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Personal branding: 7 tips to build your site

Personal branding: 7 tips to build your site

How do you think other people see you?

That image that we decide to convey to people is called personal branding or personal brand.

Who does not plan personal branding, leaves the free passage for others to form their own perception.

That is, you do not guarantee that the image that someone in the public has of you is exactly what you would like.

And you don’t want your potential clients and business contacts to have a bad impression of you, right?

That is why it is so important to work on your personal brand.

Because it allows you to exercise control of your image over how you are seen by others.

If your clients or potential clients need some information from you, such as your contact information, for example, they will most likely look for it on the internet.

For sure, the search page is going to give you an answer. But, how can you make sure that it is the one you would like?

The best way to control this result is to be present in the digital environment, through a personal website, where you can choose exactly what people can and should know about you.

It is about that matter that I am going to talk to you in this article: how to create a personal site to take advantage of your personal branding in the best way.

I am going to explain better what personal branding is about, why having a personal site is essential to build your brand online and what are the advantages of investing in you.

Personal Branding, what is it?

Personal branding, or personal branding, is a concept that refers to people who market themselves, their careers, and brands.

That is the most famous definition of personal branding created by Tom Peters, American author and administrator, considered responsible for popularizing the term.

In other words, Peters affirms that, regardless of the position or area of ​​action, each person is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company called “myself” and that our most important job is to promote our personal brand.

However, in addition to being a way of selling, personal branding is also building an honest representation in the eyes of the world about who you really are.

And talk about what you want to achieve in life and how you can help the people around you.

In the past, personal branding consisted of having a business card with your name and title on it. In general, it was used by those seeking employment in large companies.

But today, more and more people are starting with their own products and services. Therefore, a simple card with your name and what you do is not enough.

It is necessary to be present in the digital world, sites and social networks. Share what you think, your passions, hobbies and goals in life.

All of that is part of your personal brand.

Reasons to build your personal site and do personal branding online 

Reasons to build your personal site and do personal branding online

There are several reasons to build your personal brand on the internet. But the most important thing is that: everyone is online!

A large part of the population is connected to the internet and you must be too to reach more people.

You can’t be just another face in the crowd, you need to stand out from the competition. And the best way is that you have a personal site to make the most of your personal branding.

The site is a way to be more accessible, it facilitates contact with your current and potential clients. It helps you to be recognized in the market and increase your networking.

Another great advantage of having a personal site is keeping control of the information that people receive from you.

After all, who better than you to talk about you yourself?

With the site, you will have the power to choose what information to share and what you think is necessary for your audience to know.

Last but not least, the personal site gives you credibility.

Did you hear someone say, “If it’s on the internet, is it true?” Well, it is more or less like this. The site is a real and serious way of claiming that you exist.

So, let’s now go to the tips on how to build your personal site.

1. Have your own domain on the internet

If you want to be easily located, nothing better than having your own domain on the internet.

That is the first step to start building your personal site.

The domain is the name of your site, the one that is written in the URL of the page.

The image below shows the site of Bruno Gameness, a benchmark in Universalist spirituality. Look at the address of the site, his domain contains the name he chose to present himself to the public.

Have your own domain on the internet

Having the domain of your site, the same or similar to your name, facilitates the path of people looking for you.

If someone puts your name in a search engine like Google, it is likely that your site appears in the first results, because it is a perfect “match” to search.

So, when you go to create your site, try to use a domain that includes your name, or the one you are going to choose to represent your personal brand.

In addition to the ease of search, it is a way of transmitting confidence and security with your audience, as they will be accessing something that is really yours.

2. Learn how you want to be seen

¿ in what ways would you like to be known?

That’s a question to ask yourself when building your brand and personal site.

And also these: what are my goals in life? What is my worth and why do I make a difference? What makes me different from others? What makes me proud?

Your personal branding, as I said before, serves to show the world your relevance. Therefore, it is necessary that you know your own value.

Make a list of the qualities, abilities, beliefs, values. List everything that is important to you.

Also think about your achievements. It is important to talk about the victories that add value to your brand.

With that in mind and written on paper, it will be easy to understand the objective of your brand, how you want to see it and take advantage of it on your site.

Attention! The most important thing of all is to be yourself. Don’t try to create a character.

3. about you

It may seem strange to be talking about this, but as soon as a visitor enters your site, it is important that they know who you are and what you do. Almost instantly.

People don’t have to guess who you are and what the purpose of your personal page is.

Even if the URL of your site has your name, it is necessary to place it at the beginning of the page, and if possible, briefly inform what you do.

Over you

The top image is from the Social Media site Peg Fitzpatrick. At the top of the page she puts her name, what she does and what she is known for.

Immediately, whoever enters the site will have an idea of ​​who she is. In addition to that description, it is important to have a part dedicated to talking “about yourself”.

In this section, you will talk more about yourself, your career, professional achievements, life history…

… Just be careful not to refer too much to the past. It is important to focus on what you are doing now and your plans for the near future.

It’s worth getting creative too and sharing a bit of your hobbies and other interests that go beyond work.

Be careful not to share very personal information. Think only about what is important and may be of interest to your audience.

4. Invest in professional photos 

When building a personal brand, people want and need to see your face. Therefore, put your photo in a prominent position, so that you are easily remembered.

Invest in good, professional photos. A sulfide may not get you far, professionally speaking, or convey the credibility you want.

The secret of a good photo is in the details.

Choose your clothes well, wear pieces that reflect your professional personality.

A good idea is to use basic pieces and add a more personal touch by using a few accessories.

Preferably, smile. A true smile makes you appear friendly and approachable.

Where you take your photo is also important. A background with a lot of information, a lot of people, can be a source of distraction.

5. Contact details

Contact information

When you create a personal site, the idea is that people find you.

Not only locate the site, but you.

So, it is very important to provide your contact details. It can be the phone number, Whastapp, email.

It is also interesting to share your social networks, if you wish. If for example you are a photographer, it is worth putting your Instagram or Flickr.

It doesn’t matter which medium you prefer. What matters is that people see you and can communicate with you.

If you do not want to directly disclose your data, such as email, a good idea would be to open a “Talk to us” section.

There the person can write the direct message on your personal page and it will be taken to your email.

6. Talk to your audience through quality content

Talk to your audience through quality content

Now that you know the goal of having a brand and a personal page, it is necessary to communicate with your audience and understand what they want.

The success of any brand is knowing how to create good relationships with the audience.

Relationships are important to people. We are, proven, beings that need the company of others to live and evolve.

So to be successful, you must connect with your audience:

¿ what are their problems and desires? How can I help you and give you solutions?

Because when you help a person solve a problem or achieve a goal, it is very likely that he will help you too.

But how do you converse with your audience?

There are several ways to communicate with the public. Text, video, podcast, images, info graphics … Any of them is valid as long as it works for you.

If you’re not good at cameras and get nervous just thinking about appearing in a video, that would not be a good alternative for you.

Try to discover how you express yourself better, how you manage to convey information more clearly and start investing in good content.

Quality content is talking about what you know in a memorable and genuine way, so that people really want to consume what you offer, and more importantly, that they want to share it with others.

Talking about what you know, in addition to providing credibility and showing your specialty, is the way to constantly communicate and connect with the public.

7. Strengthen your personal branding with tests

Social influence is a very powerful tool.

You have probably already wanted to buy a product, but you had doubts about its quality.

To solve that problem, look at the comments and evaluations of other consumers to be sure that you would make a good purchase.

The opinion of other people influenced you at the time of the final decision.

Robert Coalmine, persuasion specialist, explains that people are more willing to take a certain action when there is a recommendation involved.

Or if there is evidence that others, especially if they are similar to them, are buying or using that particular product or service.

Therefore, to give your site more credibility and increase your power of persuasion, use the testimonials of people who know your work and your product.

If they are in the form of text, the ideal is that you publish them with the name and photo of the person.

Incorporate a social network of who shared their testimony. That reinforces the idea that it is a real person and not a made-up comment.


Benchmarking conclusion

In this article I wanted to show you, as more and more people are their own brands, mainly when they become entrepreneurs.

I explained what personal branding is, or personal brand, in addition, that the best way to invest in your brand is by creating a personal site.

The website makes it easy to attract new customers, connect with other people in the industry, and show the world who you are.

And most importantly, it allows you to have control over the information that others receive from your message.

Knowing all that, it’s time to start building your personal online branding. And with Klickpages, you will be able to create it very easily.

Our tool offers various types of templates that will help you set up a page to attract visitors and customers.

I hope!