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   Leatherman Charge

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This strong, versatile tool features titanium handles, all-locking blades and the toughest pliers Leatherman has ever designed. Needlenose and regular pliers. Wire & hard-wire cutters. Clip-point knife. Serrated knife. Saw & scissors. Wood/metal/ diamond-coated files. Large & small bit drivers. Large screwdriver. 8 Double-end bits. Ruler (8inch/19cm). Bottle/can opener. Wire stripper. Fixed and quick release lanyard ring. Removable pocket clip. Length 10cm (closed). Weight 238g. This page also refers to the Leatherman Charge AL.
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Leatherman Charge

   Leatherman Charge Reviews

  Reviewed by Daniel Gender-Sherry (Reading, England) on 2006-01-09:
General comments: I used to own a Victorinox penknife, but since I've had this leatherman I've found it so much more useful, The knife of the Leatherman Charge is quite possibly the sharpest blade I have ever come across, and the pliers have a greater strength - head and shoulders above the original wave model. Being made of titanium, the Charge is lighter than the Wave and also more durable making it excellent for use outdoors. The scissors on the charge are some of the toughest around, they are able to cut through seatbelts and ropes which make them very handy in an emergency. They come complete with inter-changerable screwdriver bits aswell as a sturdy leather case which i to be honest i usually leave at home on walks because I prefer to save weight.

Pros: Incredible knife sharpness and strength, The lightness of the titanium enharnces the already brilliant list of features of the charge, The abilty to lock each of the tool is place reasures you when using such sharp knifes and saws.

Cons: Some of the tools are tricky to get out if you are wearing gloves and the case is heavy so I dont ever take it with me.

  Reviewed by C.Walker (York) on 2006-03-01:
General comments: This was a present for my husband on his 35th birthday but it now under ownership of us both. Being a total gadget fiend I though that this multitool would outshine and perform the aging Gerber he has had for ages. First and foremost comes the magic word Titanium, the handles of the leatherman being made of the fabled material make the charge much lighter than many others particularly our Gerber. They are sculptured so cutting wire does not cause any undue pain on the hands. The pliers have been beefed up from earlier models and now can handle cutting almost anything. The tool list is very impressive with an assortment of twenty usable tools. It also comes with a selection of different bits but we very rarely use these. All the blade on the leatherman are locking which is very reassuring, the blades are also made out of 153cm steel and although I havenít a clue what it means, it does sound impressive. The coolest thing about this tool is that when I bought it it came in a nice box with all the extras laid out, this made it very easy to wrap for giving as a present

Pros: has everything you could ever want in a multitool, its made of titanium and has very sharp baldes, all locking

Cons: the price acan put some people off but i have seen them very cheap on line.

  Reviewed by John Swarbrick (New Zealand) on 2008-02-22:
General comments: I have the Charge TI model. It being my 4th leatherman product and pretty much leathermans flagship model and the 4th one Iv'e broken or had a manufacturing fault come to light on.. On my Charge the Stainless steel frame has cracked. Basically where the frame is bent in production a corner is formed and this provides what I believe is known in enginerring as a stress riser. from here the frame has cracked end result being the pliers are rendered not inoperative but a pain in the butt to use. The main blade is sharp I haven't used the serrated sheepsfoot blade buch at all as it looks like it would be difficult to sharpen. The reversible bit holder is great for the large screwdriver and the flat bladed bit fits the adjustment screw on a Charlet Moser Super 12 crampon well. The smaller micro screwdriver bit is pretty useless is such a tight fit in my tool that you need a pair of pliers to pull it out to swap it round from the phillips head to the flat blade. I like the removeable lanyard clip this is a good idea. The pocket clip my tool came with is Ok but bent out of shape when I carried my tool in my pocket still I had some pliers handy to fix it up. The can opener is great. as is the diamond file great for a manicure..

Pros: Let me think......

Cons: The tool is heavy with the TI scales being a bit of a gimmick really.... That the top of the range tool has broken is a bit confounding.....


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