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11 free RD tools for you to use and leverage the productivity of your marketing team

Make your work more efficient with all the free tools that Resultados Digitais makes available to you

Creating and executing a Digital Marketing strategy is not an easy task. If the team is small, or even if it is composed solely of you, it gets even more complicated. Therefore, it is always good to have good tools to assist the processes.

Digital Results offers a series of free tools that you can use at all times. They will help you from attracting visitors to your website to analyzing the results of your campaigns, going through sales management.

In this post, we bring you 11 free tools for you to use and leverage your productivity. All downloads can be done directly on the respective banners or in the form below. What are you waiting for to start reading and trying out the ones that are most interesting for your business?

Try RD Station Marketing for free

RD Station Marketing, Marketing Automation software by Resultados Digitais, is not free yet, but you can try it for 10 days without any commitment. You will be able to try all the features and evaluate how it can help your company.

It is the all-in-one tool to manage and automate your Digital Marketing actions. You will generate more traffic, leads, sales and relationships for your company. Leave your email below and start your 10-day trial right now, no obligation!

Free Digital Results Marketing Tools

See, below, the top 10 free tools from Resultados Digitais to assist the work of your marketing team. Just click and download!

RD Station CRM Free

RD’s CRM software has everything a medium or small business needs to efficiently structure its business process. It manages opportunities in the pipeline, organizes follow-up, and gathers information from a business opportunity in one place.

Thus, it is possible to view the performance every day, week and month. You also have a complete view of the sales funnel and follow each step of the process to know what to prioritize for better results.

The system automatically records customer interactions, making it available to the entire team at any time. With it, you can create reminders to perform important tasks, such as follow-ups, calls, sending emails and visits.

In addition, it has integration with WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook and phone dialers. RD Station CRM is the only free CRM in Portuguese with an unlimited number of users and contacts, in addition to having support and content in our language.

ROI calculator

Still don’t know the return of your Marketing actions? Calculate your ROI now and find out how much your company gained from the investments you made! ROI lets you know precisely the efficiency of your investments. With the result you can adjust the route and plan goals based on tangible results.

Investors will also look at the ROI when evaluating your company, as knowing how much you will earn is critical to calculating whether the investment is worth it. Use the ROI Calculator, it’s pretty easy!

Page Analysis Tool

Created in partnership with Supersonic, our Page Analysis Tool assesses four factors: persuasion, SEO, responsiveness and speed. In chatbot format, it makes a complete diagnosis of your company’s websites.

After asking a few questions, the bot waits for the tool to rate the pages and grades each of the four criteria above. Even better: it points out the corrections you can make, mainly aimed at converting Leads.

Professional Email Signature Generator

Do you feel confident about unsigned emails? Or even those that only have the sender’s name and nothing else? If you are commenting on this type of error yourself, the Professional Email Signature Generator will help you.

With it, you can enter name, phone, email, title, company and much more, having an aesthetically interesting result ready to be imported in all email tools. You can also put your photo and your social networks, customizing even more.

Email Marketing Metrics Benchmarking Tool

Email campaigns are important components of good strategies Digital Marketing. However, to know if they are effective, it is essential to have numbers of the market in which your company is inserted to compare.

Our Email Marketing Metrics Benchmarking Tool does just that. You enter your open and click-through rates so that the tool compares with the averages of various relevant segments.

Sales Funnel Benchmarking Tool

This is another cool tool to compare your company’s numbers with those of your market – in this case, the sales funnel. Here, the idea is to see how your conversion rates are compared to the average of your segment, so you can better evaluate the stocks.

In the Sales Funnel Benchmarking Tool, you enter the amount of visitors your website has and the number of Leads, opportunities and sales generated by them, in addition to your average ticket. With these data, she presents the comparison with the market.

Marketing and Sales Diagnosis

Made in partnership with Sebrae, this tool helps you understand the maturity of your Marketing and Sales actions. In addition, she gives valuable tips to leverage results every step of the way in Inbound Marketing.

The Marketing and Sales Diagnosis is made by a series of questions, which assess how your business’ attraction, conversion, relationship and sales factors are. It also helps you analyze this information and what actions to take next.

Buying Journey Generator

By understanding your customer’s Buying Journey, you know what information is most important to him and, mainly, at what time. The conversation is well qualified since he has access to the right information at the right time.

The Buy Journey Generator asks some questions regarding each of the phases: learning and discovery; recognition of the problem; solution consideration; and purchase decision. It then suggests titles and types of content for you to produce.

A/B Test Calculator

An A/B test can be a great way to define a way forward, whether in the look of a Landing Page or the title of an email for example. It is important, however, to follow a methodology and respect statistical issues.

With the A/B Test Calculator, it is possible to know the sample size so that the experiment is considered valid. You will also be able to enter the numbers of each version tested and find out which one is the winner.

The Fantastic Persona Generator

Does your company already have a Persona? We know it’s not easy to define precisely, so we’ve created a generator that can lend a hand in the process. It helps you reflect on a representation of what your ideal client would be, with questions.

Of course, further research is ideal, but the Fantastic Persona Generator is a great start to defining your strategies. At the end, it generates a PDF document for you to share with the company.

Digital Marketing Planning Board

This tool is the latest we’ve released! With it, you’ll have Trello whiteboard templates to define your Digital Marketing goals and follow, in a very simple way, projects and activities.