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Fan page: what is it, how to create it successfully on Facebook and examples

Fanpage: what is it, how to create it successfully on Facebook and examples

If you want a quick and easy way to keep your company completely anonymous, don’t make a Fan page on Facebook.

You may think I’m exaggerating, or this is free propaganda for Mark Zuckenberg, the billionaire creator of that social network.

But if today you could choose five tips on digital marketing that no one should ignore, surely one of them would be this one.

It doesn’t matter what audience you want to reach. And it does not matter which clients you want to conquer. Most likely they are on Facebook.

Look closely, there are billions of people active monthly in this network.

In addition, it remains on the air in approximately 70 languages, inclusive, native indigenous languages ​​of the Pacific islands that are in danger of extinction, just to give you an example.

Facebook is too big for you, or any company in the world to decide to ignore it.

If your business is not present and active on Facebook with a strong and dynamic Fan page, it is possible that your competition is earning the money that you could have in your bank account.

It’s like you weren’t invited to the school graduation dance at the end of the year.

That party for which all the students prepare for so long thinking of conquering someone…

… So, in this article you are going to learn everything you need to know about Fan pages.

Do not worry more about staying out of the prom, because you will also attend with your best presentation and clothes.

I gathered here everything that seemed most important to me regarding Fan pages strategies.

I learned it from great marketers over the last few years.

I also refer in these lines, to the success I obtained with the administration of the page of the Brazilian company Ignacio Digital, which today has more than two million followers, including Spanish-speaking users.

It is the page on which Erica Rocha, one of the most important and successful digital marketing entrepreneurs in Brazil, shares content of great value to his audience.

It publishes topics such as pricing strategies for products and services, customer acquisition, first steps to produce video content, among many others aimed at those who already have an online business or intend to start their own.

During this article about Fan page you will know:

  • The best tactics to promote interaction with the public
  • How to plan so that your Fan page does not display disorganized content
  • The most significant examples of Fan pages on Facebook, both from small companies and multinationals, with which you can be inspired by great ideas and incorporate them into your page
  • How not to make the same mistakes that 90% of your competition is making

Creating a Fan page is much more than just posting a photo, posting a dozen topics, and waiting for a shower of clients to fall like that.

If you don’t know where to start or want to improve your Fan page, you are in the right place.

I’m going to show you my favorite strategies to create a more than fabulous Fan page.

At the end of what I give you in these lines, you will be able to apply the knowledge you acquired and take advantage of its short-term benefits.

The path is simple and you are going to see it right now.

What is a Fan page?

What is a Fanpage

Fan page is a Facebook page created for companies (pages for fans, literally translating it).

It is designed for people to follow their favorite brands, companies, personalities, music groups.

It is as if you added the brand to your Facebook and they became friends, only it is not necessary to answer yes to the friend request.

If you “like” that page, you will receive all the updates in your news feed.

This tool allows you to have a loyal fan base with access to your content periodically.

Did you understand why the Fan page is worth more than gold?

It is one of the largest showcases to display your business.

The pages with the most followers in the world exceed hundreds of million followers.

For example, one of the pages of Cristiano Ronaldo, the brilliant soccer player, currently has 120 935 205 million fans.

“Hugo, but I don’t have the fame of Cristiano Ronaldo!”

What do I do then?

Ok, I know that few are those who will have so many followers.

But use that example and adapt it to your reality.

Imagine the number of people you can impact, if you invest time in producing a quality Fan page.

The Fan page is your biggest counter.

Now, you have to attract movement and call your potential customers to see what your company does and how it differs from the rest of the market.

How to create a Fan page?

I did a test. I took a stopwatch to count the time it would take to create a Fan page.

It didn’t take me more than two minutes.

Of course, that is not the time to leave a Fan page completely ready and as it should be, with the smallest details. But it’s already a good start.

Launching it in the air is much easier than you imagine.

Step 1: choose a category

The link to create the Fan page is here. When you log in, the following page appears:

Do you have any doubts about which category to choose? That’s normal. The first two options often confuse users.

  • Local business or place: if you have a business that serves only the population of your city. It can be a workshop, a bakery.
  • Company, organization or institution: this circle includes companies of all sizes. Therefore, if you have a small business, you can check that option.
  • Brand or product: It is different from the “company” option. Here you can advertise a specific brand of your production line.
  • Artist, group or public figure: This Fan page is aimed at celebrities or candidates for stardom. Did you form a musical group with friends? Did you dare to launch your musical career? This is your way.
  • Entertainment: Do you organize parties? Production of documentaries, comics, a TV series. Pages with an artistic touch are part of this category.
  • Cause or community: NGOs, social works and help to people with limited economic resources.

Step 2: Choose the photos

Next, you can add the photos of the profile and the cover so that the page has the stamp of your business.

That is a very important step, because whenever you share something, your profile photo will appear. The face of your company. So choose it carefully.

In this case, he is the face of the business.

Another fundamental tip: remember to put the photos in the size required by Facebook.

Both the profile photo and the cover photo have ideal dimensions to improve the visualization of your image.

In addition to photos, it is now possible to add videos on the cover of the page.

Let’s go to the next step that is not far away!

Step 3: Customize Your Way

Ready, your new page has just been born.

Facebook has a guide on its own page that provides you with all the recommendations and explains each of the functions in detail.

Rest assured, it is not necessary to change all that when creating the page. Take it easy and adapt the entire configuration your way.

What is the difference between a Fan page and a traditional profile?

What is the difference between a Fanpage and a traditional profile

This is a very common question.

Basically, the profile is a natural person. The Fan page is a legal entity.

But, Hugo, why be so strict? Is it so much difference between them?

Good thing you asked.

There are huge differences between Fan page and Profile.

I repeat, they are not details. Company, instead of a Fan page, will be at a disadvantage in relation to the competition.

That is why it is essential to treat that configuration with affection.

If you have a profile for your company and you want to turn it into a Fan page, there is no problem. It is quick and easy.

8 reasons for your company to have a Fan page, and not a profile:

1. Limit of followers

What is the difference between a Fanpage and a traditional profile

A profile can have a maximum of 5 thousand friends. And if all goes well, I will be happy to know that your company will have many more.

For the Fan page, there are no connection limits. You can be very popular and there will be no problem with it.

2. Promote publications

The Fan page has a very important resource to increase your reach: boost updates.

I will talk to you more calmly about that issue later, in the topic “Boost Publications”.

But you should know that Facebook delivers 2% of your content to your fan base.

Only the Fan page can create ads to reach all the audience you dream of. The personal profile does not have access to that fantastic resource.

3. Free passage

I bet you have a fridge on your personal profile.

Those people who invited you, but you did not want to accept them and remain with the static invitation for months, even years.

It would be difficult to have to accept every request from someone who wants to follow your company.

With the Fan page, you don’t have to do that. If the person clicks “like”, voila, they are already your follower, no bureaucracy.

4. Call to Action

Another advantage of the Fan page in relation to the personal profile: add the incredible Calls to Action, that is, the (CTA – Call to Action).

They are always present in digital marketing strategies and I already talked about this here on the blog.

There are several types of Calls to Action that you can add to your Facebook Fan page.

It is a practical and fast way to achieve your goals. Be it, make a sale, generate leads or get a registration in a webinar.

5. Distribute functions

If someone decided to make a horror movie, set inside a work office, the script would tell the story of a public employee.

Inadvertently, a personal photo on the company’s Fan page.

To avoid this type of scene, you can delegate functions within the Fan page only to the officials who use the account.

There are six types of charges. Each of them has a higher level of access to the features of the page.

6. Access to statistics

Facebook provides a comprehensive report on the performance of your page. Ignoring that data is like driving a car blindfolded.

And those numbers go far beyond what the “likes” represent.

You can observe, for example:

  • How people relate to your Fan page, which tabs they click on and which places they browse most frequently.
  • Numbers that reflect the performance of your pages Pages
  • Which publications have more participation and what time your audience is usually online

These numbers should be the basis of your entire strategy on the social network.

Check the statistics to plan and execute any action.

7. Mentions + visibility

What is the difference between a Fanpage and a traditional profile

The Fan page allows your followers to tag the name of your company in all types of publication (photos, videos).

It’s different from when you have a personal profile, where only your friends can tag you.

Believe me: the fact that people mention you is very, very good.

It’s excellent. When a user tags your page, he wants you to participate in some dialogue or situation that is going on.

You gain visibility, increase audience participation, you have the opportunity to gain more followers and give users a creative response.

It is the beginning of Walter White, from the incredible television series Breaking Bad.

“Say My Name” or Say my name, in its literal translation.

If you did not see that series, it is not a problem.

It tells the story of Walter White, a former high school chemistry teacher, who discovers that he has advanced cancer and begins to sell drugs to leave money for his family.

One of the show’s peak moments happens when he is in a negotiation with a dealer. Walter, with his peculiar bandit face, orders: “Say My Name.”

And the dealer says his name.

That was the signal that indicated that Walter was the “boss” in that territory. All the traffickers in the region knew his name and who he was.

What is the difference between a Fanpage and a traditional profile

If people say your name and remember you when they consume content, it means that you are gaining recognition in that area.

And only with the Fan page will you achieve that reach.

The cinephile moment is over. And if you’re already a Breaking Bad fan, I already consider you a friend.

Now comes the next matter.

8. Risk of losing EVERYTHING

Last but not least.

Facebook has a term of rights and obligations of the user called Terms of Service.

By registering on the social network, you assume the responsibility of not creating more than one personal account. I mean, you can only have one.

If you open another personal account for your company, you run the risk that Facebook deletes your page and you lose everything you conquered. So it’s not worth doing it.

Planning: how to make your Fan page insanely good

Planning: how to make your Fanpage insanely good

I know that you must be eager to see the movement of your Fan page, verify that the number of followers is growing and publish interesting content.

But first, plan each step you are going to take.

So many ideas are useless if you don’t have a good organization.

Hey Hugo, I don’t even know how to start organizing!

It is now that the advantage that you are going to acquire over your competitors begins.

For all the time that I have been in the market, I have realized that planning is one of the most overlooked pieces in digital marketing strategy.

I’m going to show you content that was born from drafts that I always used to plan my Fan page.

As I told you at the beginning of the text, today I help manage a Fan page with more than 2 million followers. One of the largest in the Brazilian market.

You will have that content right now, without paying anything.

Go back to that part of the article whenever you can, read over and over the content to formulate you’re planning. I’m sure it will help you.

Because it already helped me – and a lot – when I needed it.

1. Track the pace of your competitors

You should take a peek at what your neighbors are doing. If your grass is greener, you will have to discover the reason and understand that you cannot be left behind.

The Benchmarking explains very well the study of the market.

It is an opportunity to learn with the best practices in your market.

You will only be the best if you are attentive to the most representative examples.

Never stop looking for them.

I also recommend that you look for Fan pages both in the market in which you operate and in other branches of business.

Look for new ideas to present new scenarios and always bring news to your audience.

2. Ask yourself the question that will transform your Fan page

Put yourself in your client’s shoes.

Ask yourself a simple question, but one that many entrepreneurs forget to ask due to the rush of every day, because they are very busy with so much task:

Would I like to receive that content?

Would I be interested in reading that post?

Remember that you are competing to captivate the user’s attention with dozens of content rated as 10.

Among so many information at hand, you have to guarantee your space in the preference of consumers.

It is useless to publish a truckload of content, if you do not sit down to plan before.

Remember that everything must be thought based on your audience.

3. Who do you want to communicate with?

Planning fanpage person

I tell you: if you do not follow that step, you will lose time and money.

Before you start posting on your Fan page, you should know who you want to reach.

When you define who your objective is, it is easier to develop your strategy, and consequently, your content will be more successful.

There is no strategy that works in digital marketing, without identifying yourself.

Save in your favorites section our article that tells all the secrets to define your person.

It will be very useful in any strategy you decide to apply from now on.

The text explains how to accurately recognize what your audience expects of you.

4. Tools

Planning: how to make your Fanpage insanely good

There are various applications and programs that can help you in the planning process on Facebook.

I am going to list some that I like and are very useful to me.

Fan page karma

Viewing the statistics that Facebook provides about your Fan page may not be a beginner-friendly task.

Luckily there is the FanpageKarma.

It is ideal so that you do not miss any detail when improving every aspect of your Fan page.

This shows the best time to publish, the profiles that influence your audience, the most active fans, the publications that generate the most participation, and the topics that your audience likes to receive.


This site is on my mandatory checklist.

Before going on the air, every article on the Klickpages goes through the BuzzSumo sieve.

It searches social networks for publications on a certain subject of great relevance and projection among users.

Let’s say you have a mechanic shop and you want to plan the content of your Fan page. The BuzzSumo showcases the most shared publications in the world on this field.

After you get to know that service, you will lose the fear of passing without pain or glory for some relevant topic of the moment.

Facebook Insights

Mandatory use. FB tool to know your audience.

Detail the preferences and characteristics of your audience: age, gender, relationship status and inclusive, consumption and habits.

It is possible to check the performance of the publications, filter the analyzes by a specific time and verify the growth of your follower base.

Present information about the lifestyle of your followers and statistics about the products that your audience is interested in buying.

To access Facebook Insights, click on the “information” tab in the menu of your Fan page

Post Planner

Good ideas and willpower are not enough, if you are not constant in your publications.

Your page must be permanently updated with new content. That is the way to attract new fans.

The Post Planner helps – and a lot – to do this task. It works as a post planner for Facebook.

It is ideal for those who want to have a long life.

The tool saves you time, allows you to schedule content and take control of your marketing strategy.

In addition, create a news feed based on your branch of business and interests.

You can even create a library to organize the content that seems most relevant to you.



That is the main fuel for your Fan page.

It is the content that invigorates your page to conquer more and more followers.

Content builds credibility, increases your sales, and helps build delighted customers with your brand.

The biggest mistake of many entrepreneurs is using communication channels to talk about their own navel.

There is no use shouting from the rooftops that your product is fantastic, that its price is unbeatable and that it is the best on the market.

Producing content is much more than that.

Valuable content is saying what the public is interested in hearing, talking about topics that are provocative.

Little by little you build the fame of the highest authority in your market. Well, at the end of the day, the contents with the best themes are always produced by you.

If you cannot generate quality content, you will not stand out in that sea of ​​information that traditional advertising offers.

Then, I recommend the Content Marketing article found on our blog.

It is a complete guide with the main practices of how to produce content that will persuade your audience.

Explain how you can win the hearts of your audience through videos, graphics, email marketing, and even music.

You will see!

Boost publications


If I were to make a ranking with the 10 most frequent questions that I receive from my clients on Klickpages, the questions about driving posts on Facebook would get an important place in that ranking.

Is investing money in Facebook to increase the reach of your publication a mandatory practice?

Would my page cease to exist without the ads?

There is no exact answer. It depends on your strategy and the time you expect to have the return of the publications.

The boost is ideal for those who want to have short-term results.

For instance:

Hugo, I want to have 5,000 followers in three months.

I will launch my product in two months.

You will not achieve those goals, without sponsoring your publications and your Fan page.

The paid ad is a real powerhouse.

Get your content quickly to many more people. Hours later, your post will be seen by the audience.

And why does Facebook do that?

There is no free lunch

This is a law in the business world. In other words: it is impossible to win, without giving something in return.

And of course Facebook wants money to give visibility to your page in an agile way.

Thus, they created Facebook Ads in order to facilitate the task of promoting content.

You can show the post to whoever clicked “I like” your page, to the friends of those followers, to people who saw your video until the end.

Or present it by interest groups.

If you are going to disclose a nutritionist service, people who search and follow the pages that refer to that topic have a good chance of becoming leads.

Organic reach

Organic reach

This is your strategy, if what you want is to have long-term results.

If by boosting posts, you get the ROI hours later (given the number of people you reached) in this case, there is no way to cut through.

The downside is that with each passing year, organic reach – unsponsored posts – is on the decline.

As I mentioned before, Facebook delivers only a percentage of your content to followers.

However, remember that bringing followers organically is also essential for the survival of your business.

If the customer searched for your name and your content all the way to you, they will also have a higher chance of being the loyal consumer of your products.

Organic lead comes in less quantity, but its quality is higher.

The secret is to find the balance between ad reach and organic reach.

Both complement each other.

Respond and interact with the public

Respond and interact with the public

Interaction is the beginning of any communication.

But many companies do not have it in mind.

I understand that managing your page requires work and effort, likewise, creating content, analyzing statistics, and above all, running the company.

But your client can’t talk to the walls.

He wants you to listen to him and feel protected when he needs it.

For this reason, respond to your followers in a timely manner.

Be loving in response to positive comments and show that you are grateful for the messages.

But mainly, be present in the negative feedbacks.

There is nothing worse than being dissatisfied with a service and talking to yourself.

If you ignore a disgruntled customer, the image you convey to others is that you will always behave like this.

In short, give them due attention.



Don’t abandon your audience.

At first glance it seems obvious, but it is one of the mistakes that companies make after creating their Fan page.

I love to make comparisons with relationships between people.

Here’s another case that fits the context very well.

You start dating someone. It’s interesting, it talks about topics that you like. He calls you to find out how things are going, sends a message inviting you somewhere.

Doesn’t have the flaws of other people you dated

You are convinced that this is the person you are going to choose.

Then that someone disappears.

He is absent for several weeks, without saying a word.

You don’t put it anywhere. That silence is a real agony.

And who we do not see, we do not remember.

This is exactly what I usually see in a company that creates its Fan page:

  • Start publishing with great push. Every day he shares interesting content that captures the public’s attention.
  • The company begins to grow, other needs arise. The content is being left aside and is no longer a priority.
  • The page has an abandoned face. They are several days without signs of life.
  • All the effort and time previously spent enveloping the audience is slipping away like water through your fingers. The public gets frustrated and looks in the competitors, the space that was left open.

Do not forget that your client has expectations. Nothing worse than stepping on the brakes and reducing the quantity or quality of your posts.

That affects the image of your brand.

An outdated Fan page gives a terrible impression of how the company manages the rest of the business.

The most advisable thing is that you maintain the rhythm of publications that you previously organized in your planning and do not repeat the error of other companies.

The 7 best examples of professional Fan pages to inspire you

I believe that learning takes place when you are inspired by the best figures in your market.

People who have already walked the path that you propose to travel.

They have a lot to say about how to get to victory.

Success leaves traces.

Well, you are already aware of all the tips to make a Fan pages that strengthens your digital business.

Here are the same tools that I use to manage my pages and they already have millions of followers.

The plays that it took me years to learn are gathered in this article.

Now I’m going to show you the 7 best examples of Fan pages on Facebook.

They are from different businesses and areas of activity.

And most importantly: companies of different sizes.

They offer creative solutions that can be adapted to your reality.

Digital marketing is magical for that. You have the possibility of investing little and having tangible and measurable results.

You can be inspired by all the cases that I have listed in these lines.

Every company has a story to tell. We all have a track record and the opportunity to learn from mistakes and continue with successes.

Big enterprises


Starbucks fanpage

Starbucks uses content segmentation very well to reach users in each country.

They carry out various campaigns according to each audience.

Videos are an effective way to go viral and get the audience to identify with the product.


Adobe brings great inspiration that can be incorporated into many small businesses: show how the service impacted the lives of customers.

They demonstrate the work done by people who used the Adobe tool to produce graphic pieces.

But imagine that you have a gym and you want to show the public the transformation that your service makes in terms of self-esteem and health of a client.

It is exactly the same principle.

Cross fit

I practice Cross fit. But that’s not why I put this example here.

I used it because it is a clear way of how to break down barriers or malformed images that your product may have.

I’ve already heard negative comments about Cross fit being aimed only at healthy adults. That an old man, for example, could never practice it because he would hurt himself.

The Fan pages dedicated to this modality argue otherwise, showing various experiences with children, youth, adults and older adults.

The top image highlights nine children doing Cross fit exercises under the supervision of a professional.

It also shows an old woman and a girl exercising. Lifting weights and running between small cones.

They present, through photos and videos, that it is an activity that can help improve body posture and motor coordination from an early age.

Like, to have a healthy body in old age.

It is not surprising that these kinds of publications have so many likes.

If you have a new product on the market, which people do not know how to use very well, fan pages of this type are an excellent tactic.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

Fanpage klickpages

Having an incredible Fan page with content that solves problems and fascinates your audience is a phenomenal strategy for your business.

Not only because of the likes and shares that you are going to get, but also because of the credibility in the market that you can acquire.

But you also have to take advantage of that audience to sell and profit.

The good relationship with your customers on Facebook is an important step to generate leads and take that relationship to another level.

If you want to use Facebook as a tool to attract customers, increase and consolidate your business, I have a proposal for you.

Klickpages is ideal to convert your visitors into customers and watch your sales grow.

Thousands and thousands of people managed to convert faster with this service

Before it was very difficult to build a page. It required the hiring of a team of programmers and experts who were fluent in the language of computing.

Today things no longer work like that.

With just three steps, you launch a landing page that can be the total turn of your trajectory:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives proven by tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that are not useful.
  3. Publish: finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs.

Did you see how fast and easy it is?


Fanpage conclusion

Having a Fan page is not a choice. It is a question of survival for your digital business.

No matter what audience he wants to reach, he is on Facebook. I assure.

There are more than billions of people connected in this social network.

If you do not use it actively and creatively, you are missing opportunities and opening spaces for your competition to do better than you.

This resource has a series of benefits that a personal profile does not have: the Calls to Action, statistics, and mainly, the impulse of the publications.

It is essential that you set aside part of your income for advertising on Facebook.

Remember that the platform only delivers your content to 2% of your followers.

Another secret is to be consistent in your posts.

Don’t stop paying attention to your audience regularly.

With a well-structured planning, you will achieve that frequency in an organized, effective way and thus achieve that your business grows gradually.

You can generate leads that you never imagined with a Fan page full of good content and interactions with your followers.

You are going to multiply the ones you generate today.

And when you need help, count on Klickpages, the ideal tool to create landing pages, attract customers and grow your business.

I wait for you here again!