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How to Open a Business: What You Need and Bureaucratic Process?

Let’s find out how to open a business of any kind in a few simple steps. There are different sectors and different possible legal forms. Let’s see all the necessary steps.

Sectors, purposes, and legal forms

You can start a new business in many different industries. It ranges from professional advice to the self-employed, to the commercial enterprise that offers products and/or services in a shop. For example, the activity carried out by the marketing consultant for a company or that carried out by the owner of an online or physical store. In addition, there are the activities of the associations nonprofit as those of cultural institutions or non-profit organizations.

Regardless of the type, there are some mandatory bureaucratic steps. The correct procedure to follow varies from case to case. In fact, based on the project and work organization it is possible to start with an individual activity or with a company or association. Let’s see all the necessary requirements for each case.

how to open business

How to open a business: bureaucratic process, requirements and costs?

There are several ways to open a business. In particular, you can choose between:

  • sole proprietorship: for companies that operate personally with a sole proprietor
  • company: for companies with assets separate from that of the individual entrepreneur (e.g. SRL or SRLS)

Sole proprietorship

The first step to create a sole proprietorship is the opening of a VAT number with a specific request to the Revenue Agency. Furthermore, you will have to register with the business register and you will have to open an INPS position (at the Management of artisans and traders). In order to take advantage of the facilities available and not make mistakes, it is better to be followed by an expert.

Depending on the activity, it will be necessary to obtain the necessary authorizations and comply with the requirements. For example, for an online shop, a certified start-up or SCIA report must be made. To open a restaurant, on the other hand, it is also necessary to have HACCP which certifies compliance with food regulations

The costs of the sole proprietorship primarily concern the professional’s remuneration for the necessary practices. On average, the cost for just opening the VAT number is around € 100 + VAT. To this amount are added up to € 200 for compliance with the register of companies and INPS over € 200 in taxes. 

With, you can open a business quickly and easily. You can open your VAT number in 24 hours with 1 year of legal support 100% online at the price of € 99 + VAT. The service includes the advice of an experienced professional to make the best choices. In addition, we will also help you complete the subsequent obligations such as registration in the register of companies and the practice of starting a business (or SCIA). The cost is € 150 + VAT + approximately € 200 of taxes.

Company: SRL, SRLS, SPA

The company, on the other hand, is a separate subject from the owner who carries out the business activity. In this case, to produce or sell goods and services it is first necessary to set up a company (SRL, SRLS or SPA) with higher costs on average and greater bureaucracy. However, with the company, the owner can count on share capital and have partners who contribute to a common project. Furthermore, in this case, only the company is liable for the debts of the business and not the shareholders directly.

To set up a company, a notary has to sign the statute and the deed of incorporation. The costs for the establishment of the ordinary SRL are those relating to the notary’s fee, taxes, and expenses. On average, the total cost is around € 1,500 + VAT + about € 600 of taxes. Once the company has been established, it will be necessary to complete the further formalities to start the business and correctly manage the accounting. Generally, the costs of the first year of activity are around € 2,500 + VAT for the accountant’s fees and € 700 for initial taxes.

With our SRL establishment service, you can open your company in 7 days with 1 year of legal support 100% online. The service costs € 999 + VAT + approximately € 600 in taxes and includes everything you need to set up your company with the full assistance of experienced professionals. After the constitution, you can create tailor-made contracts and request consultations with professionals for any need of the new company.

In addition, our customers can also request the online accounting service at a price of € 299 + VAT for the first quarter plus approximately € 700 of initial taxes. This price includes all the necessary formalities after the establishment of the company.

How to open a franchise?

Regardless of the legal form, it is possible to start a franchise business without starting from scratch. In these cases, the market is launched using the commercial formula of another successful company (parent company). The affiliated company will be able to benefit from the reputation of an already established brand and from working know-how. For example, this is the case of the franchise shop for online or traditional sales.

Opening a franchise involves the same costs and bureaucratic requirements to start any other business. The advantage is given by the possible sharing with the parent company, for example, of marketing costs and the operational advantage of relying on a winning and already tested business.

Self-employment: consultants and freelancers

Unlike commercial enterprises, self-employed workers and freelancers can work immediately after opening the VAT number, and registration in the business register is not required. Furthermore, the relationship between INPS position and VAT number changes, in fact, in order to pay pension contributions, you register with the separate management. To begin, therefore, the costs concern only the remuneration of the professional who will take care of the practice, with average amounts of € 100 + VAT and up to € 200 for subsequent obligations.

With the cost of opening a VAT number for self-employed workers is € 99 + VAT. Only an amount of € 20 + VAT is added for the INPS registration. Also in this case, the service includes the advice of an experienced professional to make the best choices and the possibility of creating tailor-made contracts and requesting advice for every need.

How to start a non-profit business: The Association?

The association is a body formed by a group of people who share a common non-profit purpose (egg solidarity or cultural purpose). To found a non-profit organization, it is necessary to draw up the statute and the deed of incorporation of the association. If the activity of the association requires it, additional steps are envisaged such as the recognition of the association which involves the intervention of a notary. To avoid errors on the necessary formalities, it may be useful to be guided by a professional expert on the subject.

The costs of forming an association can vary greatly depending on the activity to be carried out. On average, the total cost to open an association is around € 300 + VAT + any taxes.

Our association constitution service allows you to open your association in 24 hours with 1 year of 100% online legal support. The service costs € 99 + VAT and includes everything you need to set up your association with the full assistance of experienced professionals.

After the establishment, you can create tailor-made contracts and request consultations with professionals for any need of the new business (egg contracts for suppliers and collaborators, sponsorship, leasing and use of spaces and services, privacy).

Once the association has been established, it will be necessary to complete some further requirements to start the business and correctly manage the accounting. Generally, the costs of the first year of activity are around € 1,000 + VAT.

Our customers can also request the online accounting service starting from € 166 + VAT per quarter. This price includes everything needed to start the association after the association is formed.

How to open a business without your own money: what you need?

It is possible to start a business with little money thanks to some discounts. The cheapest way is to open a VAT number on a flat-rate basis which allows you to have very low taxes and reduced annual expenses. If you want to create a company, the costs are higher, but you can still save in some cases thanks to the concessions for innovative startups. For a non-profit activity, on the other hand, you can choose an association of any type with very low average costs, except for entities that must register or be recognized through a notary.

If you don’t have minimum start-up capital, one solution to start with no money is to find someone who can finance the idea. You can contact friends or relatives or professional investors (business angels or venture capitalists). These are people who lend money to high-risk businesses that banks don’t finance.

Furthermore, it is possible to access dedicated subsidized loans. There are many initiatives to start new businesses such as Invitalia’s zero-interest loans for young people. There is also specific regional funding that varies at the local level. To access it, just consult the institutional sites and check the calls proposed every year.