there after the worst of conditions and dry!!

Cons: Not a fold and forget tent. Requires post trauma treatment but will reward you with loyality and becomes a total friend. Buy one! there's no going back!

  Reviewed by Pete Sword (UK) on 2014-07-19:
General comments: Love my Mk 5 so much I have 2 of them! As a Scout Leader I found the extension section a real boon when running a Fortnights camp, took it to an amazingly spacious tent. Sadly extension got lost off the back of a lorry returning from camp, and I cannot get Blacks to make me another! So now for major camps I have to take a frame tent! (Scouters take an awful lot of extra kit to camp).

Pros: Robust, hardwearing, maybe old style but still does the job.

Cons: Can't get the extensions anymore......or I would still be buying these tents So if anyone at Blacks reads this....GET OUT THE PATTERN AND START MAKING THE EXTENSIONS...even if its only to order.


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