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How to re-engage an old email contact base?

Don’t give up on an old base before trying some of the actions suggested in this post — and see how to know if it worked

Many companies use registration systems to record sales, purchase history and customer list.

However, it is common to see many companies that do not relate to these contacts. The list becomes full of people, time passes and these contacts are forgotten in a database without becoming results

If you identify with this scenario and don’t know what to do to turn these contacts into something of value, this post will help you!

Does it make sense to use this base?

Before you start, check if you really should use this base: Below are some points to consider.

Is this your base?

This is the first question, as it is not a good email marketing practice to send emails to a third base, that is, a purchased or purchased base.

Does this base know your company?

If you’ve changed your business and are trying to leverage your old company’s contacts, you need to do this very carefully. Even though these people know you, they will not recognize your company name on the sender and may classify you as spam.

Did these contacts give their names and emails of their own free will?

It’s no use having a cold base, that is, people who didn’t want to register their contacts in your system. Assess well the quality and relationship you have with these contacts so that your campaign is not suspended.

Clean your base!

After this analysis, the next step is to clean these contacts in an email scanner. In the case of old bases and manually registered bases, incorrectly typed emails may appear and also some that no longer exist.

To perform this action, there are some tools that do this, such as Safety MailsExpert Validator  and Checker. This check is also essential to not have a campaign suspended by the number of hard bounces.

Now is the time to create your engagement campaign for these contacts.

How to use this email base

You can use these contacts in two main ways: by creating an ad and offering just to those contacts,  or by sending an email directly to those contacts.

Here we are going to look at the second option. Check out how to create your emails below.

Subject matter

It all starts with an email subject! It’s no use the best email structure, a clean base, a killer content if your subject doesn’t convert. In other words, it encourages your base to open the email. There are techniques that directly influence the conversion of email campaigns. Use mental triggers and, if possible, variables.


Fernanda, have you withdrawn your award?

(variable) + (trigger of curiosity) + 40 characters

It’s direct and makes you want to open it! We’ve already talked about the importance of using mental triggers and also how to apply them in your Digital Marketing strategies. In short, a mental trigger is a mechanism the brain uses to shorten decision-making.


A good practice is for your email to have a sender! Someone with a first and last name, not your company name. An email in someone’s name brings an identification because it is a human on the other side and not a machine that speaks for the company. This practice conveys security, trust and personalization.

There are contexts in which it is complicated to use the person’s name and, depending on your industry, you can make it more of a marketing strategy. The company Vandal Power uses its sender as an “Intern”, bringing a mood of humor and lightness to its emails.

There are also companies that create characters to be their spokespersons, such as Magazine Luiza. Results Digitais signs its emails with the name of our co-founder André Siqueira.

Have a strategy that makes sense for your segment, with which your persona identifies and that, above all, has the face of your company.


Beauty! Your customer has already opened their email, now it’s showtime!

The good practice for the first contact with an old base is to understand who these people are, at what moment they are, and what is their relationship with your company, for this you can:

Submit a satisfaction survey

Send a link to a landing page asking your customers how they felt on their last call. Let your base tell you how they feel about your brand or company.

Submit a content search

Ask your base what they would like to receive through a landing page. This way, you send the best content and avoid spam. It’s good for the customer and good for you!

Submit a registration update

Request the update of your contacts’ data, so that your mailing is valid, fresh and renewed!


For a first contact, your structure can be: Greeting + Presentation + Proposal + CTA. See the following example: 

Hello CUSTOMER, how are you?

I’m Fernanda, responsible for communication at company X .

We are updating our customer records, could you help me?

Take this quick survey to ensure your information is valid.

At the end of the survey, we have a special gift!

Click on the button below and answer:



  • If you don’t want to introduce yourself, use “we are from company X”. However, it is very appreciated when we have the name of the person who is sending the email. This brings a feeling of closeness, makes the email more organic and personal;
  • The button should lead to a landing page, requesting name, email and opt-in to receive emails;
  • The special gift could be a discount for the next purchase, a rich material, or a welcome. Example: say that he will be on a VIP list of customers who will receive special content and offers;
  • Think about the scannability of the text, to facilitate dynamic reading and ensure that the main points are engraved in the reader’s eyes.

Measuring Action Success

Nice! Email sent, but how will I know if it was a success or not? Analyze your submission metrics, the key ones being:


How many of the emails did you send actually made it to your contacts’ inboxes? The average of successful emails in Brazil today is 95% of deliveries.


How many of the emails that arrived in the inboxes of these contacts captured attention and encouraged the opening of that email? The average email open today in Brazil is 15%.


How many of these open emails led your contacts to click on the CTA you proposed in the email? The average of clicks on emails today in Brazil is at 2%.


How many of those CTA clicks actually converted to the landing page you offered? An average conversion market in Brazil is 20% of those who visit the page.


How many of these emails have been marked to no longer receive emails from your company? An acceptable number of unsubscribes is 1% of the total.


How many of these contacts were marked as spam or fell straight into the spam box? An acceptable number of spam is 0.1%.

Other criteria for good emails

For good email metrics, another influencing element is the day and time you sent that email. There is no basic rule of good days and times. That depends on whether your contacts are professional or personal, whether your audience is more active in the morning, afternoon or evening.

To find the best time to send emails, you must study your persona very well.

In general, professional emails (those that are tend to have good rates from Monday to Thursday, mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Personal emails, on the other hand, tend to be opened more in the afternoon and evening, as this is when the contact is giving vent to their personal demands.

But, reinforcing: there is no rule. It depends on the segment, it depends on the contacting routine, and for that, it is essential to understand your persona very well.