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How to set up an ecommerce: learn to structure your virtual store from scratch

See what are the first steps to selling online with your own e-commerce

How to set up e-commerce? Start by choosing the best e-commerce platform, define your logistical operation and the payment methods you will accept in your online store. Register the products, choose the relationship channels with your customers and define a sales and after-sales policy.

With the start of the pandemic in 2020, many companies had to rethink the way they work. Companies that did not yet sell their products and services online had to digitize and face this new reality.

As a result, more than ever we see the emergence of new virtual stores offering the most diverse products every day.

So if you don’t sell online yet and have this desire but don’t know where to start?

Video transcript on how to set up an e-commerce

In this content, we will teach you how you can set up your e-commerce in a quick and easy way. First of all, you need to determine what you are going to sell. Probably if you are in this video, you already know that you should have everything organized, such as suppliers, planning, etc. All of this needs to be in order in the same way as if you were setting up your physical store.

Planning is essential for everything to run smoothly and without surprises, so it’s much better to organize your entire structure, the necessary licenses and contracts, and all stages of your operation in advance. First of all, you need to determine if you want to have a marketplace or an online store of your own. There are big differences in these two models:


The marketplace already offers a good part of the operation, such as: layout, display of your product, payment method and delivery method. But he will retain a percentage of every sale in his store.

Own virtual store

If you choose your own online store, you will also need to invest. You can hire someone to design a layout, study the best ways to deliver your product and also the best payment methods that meet your needs.

But is now the time to set up e-commerce?

With the pandemic, people are more at home, avoiding physical stores, so this is a safe way for consumers to buy your products. Therefore, probably the time to structure your e-commerce has already arrived.

Choose between marketplace or set up your own e-commerce

If you chose the marketplace, there are many options like Mercado Livre, Amazon, B2W, Netshoes, etc. The choice depends on what you sell, so it’s nice to research and understand what best suits your brand.

If you choose to have your own business, your own online store, let’s take the next steps:

1 – Choose the best online sales platform you can find

There are a lot of cool options out there, with super affordable prices like Shopfy, Integrated Store, Cloud Shop, etc. Including, in the Cloud Shop and in the Integrated Store, for example, you can set up your virtual store in just a few minutes. Now, if you want a more complete and complex operation, you can opt for Tray, Vtex and Majento. Finally, you will choose the platform that works best for your business.

 Platforms that have integration with RD Station

If you already use RD Station Marketing, it is super important to choose a platform that already has integration with our tool. So you’ll be able to recover customers who abandoned products in the cart, for example, or create an email flow, among many other actions.

It is important to have this information in hand precisely to determine what is working or not in your marketing campaigns and act as soon as possible. Here is a list of all e-commerce platforms that integrate RD Station.

Advantages of Integration with RD Station

Having an e-commerce platform integrated with RD Station is a great opportunity and advantage for your business. For example, you can send an email as soon as the customer has finished the purchase on your website, congratulate them on the purchase or bring new offers related to the purchased product.

When a sale is canceled, you can bring that customer back to the RD Station and nurture them with more information to turn them into a new opportunity. When a boleto is generated, you can remind your customer by email.

Finally, there are countless ways to use each of your customer’s experiences throughout their shopping journey. Want a tip? Keep an eye on RD Station Marketing! There you will find countless opportunities to boost your sales even more. If you want to know more, click on the link that goes straight to the help center or speak directly to our expert support.

2 – Logistics, preparation and shipment of sales

Now you need to think about who and how you will receive, prepare, and ship your orders. It’s time to think about the logistics of your e-commerce. There are companies that specialize in taking care of this part of the process.

So, if you need a mega operation, go deep, but we know that in many cases this can be solved with two employees. For example one is responsible for receiving and preparing the order and another for shipping. Or even a single employee, responsible for this entire part of the process. It depends a lot on how much and what you sell.

3 – Payment methods, traditional and E-Wallets

It is necessary to define payment methods that are safe for both those who are buying and those who are selling. It is a very strong point that you have to think about when structuring your e-commerce. Of course, the ideal would be to be able to offer your customer all forms of payment, that is, credit card, bank slip, transfer. Currently, the use of intermediaries and digital wallets has been growing a lot in recent years, they have proven to be a very safe option. An example of this is that, in the first quarter of last year alone, the use of services grew 65% here in Brazil.

We are talking about Paypal, Pagseguro, MercadoPago. Picpay, among many others. In addition to transaction security, these companies usually offer their users a cashback.

4 – Attention in product registration

You need to invest time and dedication when registering your products. This part is crucial when closing a sale. That’s because the more details your product has, in addition to the description, the more likely you are to sell.

Divide your products into categories and subcategories and please their description must be complete! Let’s remember that we are in an online store and this will help your user experience within your page to improve SEO.

5 – Relationship and support channels

It is important for you to define the channels where you will want to be present when creating this security relationship with your customers. For example, when I’m going to buy from a store I don’t know yet, I go there and look at Instagram, look at Reclame Aqui and read the comments on Facebook. All of this will give me an indication of whether or not I can trust this company, and mainly I try to understand how the company treats its customers.

No store is free from some setback when delivering a product to the consumer’s home, but a good indication of the company’s character and culture is precisely understanding how it deals with its problems. In addition to social networks, it is important to pay attention to other communication channels such as contact email and the SAC.

Having all this well structured will help and raise the quality of your brand and your customer service! 😉