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   Petzl Stop Decender

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A cavers' Descender with an automatic self-locking brake. If the lever is released for any reason the Descender will lock up and stop the descent. The rope can be taken up without unclipping from the main karabiner to reduce the chance of dropping the device and increase speed on multiple descents. Although bulkier and heavier than the climbers' Descender the Stop is more suitable for longer abseils and dirty ropes. Designed to avoid putting kinks in the rope. Weight: 326 gms. Designed for single 9 - 12 mm ropes.

Petzl Stop Decender

   Petzl Stop Decender Reviews

  Reviewed by Mick Wood (Chesterfield) on 2006-01-23:
General comments: Well, what can I say about the petzl stop? It's the classic piece of kit in every cavers kit bag due to it's ease of use. It performs well with ropes from 9-11mm and works equally well when clean or dirty...well....dirty as caving ropes generally are! The ability to connect to the rope without removing the krab is invaluable as it saves you the embarresment of hearing the tinkle of iron work below you when you fumble and drop it! The only down side to this piece of kit is the braking lever, this can be dangerous to the novise or those not familiar with its use. In a panic situation if the lever is grabbed and depressed then the rope is free to run through the stop - not really an issue once you are familiar with its use though.

Pros: can avay the fristion needed by utilising different threading configurations. Can clip on/off rope without undoing the attacing Krab

Cons: The fact the depressed handle releases the friction can be potentially problematic for novices

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-23:
General comments: Bizarrely I have never used this item in the great outdoor climbing arena or the dark sub-terra world of caving, yet can review this item……How? Well, I used a borrowed Petzl Stop for extensive building repair work on my 3 storey house after a recommendation from a friend. Utilising my climbing skills saved me a great deal of money on scaffolding and allowed me to hack off huge areas of render, replace it, then paint the outer surface….all because I had a Petzl Stop. Well, this is not quite true there was a lot of other gear as well, and a lot of times I wished I had scaffolding, but it was more fun! The Petzl Stop is great for really accurate descending, or prolonged descents where a normal figure of 8 would just be too uncontrollable or get too hot. You can put the rope in while it is safely clipped and then the red control handle allows you to control the rate of descent and unsurprisingly to STOP very accurately. I did once give myself a fright when I lent forward and this squeezed the red handle on my device. I whizzed down about a metre but as soon as the pressure on the handle released it braked to a halt immediately. I went down for new pants and got back to work. Great kit suitable for big wallers, cavers and tall building repairers who are cheapskates!!!!

Pros: great for stopping!!!!! And descending under control

Cons: It is not foolproof...I proved this
This review has 2 comment(s):

mark forrow responded : Rich, sounds like an interesting way to repair your house, Ibet it got the neighbours talking! Surely though, using the red handle to control speed of decent is not recomended. This is intended to be an On/Off device, speed should be controled using a breaking karabiner! (2008-11-11)

Somebody responded : Hi all. Just a quick note. The red handle is for controlling your descent and an extra crab is utilised for more friction in case of rescue or wet sloppy ropes. Iwould like to add that read the manafactures instructions instead of speculating. Death can occour with misuse  (2009-09-04)

  Reviewed by Rckape (Derbys) on 2007-01-19:
General comments: As previously stated the Stop is not a belay device. It is a descender. I have owned one of these for over a year and have used it in all weathers on clean and dirty ropes and it performs well every time. I use it most when carrying out a personal abseil with mountain rescue, but have also used it when i occasionally venture underground. I have had the device start to slip a bit (not in a serious way though) when i'm abseiling with the weight of 80M+ of rope below.

Pros: All in one device, you don't need to take off the krab when attaching your self/changing ropes.

Cons: Expensive for an occasional use item.


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