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   Terra Nova Quasar

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The definitive two-person mountain tent. Its exceptionally strong design has withstood the test of both Himalayan storms and Arctic gales. Robust geodesic 4-pole structure Sleeps two comfortably. Colour coded pole sleeves for easy pitching. Internal mesh pockets for storage Inner can be pitched alone in warmer climates. Two entrances with large door vents. Two roomy vestibules perfect for storage/sheltered cooking
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Terra Nova Quasar

   Terra Nova Quasar Reviews

  Reviewed by Simon harry (Inverness) on 2006-02-02:
General comments: thye BEST 2 man tent you can buy....period (as they say in the states!). even though i have no upgraded to a hyperspace (wife needs more room), the quasar served me for many trouble free years in, scoyland, spain and the the jargon in the terra Nova catalogue...'The best tents in the world', and more importantly 'made in the U.K.'

Pros: everything, easy to pitch, bombproof construction, never leaked (i never proofed it either), fairly light between 2 people, and if you have to pitch it in the campsite under tryfan, you can sit in glee as others wished they had one also.

Cons: nothing...worth every penny
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lee responded : very true about pitching under tryfan :) bosting tent well made and good in high winds looks good too boot :) (2010-07-23)

  Reviewed by Simon Hastings (Perth) on 2006-02-23:
General comments: I have owned my trusty quasar for approximately eleven years and in that time it has seen some major conditions, been treated unfairly and still looks after me impeccably. A testament to the overall design of this tent is that over the years the design has not changed much with only slight tweaks to the fabric and the addition of lighter poles. I looked good and hard for what I felt needed to be a tent for all conditions and all environments and the Quasar came out on top. There are lighter tents out there, they have more things attached to them, they maybe a nicer colour and the may cost slightly less but when you are stuck in the west coast in a blizzard, there is only one tent you want to be in - this is it. The watershed fabric does its job superbly, it is quite thick and just feels like it can cope with whatever mother nature throws at it. Putting the tent up is simple, four poles make the geodesic design which is tensioned when erected (tried so hard not to use this word!), the inner has a certain amount of DWR applied but don't be fooled into thinking this will keep out anything more than mist. Two guy points at either end of the tent secure it to the floor then six others complete the package. Internally the length is good (217cm) so you six footers out there will fit in no problem. There is just enough width for 2 thermarests and some clothes and the two porch area will take boots and rucksack. I have used this backpacking (between two) and out of the car and it does it all. This IS the best tent in the world!

Pros: Everything.

Cons: Nothing.
This review has 1 comment(s):

MATT DAVIDSON responded : Can you let me know the pole measurements for the old style quasar. Mine have gone missing in transit and am looking for replacements ! Any guidance appreciated (2011-01-24)

  Reviewed by Alex C (Cambridge) on 2006-03-08:
General comments: I lived in a Quasar for 5 weeks this summer, chiefly on glaciers in Greenland. It stood up to days of heavy snow where it was being almost totally buried on a daily basis, and strong katabatic winds where it bent under the strain (it's designed to do this) but was always fine. It's reasonably roomy - as I said I lived in one for some time. The porch is a little cramped, but it packs down well and is reasonably quick and easy to set up. Ideal for high mountain use, but the high price and lack of porch space (makes cooking difficult and a little scary during very heavy weather) mean that it isn't ideal for valley use.

Pros: High quality, very robust, lightweight.

Cons: Lack of porch space.

  Reviewed by Mike (Leeds) on 2006-04-11:
General comments: My best mate has this tent and we have used it loads in both the UK and Alps. Has stood up to all conditions....apart from my mate stupidly betting he could jump over it and actually landing slap bang in the middle of it....however despite this the only damage was a slightly bent pole! Truly indestructible. Easy to pitch.....only problem is if it is truly pissing it down, there is no escaping that you have to pitch the inner first. I have been so impressed by this tent I have decided to take the plunge and buy one myself.

Pros: Excellent tent, Nice understated olive flysheet means you dont look like a poser on the odd times you use the tent on a normal campsite....which is more than can be said for bright yellow tnf/mhw

Cons: If you are needing a tent for backpacking and can compromise a little on strength, there are lighter tents available.

  Reviewed by Rich L (Aberdeen) on 2006-04-18:
General comments: I have owned a quasar since 1998, and it has been used for everything from high alpine camping on glaciers to car camping with the kids. It has been superb and never leaked or failed me yet. My extreme test was on a Mountain Leader assessment in the Lakes in 2000 that coincided with a forecast for 100mph winds. I cannot confirm this speed but camped high on the ridge near Great Gable the tent was pushed over so that the roof touched our heads inside…..but……it sprung back. Our supervisors Terra Nova Voyager collapsed and we lost 6 tent pegs ripped from the ground. We secured the tent with LARGE rocks. I have used several tents and don’t know of many that would have withstood such conditions. Criticisms: It can feel a bit heavy compared to some more recent tents, but the newer quasars have been put on a diet! Also the seam seals on the fly are now coming away, this has been easily fixed with Seamseal glue. I have had no failure yet of the materials and I have not bent a peg despite some ice hammers pounding them into frozen turf etc… I* thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs utter dependability.

Pros: the best a man can get.........

Cons: the seam sealing is failing

  Reviewed by silentfox (London) on 2006-05-15:
General comments: Well only just got this today, everything looks good so far put it up in my living room of all places! Anyway I am sure all the good stuff about this tent is true, however one very disappointing thing is that it is NOT made in the UK, I found references to Made in Vietnam and China all over the tent, there is no made in UK anywhere on the tent, which begs the question why did I buy such an expensive tent if it's made in Vietnam! Anyway I hope all the goods things are true, will do a field test and post again, just wanted everyone to know it's not made in the UK.

Pros: Hopefully everybody else's

Cons: Made in Vietnam and China !!
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Buachaille responded : Yup. "Designed" in the UK but unfortunately not made here... (2006-05-15)

Little B responded : When I worked for them, it was made in UK, and I'm pretty sure they still are. Wild Country tents are made in Far east (2009-02-08)

Rob responded : ... the tags inside say 'made in Vietnam'. I don't see how the tent could be any better if it were made in the UK. (2009-03-30)

mr pinder responded : The old terra nova tents use to be made in the uk, now its just the top end models. (2010-12-12)

  Reviewed by Ian Johnston (Aberdeenshire) on 2006-11-07:
General comments: Simply the best tent on the market. I've owned a Quasar for 10 years; it's been out in some horrendous weather which it just shrugs off. There's plenty of space for two plus kit and the headroom is good too. Design and build quality are second to none (mine was made in UK before production was shifted). While foul weather performance is awesome, fair weather performance is just as important - the Quasar is an excellent all-rounder. Porch space is adequate, and you can roll back either side of the porches; also a useful trick is to unhook the inner from the pole bases and drag it toward you to make more cooking space. Easy to pitch (latest model has colour coding of poles too), the whole thing just feels right. Not as light as some, though there's a lighter version, it's easily carried between 2 people. If you want one tent to do anything, which will last and last, this is the one.

Pros: Design, build quality, strength, practicality customer service from Terra Nova, my 10 year old has NEVER let me down. The best around

Cons: Absolutely nothing

  Reviewed by Simon McDougall (Glasgow) on 2007-03-28:
General comments: I was never one for spending a loads of money on gear until I seriously got into hillwlking/mountainering. With kit you get what you pay for and with this tent you get alot!!! it has it all and justifies its price tag when the "S*@t hits the fan", weather wise. I've twice been out in abismal weather and can honestly say this tent saved my life! Half way up amountain in a howling gail you need to have confidence in your equipment and I now have confidence in my quasar!

Pros: bomb proof, if anothetr war starts here i'm putting my tent up! easy to put up (but does take som practice). solid consruction, top class materials.

Cons: quite heavy, hey can't have it all your own way.

  Reviewed by Ian Meek (Inverness) on 2007-10-18:
General comments: The Terra Nova Quasar is a great tent, however, the earlier models may be let down by weak poles.

Pros: Excellent tent -

Cons: Let down by poles: both the original eastor alloy and the replacement poles have snapped on several occasions (even during a calm night on a flat campsite on the tent's first outing) - Terra Nova don't accept that the poles have been at fault and have charged me each time for new poles (the last time I bought reflex and dacs - the reflex snapped and the dacs have been fine. Perhaps there is a reason for Terra Nova changing poles on their current Quasar? Terra Nova customer service is poor in my biased opinion as a customer.

  Reviewed by daniel hunter (lakes) on 2008-02-09:
General comments: This is a generally well made and stable tent. It is heavy but oK shared between 2. The inner is a good cheerful bright colour when stormbound. Very waterproof base. Mine has been used on a flooded site and we just floated above it - the base acted like a waterbed. This tent has stood up to some seriously high winds but recently the shorter red pole snapped in a storm. This resulted in damage to the pole sleeve and the flysheet was ripped by the snapping pole. Game over! I was surprised by the pole snapping as it undermined the bomb-proof reputation of the tent. Customer service was efficient - repairs came to £28 plus postage and packing plus £29 for a new pole. Service was fast - 7 days.

Pros: waterproof and generally very strong. Cheery inner and good enough space for two.

Cons: Snapped pole. Spindrift comes through the zips and under the fly to fill the porches and inner too. Zip covers needed Terra Nova - talk to Hilliberg - they do this well! Flysheet first only pitching makes it a damp pain in wet weather.
This review has 4 comment(s):

ian responded : bought 2001 - one curved pole section (shorter red pole) snapped whilst summer camping in 2004 and then 2 curved pole sections snapped on the other red pole in torridon 2008 (only about zero C so not that cold). Both incidents dammaged fly. 1st time terra nove replaced the segment free 2nd time had to buy new pole. not what i expected and wouldn't recommend it on this basis as it seems to coincidental to not be a design fault (2008-07-09)

Brian responded : I agree with you.The new poles are not up to the job.Had a Quasar for 15 complaints at all ( but it used the Easton poles ). Bought another and a red pole split on the first use.Replaced FOC but with the added statement that it was ' user not taking care when erecting ' Thi s is after 15 years erecting without any problems! On the next trip, the red poles split again ( on the fifth night ). Replaced but with the comment' fault due to lack of care when assembling poles. Very disappointed....obviously not up to the job......perhaps trying to live on previous reputation....Won't buy another. (2010-07-20)

Steve Smith responded : Have to agree about the poles, one snapped on my quasar just errecting the tent, when it was quite new too. Terra Nova wouldn't accept any fault and blamed me. Are there non-Terra Nova poles that I could buy to replace the clearly faulty ones that come with the tent? (2015-07-01)

don mcleod responded : I've had the same experience. Original owner, very little use, two red pole sections snapped pitching tent on summers evening in a valley ripping the sleeve - hadn't gotten the fly on or it would have gone as well! Not what I expected from this "best tent ever......bomb proof" etc. Terra nova said it wasn't a fault with the pole, just wear and tear. The poles were as new as I'd hardly used the thing!!! They wouldn't repair it on so called lifetime warranty! Untrustworthy, unaccountable and unreliable. In my experience, their blurb is all rubbish and nonsense. These tents, like other 'UK' brand tents are living on past reputation. I'll certainly not have another bendy pole, geodesic, free standing piece of.... (2016-09-23)

  Reviewed by Gavin Johnston (Glasgow) on 2008-11-15:
General comments: I bought the Quasar as my first tent while a student in 1994. At the time I had second thoughts about spending so much of my limited budget on a tent but hey - this is 14 years later and I'm reviewing the same tent! I've had a lot of use out of the tent over the years, mostly in the Scottish mountains and in some pretty unpleasant conditions thrown at me by all four of the seasons. I've always been impressed by the tent's strength and the space that it offers. On one outing to Skye three of us shared it in tolerable comfort. On the down side it is heavier than many tents and you have to pitch it inner-first. Finally, I've recently had to sent the tent back to the factory for repairs (rodent damage whilst in storage!) and Terra Nova were incredibly helpful. My tent feels brand new again and I'm looking forward to at least another 14 years of use.

Pros: Incredibly strong design, spacious for 2 people, outstanding customer service

Cons: Not the lightest, nor the cheapest, pitches inner-first

  Reviewed by John Pallister (UK) on 2009-03-25:
General comments: I think I must have one of the original tents as I bought it in 1989 and have used it every year since, its now showing its age and I am heartbroken to have to part with it. Hard wearing indeed used in the Military and for personal use it has only suffered 1 split pole which was replaced under warranty after 14 years ! I'm now 50 and reckon if I buy another one I could be buried in it :-)

Pros: Nothing further to add, a bomb proof light weight investment

Cons: Should have gotten another 10 years I reckon :-)

  Reviewed by Harry (Edinburgh) on 2009-08-31:
General comments: I borrowed an ultra quasar in green 4 years ago for a cycle tour along the Outer Hebrides where I feared my solar 2 may get a battering from the gales. From the first night I was very impressed with this tent design. Its inner pitch first (which I prefer, because its easier to dry the fly separately in the morning before packing the tent away) and very, very strong tent when erect. Inside when lying snug in a sleeping bag the roof looks cathedral like, with plenty of space for two people, and well designed with inner pockets for valuables in good spots and tough groundsheet. On my return i bought a standard Quasar in red (4.2kg), and used it on several cycle tours and car camping trips. I love it - for the weight it cannot be beaten.

Pros: Really is the strongest 2 man tent around. Terra Nova great for supplying spares and repairs. The red colour version looks fantastic against a snowy background ;-)

Cons: Entrance a but small and easily filled by two rucksacks, or a few panniers, blocking one of the two entrances - may be worth considering buying the ETC version for extended use.

  Reviewed by Mark Slater (Holmfirth) on 2009-11-17:
General comments: I have had this ten for years on numerous all weather trips in the British Isles and Norway (summer and winter). It is storm proof, which when all hell breaks out is very comforting.

Pros: Bomb proof during the storm BUT another story taking it down or pitting it up in windy weather. If it is true that it is now made outside Europe > AND at it's price !

Cons: With solo camping it is a nightmare putting it up in windy weather > Nearly lost it (plus my life!) quite of new times in blizzards. Once you have put in the poles and before it can be fully pegged > wosh and away! As for the poles I have gone through quite a few (my inner tent sleave is now patchy with rips caused by broken poles. Lesson learnt > next tent an all in one pitching ie Hillberg

  Reviewed by Lorna McDougall (Inverness) on 2010-08-02:
General comments: I have an original Wlid Country Quasar tent (purchased in '84) and have always loved it. Sleeps two comfortably and feels like a palace for one. I take it on sea kayaking trips, fitting the poles down the end of the kayak and the tent in an Ortlieb dry bag in front of the foot pegs.

Pros: Very strong design, easy to put up and dismantle, still looks great.

Cons: Now in need of a little repair as flysheet inner coating is beginning to flake and small section of tape needing re-glued. There is also a slight sag on top above one of the porches encouraging water to gather. Am looking at replacing the flysheet with the Quasar ETC. Will this fit the Would welcome any advice!
This review has 1 comment(s):

David Monk responded : I don't think the new flysheets fit the old tents, Terra Nova specify the pole size that they fit on their website so measure yours then take a look. I've owned and abused a Wild Country Quasar since 1989 and it came with plain aluminium poles which failed about 6 years later. They were replaced (and the resultant ripped fly repaired) by Terra Nova free of charge including shipping. The replacement poles were the yellow Easton ones which have never even hinted at bending or snapping. I'm very reluctant to part with this tent but I fear that UV deterioration may be the main problem I face now. If what others say about the newest poles, and customer service, is true that's a real shame. (2010-08-28)

  Reviewed by David Pumfrey (York) on 2011-01-14:
General comments: I've owned my Quasar (Easton poles) for about 20 years, and love it. Only tent I really trust! It has been used in all conditions from sandstorms in the Australian outback to deep snow on high mountains, temperatures down to below -25, storm force winds and unbelievable rain... and has withstood the lot with ease. Once went to sleep on a site with about 30 tents on, woke up after a storm in the only tent left standing. Floor seams allow a little moisture to soak into the fabric on really wet pitches now, and flysheet has had to be re-proofed... but at this age, after this much use, that can be forgiven.

Pros: Incredibly strong; shape means you don't need to worry too much about wind shifting direction; spacious for 2

Cons: Relatively heavy

  Reviewed by David T (sheffield) on 2011-09-03:
General comments: Bought another Quasar after mine finally wore out with 15 years of use. A great sturdy tent with plenty of room. I like the 2 entrances as you can store kit in one end and use the other as an entrance. Unfortunately snapped a pole after very little use. Emailed Terra Nova customer services to discuss the problem but after a week they hadn't even opened my email and then still wouldn't replace it under warranty claiming it was my fault, even though it was in calm conditions on a campsite (not exactly a 4 seasons situation that the tent is designed for). . With this in mind I'm not sure I would get another which is a shame as I thought this was a great tent and wanted to buy British.

Pros: Strong. Double entrance gives flexibility.

Cons: Suspect strength of poles. Poor customer services.


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