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How to Create a Bio on Instagram: The Definitive Guide (with real examples)

How to Create a Bio on Instagram: The Definitive Guide (With Real Examples)

If you already know how to create a well-done Instagram bio, you managed to break down one of the biggest barriers when it comes to conquering your audience: that of the first bad impression.

Because as the dictation says, the first impression is what remains.

I do not know if it is saved forever, but what is true is that it has a very strong impact on the opinion that is formed about someone.

It works like you are at a party. You get close to someone who makes a good impression on you at first glance.

The way the person is dressed, the posture, the appearance. All of this conveys a message. If that message pleases you, you approach it.

The same goes for the Instagram bio. Believe it: A lot of people don’t even see your posts, if they don’t like the bio.

A well-crafted bio can be the difference between gaining or losing more potential followers and clients.

The biography is the chance you have to start a relationship with the visitor. She works as a starting point for your communication with the public.

And that is important. Because indeed, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools on the internet.

In Brazil, there are more than 50 million active users per month. Which places the country in second place in the world ranking of Instagram.

Second place: And it’s not just that.

More and more, companies are using this network as an ally for business.

A quick and shocking comparison: 48.8% of businesses in the United States used Instagram in 2016. Last year, that number jumped to 70.7% (!).

It is a leap that makes sense since in 2016 the emerged and it opened several possibilities (how to create ads and access data from the social network).

¿ Why do I say this? As an entrepreneur, I am very interested in the prominence of my companies within Instagram.

And I advise you to also be interested because 80% of the accounts follow a company on Instagram.

I am very clear about how Instagram is essential for the marketing strategy of my companies.

I’m going to give you an example. In the latest launch, the conversion rate from leads to customers was double on Instagram, compared to Facebook.

But that wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t care about making a good first impression.

In the next few lines I am going to show you the step by step of how to achieve it. These are 11 basic tips that will position your Instagram biography on another level.

I will give you real examples. Because I don’t want you to read an entire article and leave here without understanding how it is done in practice.

Read on to absorb all the knowledge I have for you in the next few paragraphs.

What topics can you put on the Instagram profile?

What topics can you put on the Instagram profile?

In my opinion, context is very important. Therefore, before we get to the 11 tips to create a great biography. I will explain the points that should appear on your Instagram profile.

It is useless to think only of the biography, that is, in isolation. Because if you focus all your energy on it and ignore the other topics of the profile, you run the risk of slipping and falling.

It’s like going to a very elegant wedding with a jacket, tailored pants and mules. The whole matters, and a lot.

So, choose the convenient points to place on the Instagram profile.

Profile picture

Without a doubt, that is one of the most important elements for me. Well, it gives your profile a feeling long before someone decides to click on it.

If your photo attracts attention, and also conveys professionalism and confidence, it will be much easier to attract clicks to your profile.

By the way, it was exactly the subject of the photo, which woke me up when I clicked to write this article.

Earlier today I went to the kitchen to have my mate and Nathalia, the one on my team, was telling about her confectioner friend.

Instagram is the most important work tool for that friend. It is through him that he orders them and in that space he publishes his productions.

Nathalia said that until recently, that friend used any selfie as a profile photo (which did not convey absolutely anything about the company).

The moment he changed the image to one in which it appeared more arranged and had to do with the confectionery, the orders multiplied. So, you can see how a good profile photo positively impacts the business.


When you access a profile, the name is the one that appears in bold.

It can be that of the company, as is the case with Klickpages.

Or, your name and what you do, if it is a professional profile with your face, not with that of the company, as Bill Gates and Mairo Vergara do.

It all depends on what your goal is. A company with your name stamped on it, or with the name of the brand.

User name

You know when you’re going to tag someone in a post and use that person’s @name? Well, it is that of the user.

My advice is that the Name and Username are the same or as similar as possible.

Now, the advice that is worth gold is that you use the same name on all social networks, in addition to Instagram.

Thus, it is easier for people to memorize it and quickly find you in other places.

This advice is valuable for everyone, but mainly for those who are starting to invest in the tool.

It is essential to engrave your brand in people’s minds. The faster the better.


Here you will see something that bothers a lot of people. Because in the world of Digital Marketing it is common for you to have more than one page.

A blog, a site, and a sign-up page, for example.

However, disclosing all those pages within Instagram was always a nightmare.

Until recently, the space in the profile to place the site was the only possibility you had to add a clickable link (that is, in which people can click).

Because nothing prevents you from including links to the description of photos, for example. Just keep in mind that it won’t be clickable.

Currently, in the Stories function, it is also possible to drag to the top ( swipe up). However, this action is only available for those with more than 10,000 followers.

In fact, Instagram is annoying when it comes to links. For now, those are the only two alternatives you have – Profile and Stories.

And my advice is to make the most of those spaces. If not, your audience will depend exclusively on Instagram.

If you don’t have a site or blog yet, you can add the link to your profile on other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Another basic aspect is that the URL (the link) must be friendly. This means that people have to understand right away what it is about.

No links with a thousand numbers, gigantic random letters.

Biography (or bio)

Finally, the blessed one appeared. If you made it to this article, it is because you probably want to find out what I wrote about her here.

Although, you have already noticed that it is not advantageous to focus only on that topic. What makes the difference is the whole.

The biography is where you tell in a few words what your profile is about. And when I say in a nutshell, it is literally like this: you have 150 characters to use.

I will briefly explain how to use that space. In the meantime, the important thing is to know what it is for.

What to write on your Instagram profile: 12 easy steps

What to write on your Instagram profile: 12 easy steps

By now you already know all the elements that a biography should contain. Now is the time to learn the 12 steps to writing your creative profile on Instagram.

# 1 Are you in the correct airport?

I don’t know if you’ve already seen the Friends series. It is one of the most famous in the world. It tells the story and adventures of six friends living in New York.

During the last season that scene appears that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. One of the characters, Ross, wants to declare his love for Rachel.

The drama: Rachel is at the airport, ready to catch the plane to Paris.

Ross almost freaks out trying to get there on time. And it achieves it a few minutes before boarding.

The only problem is that he got the wrong airport. Rachel is on the other side of town. You can imagine the disappointment he was!

The situation is the same as it happens in your business. If you go to the wrong airport, you miss the opportunity to make an unforgettable statement.

The correct airport is where your target audience is present. Therefore, before creating a profile on Instagram, you need to know if that audience is in that specific place.

This requires a lot of market research and people definition. They are the first stages in the creation of any business.

My advice is that you clearly define the points, before venturing to use social networks.

# 2 Use all available resources

I just told you that one of the drawbacks of Instagram is the lack of space to add clickable links.

That was a difficulty that I had in the Klickpages profile.

Who accompanies me there, knows that in each new blog post, I updated the link in the biography. However, this procedure had its limitations.

Then my team and I had a great idea: use the Fixed Stories feature (which are posted at the bottom of the bio) to post essential information, as shown in the image.

That was a recent change to the Klickpages Instagram profile and the results were immediately displayed.

Many repeated doubts that arose in private messages ( direct) stopped appearing so frequently. Because the answers to those questions are now in the profile itself.

It was the way we found to optimize the use of Instagram.

It’s that saying, if you can’t beat them, join them.

# 3 Without any blah blah blah

The biography is the space for you to put who you are and what you do. Or, what your company does and the segment in which it operates.

This is the easiest way to make it clear to the visitor what they will find on your profile. As I told you before, space is limited (150 characters), so you must be direct and objective.

This is not the time to tell a messy story. But do as happens in those “ping-pong” interviews (only quick questions and answers) in which the interviewer asks the interviewee to define himself in a single word.

# 4 Turn on the reflectors

Tell something interesting. If you just say that you are a nutritionist, for example, it may not be enough. Because there are many out there.

Write what stands out to you, some accomplishment, some significant result that you obtained.

More or less what Jeff Walker did when he recounted the position he reached on the New York Times list with his book Launch.

# 5 Stay accessible to your audience

Leave the door open for communication with visitors and followers of your profile. The contact email, a phone number, address, among others.

The one who will decide which is the most appropriate contact resource for your business is you. But if you don’t follow that step, you will put an obstacle in your relationship with people. Since they will not know how they can communicate with you.

It was what I did with Klickpages, by highlighting that information in the fixed Stories, as I mentioned.

There are issues that cannot be addressed by comment or direct.

If you are not accessible to your visitors and followers, they will not give you much importance.

Why would they want to interact with someone who is obviously not interested in chatting?

# 6 An image is worth a thousand characters

Use emojis (faces with different meanings). This resource is popular on Instagram: 50% of captions and comments have at least one emoji.

In the case of the biography, do not forget that your space to write is reduced (150 characters).

Therefore, emojis are great for summarizing what you want to say. Also to convey the message or emotion you want, as Kamon did.

If you know how to choose them properly, emjois make your message clearer, more direct and objective. And since they are figures, it makes great sense to use them on Instagram, a visual platform par excellence.

# 7 Make a call to action

Calls for Action (CTAs) basically serve to invite those who follow you or consume your content, to take a next step.

This step could be to contact the company, follow it on social media, click a link, leave a comment. It’s nothing from the other world.

Can I give you an example? Videos on YouTube are full of CTAs.

“Follow my profiles on social networks, hit the like button on the video, subscribe to my channel” and other calls like that.

# 8 SEO in the vein (something like that)

I have already referred on some occasions here on the blog, to how much the SEO strategy is essential for a digital business.

When you produce content for the internet, you should think about stopping on the first page of Google search. Because 90% of users do not go beyond the first page.

Who is already aware of SEO, understands that one of the most important actions is to use keywords to drive the content.

The same logic applies to Instagram. Using keywords in the biography helps during the search process in the tool itself, so that your profile appears to the right people.

For example, if you have a Digital Marketing business, it is interesting that you use those words in the Instagram biography.

# 9 What about hashtags?

Imagine the volume of information on the internet while you read this line. There are around one trillion nine hundred pages clustered on the net.

Finding what you want in the middle of that universe is like looking for a needle in a haystack. You can take more time than you have.

One of the functions of hashtags (expressions made up of words or phrases preceded by the pound sign #) is to facilitate searches. Well, when you use #marketingdigital, for example, specific content on that subject will be shown.

Therefore, your search will be conducted faster.

Using the hashtags in the Instagram biography is a way to direct the right audience to your profile, since this resource works as a filter.

Although, it is not necessary to submit to the hashtags that already exist. You can create your own with the aim of generating the interest of your audience.

As an example we have the influencer Rayza Nicácio. She created #vamosfazerodiabom, which already had 56,600 posts from her followers when I wrote this article.

This generates involvement with your brand.

# 10 No to the pile of text

This is a trick to make your biography more attractive and assimilable with two basic actions: take the necessary pauses, avoid long, dense and linear texts.

I say trick because inside the tool, it is not possible to do it just by pressing the space key.

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I use that line break feature in my posts.

Those spaces between one paragraph and another are called line breaks. To achieve this effect it is necessary to add an invisible character. It’s simple, let’s see:

  • Open the notebook for notes or notes;
  • Press the space key a few times;
  • Double click on the screen to copy the blank space;
  • Clever! That is your invisible character.

To insert it into a publication, you need to write the text you want, click on enter ( return) and add the invisible character on the line that you want to be blank.

By using this resource, your text and your biography are more organized and light.

# 11 Use appropriate language

How would you speak to a 16-year-old teenager and a 65-year-old man? I’m sure you wouldn’t address them in the same way.

Because they are different audiences (age is one of the factors that determines that difference).

So, to communicate with your audience in the most successful way possible, you have to make use of a language that identifies with it.

For example, it is not appropriate to use expressions typical of young people with older people. Because an approximation is not generated.

The language you use reveals the identity of your brand.

And your Instagram bio is the perfect place to represent that identity. Then my advice is: from the development of your biography, use a language designed for your type of audience.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

Start capturing leads today

If you still don’t use Instagram to capture leads, I tell you that you are missing an opportunity.

Take advantage of conversations with users during publications. Do not miss the chance to obtain their contact information, to later promote a more direct and personalized communication.

It can be an invitation to subscribe to a newsletter, receive news by email, download an e-book, or enroll in a free course.

For all types of action, you must dedicate yourself with great care to the Landing Page, because with them you increase the confirmation of the conversions that you want so much.

See how easy it is to use the Klickpages tool to create your own. Take advantage of it!

Pay attention to the three basic steps:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives proven by tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that do not contribute.
  3. Publish : finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs.



The importance of a well-done Instagram bio cannot be overlooked: it is crucial to forming the first impression that visitors will have of your profile. In this article, the elements that you can add to your Instagram profile were presented: photo, name, username, site and biography. Likewise, I showed you the 11 steps to have a conquering profile of visitors.

How to use emojis, get straight to the point, use the right language, and trust calls to action.

After that series of tips, you are more than ready to optimize your results with the use of Instagram.

Do not stop telling me in the comments, which of the tips you liked the most.

Until next time!