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Writing techniques for SEO: the best tips and what not to do

Writing techniques for SEO: the best tips and what not to do

If knowing how to apply the best SEO writing techniques is one of the biggest questions you have…

If it’s a nightmare every time you want to produce content for your business blog…

My dear friend, if you try, try, try but you don’t know what else you can do to improve your text…

Rest assured, you are in the right place to clarify your doubts!

I have noticed that many people get stuck when it comes to producing content online because they consider it too complicated.

I myself thought that in order to produce good articles, I needed to be a great writer and have a lot of experience with texts.

But what I discovered was that using SEO copywriting techniques, anyone can write great copy without difficulty.

So I put together a simple and straightforward guide that includes 5 valuable steps that have high converting power.

  • What is a SEO text?
  • Why invest in writing techniques SEO?
  • What are the top 20 SEO writing techniques?
  • The ideal structure of a web writing
  • What you should NOT do when writing texts

I share this information with you because they changed my life and I want them to change yours as well.

By the end of this article, you will be ready to write your SEO optimized copy.

In addition, you will feel safe to beat the competition and become a benchmark in the market.

Apply the SEO writing techniques that I teach you here and you will have immediate benefits:

  • Optimize the time you use to write and produce more texts
  • Optimize texts in SEO
  • Attracts r more leads
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Become a reference
  • Earn the trust of your target audience
  • Have more credibility
  • Increase affinity in page comments
  • Earn more money

Consume this content until the end to absorb it well and consult it whenever you have doubts

What is SEO optimized text?

What is SEO optimized text?

Some years ago, people went to the famous newsstands and magazines to consume written content.

News, reports, articles, interviews, opinions … everything was printed.

Some of these kiosks still exist, but the truth is that the way people consume content has changed a lot in recent years.

Instead of going to newsstands and choosing which content interests them the most, now people just write what they want on the computer or cell phone and find countless pages on the subject.

Therefore, the competitiveness to capture the attention of readers is great.

So how do you ensure that they access your content and not the competition’s?

Well, placing your content on the first page of search mechanisms, such as Google.

How does this work?

When you type something in Google, he searches his database and presents the content that he considers best for you.

This analysis that Google does is not accidental. It relies on a series of rules to determine which site or content is most relevant.

In other words, the page that uses these rules the most is more likely to be considered important to readers.

Those rules are SEO strategies. The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, that is, optimization for search engines.

These optimization strategies serve to help make your page more relevant to search engines.

In other words, SEO strategies help improve your content so that it has a better chance of appearing on the first page of Google (or another search engine).

A text designed according to SEO, therefore, is a text that follows these strategies.

Why Invest in SEO Copywriting Techniques?  

Why Invest in SEO Copywriting Techniques?  

The reason is very simple: so that your business grows!

If potential customers can easily access your content and your brand, the greater the chances of conversion and of getting money into your account.

What guarantees easy access is to correctly use SEO writing techniques and rank your content on the first page of Google search?

Producing content based on SEO means that you want to see your business grow.

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Now that you have learned what an SEO text is and what is the importance of investing in SEO writing techniques, it is time to know what those techniques are.

I separated the 20 SEO writing techniques that I consider the most valuable and easiest to put into practice.

You don’t need to be an expert in writing to use them in your text.

What I am going to present you is simple, but essential to optimize your content.


1 – Define the topic and keyword

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Imagine that you love to read, but last year you didn’t have time to update your reading list.

One of the New Year’s promises is to read at least two books per month.

How do you know which books to choose? Searching on the internet.

You put in Google: “list of best books.” Those words that you typed are the so-called keywords of your search.

One of the first steps in getting started with your text is to fully establish your keyword.

But how to do it?

I already referred to SEO strategies.

There are SEO tools that serve to apply these strategies and help you choose the best keywords to write your texts.

Tip: keywords with a higher number of searches are interesting because it means that a lot of people are looking for that specific thing.

I go back to the example … when you looked for “list of best books” the results were very general.

From entrepreneurship to contemporary literature, from the 1930s to today.

So it is very difficult to decide which ones are going to make up your list.

So, you decide to use long-tail keywords, that is, more specific.

You change the search from “list of best books” to “list of best entrepreneurship books of 2019” and find the ones that have more to do with your interests.

Long tail keywords are very useful for anyone who wants something more specific – and thinking about that when choosing your keywords is super important.

Well, I already told you how to select keywords, whether they are more general or long-tail.

While you are writing, repeat the keyword a few times, write its variants to energize the text and avoid it sounding repetitive.

For example, whoever searches for “list of best entrepreneurship books of 2019” can also search for “books for entrepreneurs”, “books about business” …

I told you to repeat the keyword “a few times”, but how many?

There is no exact number. You must take care that your text is natural, pleasant to read and not repetitive.

2 – Analyze the doubts of the target audience through the keyword 

When do you Google something and come across a text? What do you hope to find in the course of its lines?

It’s that simple: answers to your questions.

Therefore, when writing a text for the web, keep in mind that the target audience is looking for answers to solve their problems.

You must be the one to solve them.

So you don’t need to look for solutions on another page.

Answer and point out the paths that lead to the solution.

What are you looking for? What frequent doubts revolve around the keyword you selected?

To discover, analyze the texts that are on the first page of Google and take into account related searches.

3 – Establish the objective of your text 

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Many copywriters give up on this topic. Therefore, it is essential to think:

  • Why did you decide to write the text?
  • ¿ Why is it important?
  • What results will bring you and your people that is your target audience?

It is a mistake to write only to fulfill a demand, without considering the reasons why the wording is relevant.

So, you need to be sure of your goal before starting the writing process.

4 – Make a skeleton of the text

Writing without first structuring the ideas prevents you from using your time well.

In addition to wasting precious minutes, your text runs a greater risk of being disorganized and unclear.

So, define what points you want to address before starting to develop it.

To learn more about how to do this, check out the topic the ideal structure for web writing.

5 – Divide your text into topics

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Remember how many times you stopped consuming content when you came across an infinite text.

You don’t even know where to start.

And, if for any reason you interrupt reading, it is difficult to know where you stopped.

The topics serve as a guide.

But the structure alone is not enough – these must be created analytically, according to what people are looking for in relation to the topic.

In the first of those 20 writing techniques for SEO I explained to you about keywords and related words.

My advice is: in addition to mentioning them throughout the text, use the keywords and related words in the title of the topics.

In addition to increasing your chances of appearing on the first page of Google, it is also a way to guide the reader and draw their attention to the issue that will be developed in each one.

6 – Make a good introduction

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

In the world of marketing it is very common to use the word lead to refer to a potential client who writes comments on your pages, reports their email to download an eBook, for example.

It is someone who already shows a certain interest in your company.

But lead also has another meaning: introduction or opening of the text.

As Michael Masterson and John Forde explain in their excellent book Great Leads:

The introduction, or lead, is what attracts the reader’s attention and gives them a positive impression of what will come later.

The lead is responsible for emotionally persuading your target audience.

It tells the reader what they are going to win, if they read to the end. Therefore, you must instigate from the first sentence.

If it is not a good lead, your text is prone to failure.

“The first sentence is always the most difficult.”

Antonio Lobos Attunes

7 – Use at least 2000 words per text

Google search tools interpret a text with a greater number of words as more complete and go deeper into the subject.

Texts with these characteristics are more inclined to appear on the first page.

ATTENTION: Do not fill the sheet with anything. It is better if the text is long, yes, it is true, but write what makes sense for the topic you chose.

Don’t just write to complete 2000 words! That way your text is confusing and tedious.

At the beginning, I had a lot of difficulty meeting the goal of 2000 words, so I understand that it can be a real feat for you too.

But don’t worry – it’s all a matter of practice and habit.

8 – Write using mental triggers

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Pretend that you are a teacher and you have to teach a rather complicated content to the students.

If you keep talking mechanically, as if you were reading a didactic book, you are not going to catch anyone’s attention.

It is very likely that your students fall asleep or think about what awaits them after that torture class.

Mental triggers serve to make your text more interesting and persuasive.

What I just did is precisely an example of a mental trigger – I told you a story.

According to psychologist Jerome Bruner, both telling and hearing stories makes memorization 20 times easier.

That’s why counting them is undoubtedly a powerful writing technique.

But there are many other mental triggers, such as scarcity, reciprocity, authority, proof, social proof…

When you use mental triggers appropriately, people pay attention to your message and take the actions you propose to them, such as clicking on a link or signing up for a workshop.

Getting your potential customer to take an action has a lot to do with the conversion rates I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

9 – Use external and internal links

In addition to enriching your text in terms of content, external and internal links favor the possibility that your post goes to the first search page.

  • Internal links are those that lead to other content within the same page, which in this case is yours.
  • External links lead to other pages.

Use both whenever possible, but only when appropriate, as Neil Patel, one of the most important minds in Digital Marketing, explains.

Don’t just put the links on your web page anywhere you like. Instead, take a more strategic approach. “

Neil Patel

10 – Write objectively and simply 

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Here at the company, if you go through the corridors and see the collaborators’ screen, you will notice that most of them work with several tabs open in the browser.

Which means that your reader can switch tabs at any time and put your content aside.

Therefore, opting for a simple and objective language is one of the writing techniques so that your audience does not leave your page.

How simple and objective?

If you have already read an old book or watched a movie that portrays ancient times, you must have realized that the way people wrote or spoke has nothing to do with what you read and heard in 2019.

In those cases, it can be difficult to follow the line of thought because it is not part of your routine. Virtually no one speaks so formally these days.

The elaborate language does not help at all to the understanding of your text.

Write as if you are explaining to a friend that you don’t know much about a certain subject.

And about objectivity … imagine you get a call from your grandmother.

She says she has incredible news to give you. When he starts telling you about it, he “opens parentheses” all the time and doesn’t get right to the point.

After 20 minutes of the talk, you no longer know where the story began.

Texts with many parentheses confuse the reader. At the end of the paragraph, you don’t even know what you just read.

Therefore, writing simply and objectively makes reading easier and ensures that your target audience understands all the concepts you present to them.

11 – Speak directly with the reader

You must have seen this image repeatedly by now.

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Image source: Wikipedia

Uncle Sam’s famous recruitment poster is one of the greatest icons of the First World War.

It has been a long time since the end of that war and the poster continues to emerge as an important symbol of persuasion.

This was responsible for convincing men to give their own lives on behalf of the United States.

The index finger pointing straight ahead refers to the phrase “I want you for the US Army”, in free translation, “I want you for the American Army.”

The great impact is in the use of you. It is an argument that has no discussion.

Using the “you” to communicate with the reader is the most efficient strategy. With this form of treatment you immediately connect and establish a relationship.

Impersonal texts do not provoke emotion, the reader does not identify with the content, and consequently, with your brand.

In the case of the poster example, the use of “you” was so powerful that it drove thousands of soldiers into the trenches.

You must have already noticed that I used that resource throughout the text (so far it was 44 times).

How do you think the impact would be if I hadn’t done it like this?

12 – Ask a question at the end of the text to produce affinity 

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Encourage the reader to interact with you through comments on your page.

It is a direct way to stay informed about who is consuming your content and allows you to strengthen relationships.

Avoid as much as possible questions whose answers are “yes” or “no”, as they can cause rejection in the reader, in case he disagrees with you.

Opt for the “what if”, “what”, “which” questions.

You can also persuade them with indirect questions, such as “write in the comments” or “tell me around here.”

In your case, what is the best way to provoke affinity on the part of your target audience?

Through direct or indirect questions?

Do not forget to reply to the comments!

13 – Pay special attention to the title

Although it seems contradictory, the title is the last of the steps in the production of a text for the web.

This is because it represents the immediate contact between your content and your target audience.

It is the title that determines whether or not the reader will click on the link on your page.

Data shows that 59% of people do not pass the title.

Tell me honestly, how many times have you done the same? Me, many!

In the competitiveness of the online world, investing in a striking title is the difference between vitalizing your content or not.

A well thought-out title influences the expectation that the reader forms about the text and affects any prior knowledge he may have.

Therefore, it is essential to create it with love.

Think of several title options and use SEO tools, which I referred to at the beginning, to check which one is more attractive and eye-catching.

14 – Consume content from other pages

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Before I sat down to write this text, I took a coffee break.

I started chatting with Nathalie, a girl on my team. She has a degree in Journalism and has always had a knack for writing (even writing well was one of the reasons for choosing that career).

Nathalie told me that since she was little she loves to read. His father had a shelf full of books and early on he learned to enjoy reading.

Reading is a classic way to improve your writing quality, not only when it comes to grammar, it also helps you find your own style.

You may not have started early like Nathalie – no problem – do it now.

In order for you to become an excellent web copywriter, read a lot. Books, articles, and of course, what your competition writes on their blog or on social networks.

Yes, studying your competition is a powerful strategy to improve how you write.

Read, read, and read!

15 – Invest in content

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

The Internet is an ocean of possibilities.

The digital environment changed the relationship between consumers and brands.

The globalization intensified, and increasingly, anyone from anywhere in the world can access information about what you want.

That means that you are not the only one producing content on a certain topic.

Many editors follow the above steps to the letter, but forget that a single click is enough for the visitor to leave the page.

To stay ahead of the competition, you should keep the following in mind:

Exclusivity and relevance.

  • Exclusivity means that on no other page the reader finds the content in the same way as on yours.
  • Relevance means considering the reader’s doubts and problems and writing the solutions, as you already learned in this article.

It is useless to follow all the writing techniques that I taught you, if you do not think about the importance of your content.

So do an intense and extensive search on the matter. Drink from important and recognized sources.

Incorporate statistical data, share reliable sources and use specialists in the matter to support your text.

Keep in mind that many times the secret of the success of your web writing is in the details.

Therefore, it is essential to invest in details that attract the eye of your visitor so that they remain on your page.

This all has to do with the following writing techniques:

16 – Write small paragraphs with a maximum of 3 lines 

When people read text, mainly on the web, they first glance at the content.

If it catches their attention, they stay on the page.

However, paragraphs with many lines are scary and the reader is not motivated to consume your content.

Small paragraphs are a major incentive for reading, and in addition to resting your eyes, they make the initial “scan” easier.

17 – Use visual resources such as images, infographics, videos, etc.

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

It is the same principle.

The images capture the reader’s attention and allow the eyes to rest from linear reading.

Remember: the content is not only the written part, but the combination of all the resources used.

Therefore, images, infographics and videos are also part of the content and are resources that are more inviting to read.

18 – Highlight keywords and related words in bold

Highlighted words immediately catch your eye. For this reason, it is important to carefully select the ones that you prefer to stand out.

Go for keywords and related terms.

Doing so improves the experience of whoever is reading your text.

19 – Offers suggestions in the interties 

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Have you already noticed how children are foolish in front of their parents?

Nathalie, that girl on my team, has a one-year-old nephew (who is the love of her life).

When you take care of him without the parents being around, he is a beauty. Laugh, play, do everything that is asked – “Eat a little more”, “Put away your toys”, “Have water”, “Come here”.

But as soon as he hears his mother’s voice, the tricks begin. He does not want to do anything, he does not obey. If the mother asks him to do something, he breaks down in tears.

The mother for him is the one who forbids him to do certain things, who gives the orders and takes him away in the middle of the game.

Nathalie is the kind and worried aunt who fills her tummy and doesn’t want her to hurt herself.

Note that: nobody wants to take orders. When you give an order, the person who receives it automatically feels the desire to do the opposite.

When you suggest, everything is different. It sounds more like recommendations and gives you credibility.

In this article, for example, I already gave you several suggestions:

  • Select topic and keyword 
  • Analyze the doubts of your target audience 
  • Make a skeleton/outline of the text
  • Use external and internal links
  • Pay special attention to the title
  • Write using mental triggers
  • Consume content from other pages

But at no point am I forcing you to follow those suggestions. It is not coercion, I am giving you recommendations.

Whoever chooses suggestions instead of commands seems more like a mentor than a boss.

This way it is easier for the reader to have empathy and follow what you recommend.

The nice thing about using suggestions in the headings is that the ideas stand out when the reader takes a look at the text.

20 – Check

Top 20 SEO Writing Techniques

Reviewing the text should be as much a habit in your routine as brushing your teeth.

If you review your text carefully and do it more than once, you will avoid grammatical and content errors.

Ask someone else to review it as well, because from reading it so much, you can unintentionally miss out on some mistakes.


You will review your text more than once 

You will review your text more than once 

You will review your text more than once 

The ideal structure for web writing

The ideal structure for web writing

When I was a child and they asked me to write something, the most I could do was a little note full of errors.

Seriously, during the first composition classes in school, my texts were a group of words without any structure.

I didn’t even know what a paragraph was, much less how to organize my ideas.

Little by little and insistently, I understood that no matter what textual genre it is, any of them must have a structure.

Notes, letters, emails, reports, movie scripts, video. All of them.

I’m going to tell you what the great secret of web newsrooms…is

The secret is that web copywriting must also have a clear structure, both to guide you and your target audience.

Throughout this article I talked to you about the importance of the title and the lead to capture the attention of your reader and keep it on the page.

But if the structure is poorly prepared, you will lose readers instantly.

Don’t make that mistake.

Use the inverted pyramid method.

The ideal structure for web writing

Image Source: The Publishing Culture

That’s one of the most valuable writing techniques, as your journey goes from the most important information to the least important. Look at the pyramidal figure.

Before starting to write, make an outline of the text delimiting the topics.

Assemble its structure as if you were organizing a book summary. This strategy optimizes your time.

Apply the inverted pyramid method and divide the text into 3 main parts:

  • Introduction or lead

I already gave you details on that matter.

But I’m going to remind you: It is the part that is responsible for capturing the reader’s attention and transmitting a positive impression of what is to come.


Gather the most important information, cite all the topics that you are going to explain throughout the text, use action words and mental triggers to attract attention.

Make it clear to the reader what are the benefits they get from reading your text and what they will learn when they conclude it.

  • Development

Choose and explain at least 3 topics related to the topic.

You must use the development to detail the topics and thus solve the doubts of the reader.

  • Conclusion

Now is the time to reinforce at least 2 main points of the text and use Calls to Action (CTA), that is, call your reader to take a specific action.

It could be downloading an eBook, enrolling in a course, making a purchase, writing in the comments… It depends on your goal.

As I mentioned before, ask a direct or indirect question at the end of the text, since it can help you increase the audience’s affinity with your text.

What you should NOT do when writing your texts 

What you should NOT do when writing your texts 

You already know what the best SEO writing techniques are and how to structure your text.

I guarantee that if you apply these strategies in your business, you will see the results.

However, when writing your text it is also necessary to understand the biggest and riskiest mistakes so as not to commit them.

Don’t put yourself in the reader’s shoes

What you should NOT do when writing your texts 

In the 1990s, Elizabeth Newton developed research that separated people into two groups: tappers and listeners.

The tappers received a list of the 25 most popular songs. His task was to choose one and play it by banging on a table for listeners to hear.

Hearing the percussive touches, listeners had to guess what music it was.

According to the researcher, the tappers bet that their colleagues would discover it 50% of the time.

Result: listeners only knew 3 of the 120 songs.

What does this mean?

When the person knows about something, it is obvious to him. And in a way, he thinks it is for other people too – even if it isn’t.

It is easy to understand why that study was titled The Curse of Knowledge.

Therefore, it is essential that you put yourself in the place of your reader as if they did not know that content.

In this way, it is possible to feel their pain and know their doubts in depth.

One of the great mistakes of someone who writes a text is to forget that first of all, he is also a reader.

Don’t make that mistake.

Write with listeners in mind, not tappers.

Neglecting the title, subtitle and text introduction

You already understood the importance of those three elements, therefore, I do not need to expand here.

Whoever neglects these topics falls behind the competition.

So, you have to decide who is left behind, if you, or the competition.

Not knowing who the person you are writing to is

What you should NOT do when writing your texts 

Defining yourself is one of the first steps before starting a business.

Determining your fears, desires, preferences, where you are in the sales funnel, is crucial at all stages of your marketing strategy.

Of course this includes content marketing.

Thinking that it is enough to write correctly

Nobody wants to read a text full of grammatical errors, but I already showed you throughout this article that making good use of grammar is not enough.

Being a good copywriter also implies knowing well about the subject you are writing to avoid incorrect information and superficial content.

And of course, use the SEO writing techniques that I am teaching you.

Do not consider the text as a sales strategy

What you should NOT do when writing your texts 

Generally, how do you search for information about a particular topic?

I think the answer must be Google and I’ll tell you why.

Millions of people search Google every second.

Today it is a natural means of search.

Which means that your target audience also tends to research information on that platform.

It may be your potential client’s first contact with your brand, that is, your opportunity to initiate a connection with him.

If you have the vision of generating conversions through content, you can achieve:

  • More trust and credibility
  • Hot contact list, with a higher open and click rate
  • Better relationship with the contact list
  • Disclosure of your brand more successful without spending a lot

For this reason, it is important to consider text as a sales strategy and produce as much content with the highest quality as possible.

The most effective way to write for sales is through copywriting.

Copywriting is a copywriting technique aimed at conversion and is based on the characteristics of the target audience.

It is a powerful sales strategy.

Start now to capture leads with Klickpages

Start now to capture leads with Klickpages

In this article, I told you about CTAs or Calls to Action, that is, when you request something from your visitor.

The CTA serves for those who visit your page to get out of inertia and react to your content.

¿ How your visitor can do? Some examples are:

  • When downloading some content, such as eBooks or online classes
  • When enrolling in a course or workshop

For that you need to have a landing page, that is, a conversion page made for your visitor to leave their name and email, change the content or the registration.

This is how you conquer more leads and heat up your email list.

You must follow just 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives demonstrated through tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that are not useful.
  3. Publish : finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs

Don’t miss it, it’s great!


SEO writing techniques conclusion

In this article I showed you the 20 best SEO writing techniques, such as selecting keywords, writing a good title, using mental triggers in your text.

Besides that, you saw how to structure a web writing using the inverted pyramid method.

I also showed you what you should NOT do when writing a text, for example, commit the Curse of Knowledge and not consider content production as a sales strategy

Very good! Now you can start optimizing your texts for SEO.

I guarantee that if you follow the writing techniques you learned, your results will improve.