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EBook: what is it, how to make a free electronic book that multiplies your results

Ebook: what is it, how to make a free book that multiplies your results

Are you crazy! Exactly. You can only be crazy to make a free eBook with tremendous content.

That was one of the less harsh phrases I heard a few years ago, when I wrote my first eBook.

In that virtual book, my brother Erica and I told everything we knew back then about digital marketing.

Yes, I sent free content to anyone who had access to the internet, content that I could sell and with which I would have a lot of profit.

To give you an idea: in the eBook there was the very content of an event in which I was co-organizer, whose tickets cost R $ 2,500 Brazilian reads at that time (and they were sold out in seven days).

It was a book that described the basis of the strategy with which my real estate auction company made a lot of money.

It was crazy to people that I gave away all my knowledge for free.

A knowledge that took me a long time to build.

If you also think it was a mistake on my part, I don’t blame you.

At first glance, the idea seems not to be a very good one.

But the eBook allowed me to gain a scale that I never imagined, increase my turnover and add several million reads to my capital.

I will repeat it because this is a piece of advice that I would give my son.

Writing an eBook was the turn that allowed me to have a successful online business, and thus, get out of the job that I did not like to dedicate myself to work in what I love.

That 2MB file became my company’s biggest lead generator.

Today, it has already exceeded a million downloads.

It is the foundation of the strategy in our business, Digital Ignition.

I’m going to show you how to make an eBook that can change the history of your business.

Because you cannot ignore that reality.

Writing a quality eBook can save your business and ensure a good night’s sleep for the rest of your life.

If you are aware of it, you took many steps ahead of your competitors.

Just the fact that you are here already puts you in front of many people who are not dedicating themselves at this moment like you.

I’m going to give you the complete step by step of everything that worked, when I made the eBook that reached the hands of more than a million people.

It is a summary of what you need to write yours.

When you finish this article, you will be able to:

  • Write an eBook that will become a benchmark in the market
  • Have more results and recognition
  • Have higher profit possibilities (maybe multiplied values ​​of what you earn today)
  • Avoid wasting so much time chasing leads

Thus, tomorrow you can apply the techniques you learned.

Because after this article, you will never worry about having written a failure again.

In a simple and fast way, I gathered the main information on how to write an eBook.

Including techniques that until now had not been revealed, such as:

  • Create an eBook, what you need to add to it, how to structure it, and what is the best topic for your branch of business
  • What is the main mistake of entrepreneurs who try to make their digital book and the reasons why they fail (how to avoid it)
  • The best strategy to promote your eBook

You don’t need to memorize everything at once.

Save the page in your favorites and come back whenever you want to clarify your doubts.

You are going to be surprised with the power that an eBook has to make your business take off.

There is the best way, only those who have already traveled it knows how to get there.

I’m going to show you now.

What is an EBook?

What is an Ebook?

EBook is short for electronic book. It is an electronic book.

It is a book in digital format that can be downloaded or shared online.

They have a number of cost advantages over traditional books.

You don’t spend with printing, stock, or freight, for example.

EBooks also appeared as a revolution in terms of access to information.

Today, anyone with a cell phone, computer, tablet and / or smartphone can read an eBook.

It is a fast and simple way to consume content.

Instant access practical knowledge in the palm of your hand.

A possible reality for your client, no matter their profile.

Regardless of social class, the use of smartphones, for example, is an undeniable fact in many societies.

A large portion of the world’s population, approximately (7,800 million people) uses mobile telephony.

Imagine how many people you can impact with the dissemination of your eBook.

Keep this in mind. Producing an eBook is a matter of survival for any digital business.

The Importance of using an EBook in Digital Marketing

The Importance of using an Ebook in Digital Marketing

Remember when I told you that an eBook allowed my company to grow to a point I never imagined and also significantly increased my turnover (to seven digits)?

This happened for a simple reason…

What I am going to tell you now is the main point of this article. It is a fundamental question for you to understand the rest of the information.

The eBook is the most important hook in content marketing.

Many times, he is responsible for attracting most of the leads of your digital business.

The client is looking for content that teaches him to solve a problem. The company that offers this solution is ahead of the competition.

The eBook is the main way to offer those answers.

In exchange, your business gets the visitor’s email. This is how a lead is captured, the philosopher’s stone of any marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that building your digital business without generating leads is like building a house on rented land.

Companies that publish eBooks generate more leads, compared to institutions that do not incorporate this practice.

Having a direct way to reach your customers is important so as not to be hostage to the algorithms and goodwill of social networks.

Because you can’t just depend on social media to communicate with your audience.

Facebook, for example, delivers the posts of a Fan page to 2% of its followers, in some cases.

In addition to getting leads, the eBook generates another very positive effect.

It helps you build authority within your audience.

By creating a quality digital book, the company shows that it has the credibility and knowledge to provide a certain service.

In addition, of course, to promote the brand and make your audience remember you.

It’s amazing how an eBook can transform both the image and the profit of your company, right?

I know that I have given you a lot of information up to here. So, I am going to summarize them in two relevant points.

An eBook is important for your digital business for two essential reasons:

  • Generate leads: One of the most effective hooks in content marketing, the eBook is an excellent reward for getting the visitor’s email.
  • Authority: by producing quality content and solving a certain audience problem, you place yourself as an authority in your field of the market.

For example, here at Ignition Digital, the eBook continues to be the most important source of lead generation.

Today, more than a million people download my Brother Erica’s book.

Therefore, you should not stop thinking of the eBook as an essential strategy in your planning.

¿ Why the eBook is ideal to conquer the heart of your client?

Why is the ebook ideal to win the heart of your client?

I am going to explain to you in practice, the reason why the eBook is the best strategy to multiply your base of new clients.

But first, I’m going to tell you a story.

You must have already met someone who always goes out of line when it comes to seducing a person.

He hardly knows her and already wants to put his foot on the accelerator at full speed.

The guy may be successful occasionally, but the chance that that will work for him is greatly diminished.

On the other hand, there are other cases in which the boy talks to a girl, asks her about her interests, about what she likes.

It gives you confidence and credibility.

The safest thing is that the second case has a better chance of strengthening relationships, right?

The same thing happens with content marketing.

You do not push your customer directly to purchase.

That is what other companies usually do.

You conquer their trust little by little and when the person decides, they will buy.

This model delights because it leads to conversion gradually, without pressure.

The eBook is one of the main and most effective strategies known in the content marketing world.

Here on the blog, we made a complete guide to talking about this dense subject of content marketing.

You can open another tab and set aside time to read it later.

After you structure your eBook, this article will help you think of other strategies to reach your audience.

But keep in mind that content marketing is the main fuel for the success of any communication strategy.

The eBook is the star protagonist of the film.

So, up to here I told you that producing an eBook is not a matter of luxury. It’s about the livelihood of your digital business.

By being clear about this matter, you already place yourself in front of many competitors who at this stage of the championship, have no idea that this is possible.

The time has come for you to put your hands in the dough and apply this knowledge.

If you get to the end of the text, you will learn:

  • All the advantages of the eBook in relation to any other marketing strategy
  • How to create an eBook in 48h
  • The main tools to create an eBook, including ready-made templates that some market leaders have already used to launch their books
  • The most impressive way to publicize and promote your eBook

Are you excited?

Remember that this can be the starting point in your life to attract more and more leads.

Even multiply what you currently invoice.

That tactic worked for me and I’m going to show you, in a simple way, how it can be the same with you.

5 advantages that make your eBook essential in your strategy

5 advantages that make your ebook essential in your strategy

Generating leads and building an image of credibility are the main objectives of the eBook.

It is an excellent choice for your business.

It presents unique advantages compared to any other reward in digital marketing.

The ideal is to master each of these advantages when you assemble your eBook.

Know the points that will help you make the most of this strategy:

1- Production cost

I remember a dictation that revealed the secret to achieving a complete life: having a child, planting a tree, and writing a book.

And whenever someone mentioned it, the book was said to be the easiest task to do.

Before eBooks, writing and publishing a book was a mission restricted to a small group of lucky people.

Seeing your name printed on the back of a book was a combination of luck, ability, and meeting certain key people.

Nowadays, producing a digital book and spreading it around the world is within everyone’s reach.

The eBook has a very low production cost.

Since you do not need to print it, spend on ink and paper, or storage.

2- Ease of distribution over the internet

Continuing with the physical book example. Before, to know about the existence of a book, a bookstore was necessary to display it on the shelves.

Now, a simple email eliminates all those intermediaries.

With just one click, your content can reach your customers.

They can share it with other friends and expand your network of influence.

3- Organize your content in a single document

The eBook gives you the space to develop an issue with the freedom you want, mainly, by not having a character limit.

Let’s say a physical therapist is a specialist in athletes.

He has innovative methods and studies the major trends in sports injury treatment.

In a blog post, you are not going to fully address the issue.

In the publication of Facebook or Instagram, much less. The space is smaller.

The eBook is used to summarize all the knowledge you want to cover on a certain topic.

Thus, whenever the client wants to clarify a doubt about something, it goes directly to the source, instead of looking elsewhere.

4- Simple and fast way to learn

As I promised, whenever I can I will use my good experiences as an example to show you the right way.

When creating the eBook “How to use the internet to increase your sales or create a 100% digital business from scratch”, one thing was very clear to me.

The eBook is a less cumbersome way of presenting content.

Imagine if a person wanted to start a digital business from scratch and needed to resort to academic books, master’s and doctoral theses, dozens of blogs, 500-page books …

It is very different from an eBook.

Well, it has a language that is more familiar to the reader, uses short paragraphs, is more visual and uses graphics and images to convey the content.

It is more accessible and easier to learn.

5- Base for creating incredible content 

You worked hard to make a complete eBook, with all the information to solve the problems of your audience.

Why not take this work and use it as the basis for your blog or social media posts?

This is very important. The first eBook shows a path that many entrepreneurs had not yet discovered. The potential to frequently generate great content.

Remember that the opposite way is also very common. Gather a set of blog posts and adapt it to the creation of an eBook.

12 quick steps to create an eBook

12 quick steps to create an ebook

1- Define your people

Before launching an eBook, you need to know what audience you want it for.

In digital marketing, there is no strategy that works, if you do not identify yourself first.

Your actions must be directed at her.

Persona is a term used to define the ideal type of client among those who make up your target audience.

Such identification is made by knowing their main characteristics, habits and interests, including gender, age and approximate income.

Remember that your eBook should clarify a question or solve someone’s problem.

So, you have to know what that person is like, what they think and why they are looking for you.

Creating an eBook, without defining the person, is almost like managing your company in a completely dark room.

2- Keywords

Do you have doubts about what topic you can address in your eBook?

Searching for keywords on the topic can help you.

Those are the most popular words with people finding out about what you offer.

Defining these indicators also makes it easier for users to find your eBook in search engines.

To find them, log in to Google Analytics and look at the most searched keywords on the question you are working with.

3- The subject of your eBook

Now that you know who you are writing an eBook for, it’s time to narrow down the subject of the book.

Keep in mind that your e-book must always solve a problem, a demand from your audience.

Put yourself in the place of yourself and understand what their pains are, what takes them away from sleep.

And mainly you are going to define an important topic with a unique advantage in relation to your competitors.

4- Write about something you’ve already been through 

Do you remember that one of the main objectives of the eBook is to build authority?

The best way to achieve this is by sharing your personal experience with the user.

Show your readers that you have already lived and worked a lot on that matter and have enough knowledge in that field.

For example, in my case, I prepared the eBook “How to use the internet to increase your sales or create a 100% digital business from scratch”

If I had never created a digital business from scratch, I would have no way of transmitting the experiences and sensations of having lived all that.

You wouldn’t have the credibility to teach someone to do the same.

And trust me, the reader feels that when they connect with your text. If you are not confident in what you say, your eBook will be a failure.

No matter what your topic is, give it a personal approach. So your text will be much better.

5- A very specific title

The reader must quickly identify the problem you are going to solve. Or what is the opportunity you offer him.

Look at this example. How I sold a blog for $ 20,000 in 8 months. A direct title that leaves no doubt about the proposal.

The more specific you are, the more likely you are to impact the user and arouse their curiosity to download your eBook.

6- Use titles, subtitles and short paragraphs

12 quick steps to create an ebook

Research indicates that large paragraphs make reading difficult and cause readers to abandon the text.

When encountering a long paragraph, the brain sends the message that it is a tiring task.

This is why people do not like content in text presented extensively.

Here in the Klickpages blog, you will notice at all times that short paragraphs are used, preferably one or two lines.

Subtitles are essential to give fluidity and unity to the text, and at the same time, make clear the separation of topics.

It makes it easier for the reader to find certain information.

7- Illustrate with good images

As incredible as your content is, no text survives without good layout and the use of interesting images.

This Webcam study notes that organization, images, and colors stand out first, before any written content.

If you arrive at a restaurant where the walls are dirty, the waiters do not wear uniforms and the atmosphere does not invite you, you will surely want to run out of the place.

Although the food is very good, the first impression is what it is worth.

Visual sensation is very important to anyone.

Use infographics, photos, statistics that help the reader understand your argument.

Soon, in the Tools topic, I am going to show you some free programs that can help you do this.

They are tools that I use in some jobs or that people I know have used to produce their eBooks.

The important thing is that your material does not look amateurish.

If the reader gets the impression that he could do what you did himself, something must be wrong.

8- Do not invent, or exaggerate 

A very common mistake that I observe in eBooks is that the author exaggerates in the use of resources.

The font you should use is essential to make the book easier to read.

Use a font that allows clear viewing on smartphones or computers.

There are many studies on the ideal types of fonts for digital media.

The Arial or Garamond size 14 are good examples to use.

Don’t forget that when it comes to design, balance is important.

It is not recommended to reload your text.

9 – Write as if you were chatting casually

After you gather all the information to produce the book, write everything that you consider interesting about the subject.

The most important thing is to stay away from technical terms that you only use with colleagues in your profession.

Don’t let your book become academic material.

Nothing against that type of text, but you should impact people as much as possible.

A clear, simple and objective language is the best way for you to make your book go viral.

The secret is to write it as if you were in a casual conversation, sitting somewhere nice with friends.

Imagine that you are with a group of people and you want to explain what your eBook is about.

If they were bored or did not understand, write it again until it is so interesting that it is the topic of a table of friends.

10- Edit, correct and review

Nobody is capable of writing and editing a book on their own.

When we write we have a line of thought in mind.

But it is very different when someone who knows nothing about it reads the book.

That person is going to give you tips and advice that can improve your text significantly.

For example, someone may identify Portuguese errors that they missed and need to be corrected.

Even the most experienced famous writers need good editors, too.

Careful and critical editing enhances the text in an impressive way.

And look, ask someone who isn’t afraid to give you their honest opinion for that favor.

Editing can save a text and increase the potential of connection in the public.

11- Adaptable design

It may seem incredible, but a huge amount of online content is not adapted to different devices, such as computers, cell phones and tablets.

So, ensure that your eBook is responsive. This means that it must fit the screen of different devices and platforms.

An error that often occurs is not adapting the eBook to the display of smartphones.

It is very unpleasant to open an eBook on your cell phone and see it wider than the screen. If you are not prepared for it, you will lose leads and stop converting customers.

There is a remarkable growth in the use of these devices worldwide. If you are not prepared for it, you will lose leads and stop converting customers.

12- Time of birth: convert it to PDF

This is when your eBook comes into the world.

And why PDF for an eBook?

Well, because it is the friendliest format of all.

It is read in the most varied systems, without rejection.

Macs, PCs, the full line of smartphones. All accept reading in PDF.

It looks the same and does not allow editing of your file.

In other words, all the work you had to choose the use of fonts, colors and images, is not altered.

How and where to promote your eBook

How and where to promote your ebook

The main objective of producing a good eBook is to generate leads.

Reciprocity works like this: You offer a free book with interesting content in which you invested time and knowledge.

And in return you receive the email and other relevant data of the person.

But Hugo, where am I going to put that eBook for the person to download?

How do I configure my site to achieve that exchange between the eBook and the email of the potential client?

Good thing you asked me those questions right now.

Since creating your eBook is the first part of the process. Many entrepreneurs can only get here.

But knowing how to disseminate it, generate leads and increase turnover is what differentiates girls and boys from women and men.

1. Landing page

I don’t know of a case of success with the use of eBooks that has not used a landing page.

The landing page is a conversion page, also called a landing page or entry page.

Use direct and clear language and its purpose is to lead the user to perform a certain action on your site or blog.

This page must be configured with the minimum details so that the user clicks, makes a purchase or a download, for example.

It is a page exclusively for conversions.

It is simple and must avoid any distraction that may represent an obstacle for the visitor to carry out the action you propose.

Foundry magazine produced an eBook that teaches how to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Look at the landing page they set up:

Note that the title is direct. The page does not show any alternative of interaction other than the download of the eBook.

If you want to be inspired, on the internet there are very good examples of your own landing pages for eBooks?

And if you want to create an incredible landing page to promote your eBook, Klickpages is a specialist in the matter.

It is a cutting edge tool in the Brazilian market and also has clients from various Spanish-speaking countries.

He specializes in creating high-converting landing pages that attract customers and grow your business.

Your models are ready. You just have to customize it (customize it according to the user’s needs) in your own way.

You don’t have to be a programmer.

You change the face of your page with a few clicks and launch it into the air in just a few minutes.

2. Share on social media 

Social media are powerful communication channels.

Only on Facebook there are millions of active people.

It doesn’t matter who you want to reach.

And it does not matter what type of clients you propose to conquer. They are probably on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter…

Look for profiles and groups on social media that may be drawn to your topic.

Pay close attention to the size of your publications, because this factor directly interferes with the attention of the public.

If you have a Fan page, don’t forget to spread it out and invite followers to get to know your eBook.

In all cases, remember the importance of making a Call to Action, known as a Call to Action that is super attractive.

It’s about your audience not ignoring it and causing them so much curiosity that they decide to visit your landing page.

3. set aside a budget to boost

It is not mandatory, but it helps a lot to allocate an amount to sponsor your publications on social networks.

To give you an idea, Facebook delivers only 2% of your content to your fan base.

Sometimes $ 15 can make a difference in your audience’s attention span.

With this boost you will have more visibility and you will be able to attract followers that you would not impact without that outlay.

Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram … all have their propaganda tools that allow the entrepreneur to boost their publications.

4. Spread to the whole world

“Nothing influences people more than the recommendation of a trusted friend.”

This quote is from Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook.

He has already proven that word of mouth marketing is the best propaganda.

Have you ever been influenced by this type of marketing?

You probably opted for a restaurant or a movie because you heard a good recommendation from a friend.

Many consumers around the world say that they totally trust the recommendation of a friend or family member, more than any other form of propaganda.

Show the eBook to all your friends and ask them to help spread it out.

Each shared helps, and a lot, within the reach of your info product.




My opinion is that Canvas changes your life forever.

Do you want a nice cover for your eBook, or some illustration for your content? Canvas can help you.

There are thousands of ready-made models. You only need to modify the text or add the photo you want.

It is intuitive and practical.

It is ideal for professional designers or curious amateurs.

Ready templates

Many sites offer ready-made and organized eBook templates for you to use.

They come with fonts, spaces, layout and other elements for immediate use.

Grow traffic put together an excellent list, as did Lucid Press and Hub spot.

PDF converter

You can take the file from your preferred text editor and convert it into a PDF.

There are several sites that offer this service for free on the internet.


This tool is for those who use Twitter.

The application allows you to create a tweet with a link that leads to your eBook.

Afterwards, readers can click and share your tweet.

It has a high power of attraction and dissemination of your content.

Promote your eBook with Klickpages

Promote your ebook with Klickpages

You saw that creating a fabulous eBook is useless if you don’t have a landing page to host your eBook.

At the end of the day, one of the main objectives of producing an eBook is to provide the content and receive the user’s email.

A good landing page helps you generate leads more easily and can boost your business to levels you never imagined.

Klickpages is a complete tool that simplifies all your work.

By using it, you build your strategy in just three steps.

You can choose between the models and test which one best suits your content.

It is very easy to make the adaptations and you do not need a super computer expert to help you.

You can leave the page to your liking with just a few clicks.

Look at the path you must follow:

  1. Choose your model: check out the high conversion options proven by tests.
  2. Customize page in: edit text, colors, and images, well as hide the items you do not need.
  3. Publish: publish on the domain itself, without additional hosting costs.

Did you see how easy it is?


ebook conclusion

Making an eBook allowed me to scale like I never imagined and increased my turnover expressively.

The eBook is a great ally for any entrepreneur.

He is the most responsible for generating the leads of a digital business.

With a powerful hook like a good eBook, you will never run out of customers, nor will you talk alone in your content marketing strategy.

Few strategies give the author so much credibility in the marketplace.

An eBook can raise the company to a position of absolute reference in a certain branch of business.

Here you found all the tips that worked for me and the step by step to create an eBook that will boost your sales.

And when you think of setting up a landing page to give visibility to your eBook, count on Klickpages. Here you will have all the necessary tools to help you in that mission.

When you put together your eBook with all the suggestions I gave you, leave your comment and tell us about your experience

Until next time!