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WhatsApp Marketing: how to increase your business spending little

WhatsApp Marketing: how to increase your business spending little

There is little money. You want to invest in the marketing of your business, but you don’t know where and how to invest what little you have in your pocket. WhatsApp Marketing can be the salvation.

It is a common situation. Mainly for those who are starting a digital business from scratch, because many times their wallet is almost empty.

And the best thing is to focus on cheap strategies with which you get immediate results. Deep down, you know well that you can’t stop doing digital marketing.

If you identified with that situation, this article was made for you.

Because if I had to recommend a single tool to someone who has a red account and wants to do digital marketing, it would be WhatsApp Marketing.

It is one of the cheapest and most accessible ways to do digital marketing.

Economic because WhatsApp Marketing is free. You can access its full potential, without paying anything for that fabulous tool.

Accessible because with just a cell phone, anyone can download an application and trigger messages to their contacts.

With WhatsApp Marketing, you reach your audience, no matter what it is.

People who use smartphones generally have WhatsApp. Chances are, if your prospectuses that app on their phone, they may be waiting for your message right now.

It is a tool that allows direct contact with the public. Including answering questions, opinion polls, sales, and reaching out to more people.

But notice that I said that WhatsApp Marketing is cheap and accessible.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Just as every entrepreneur has access, many slip-ups and mistakes are made.

Many believe they know how to use it. But it is precisely those people who are wrong on fundamental points that can destroy the image of the business.

Do not be alarmed because now I am going to explain the step by step so that you do not make any of those most common mistakes in WhatsApp Marketing.

When you finish this article, you will have a complete guide to using this tool and harnessing its full strength.

In addition, I am going to present you a manual of etiquette (good manners) so that your business is not unpleasant in the eyes of your clients when using WhatsApp.

They are the 13 most successful strategies that bring the most results.

And one more thing: how to plan and put all of them up and running right now.

WhatsApp Marketing is a complete strategy that enables you to have a closer communication with your audience.

But it can also be a trap, if you are not careful with some essential rules.

I’m going to show you how to put together a successful strategy and use that tool to grow your business.

Let’s do it!

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Before defining what WhatsApp Marketing is, first I am going to explain what WhatsApp is.

Maybe you know, or maybe you don’t. It is one of the most popular digital communication platforms in the world.

It is not an exaggeration if I say that anyone who has a smartphone can access WhatsApp.

Millions of people use WhatsApp. Is awesome.

Here I show you a graph of some Latin American countries on the use of the tool.

Its daily use continued to grow in the following years and continues to do so today.

Image source

The platform became a popular phenomenon because it revolutionized the way people communicate.

The truth is, it is the most popular alternative for SMS in 109 countries, that is, 55.6% of the world.

It is no coincidence that Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for the amount of 19 billion US dollars.

I still remember the days when I paid for each SMS message sent. The credits were running out very quickly.

WhatsApp practically put many of the services that people used to extinction.

He came offering text messages, voice calls, video calls. All free.

You can also send photos, emoji videos, without additional costs.

You only need to have access to the internet for the magic to emerge.

Initially, WhatsApp was seen as a mere application to exchange messages.

But it was creating so many different and practical functionalities and resources that it began to occupy an expressive space in the lives of many people.

The companies realized that in this tool there is a great business opportunity. They saw that WhatsApp is the place where potential customers transfer.

It is natural that the platform began to be used to boost business as well.

Then, WhatsApp Marketing is the way in which companies communicate, sell and initiate a relationship with customers, through the message platform.

The best side of all this is that WhatsApp is a free application that is spread among your target audience, whatever it may be.

Another positive point of WhatsApp Marketing is that it allows companies to communicate with customers in real-time.

With this, businesses gain valuable assets in relationship marketing, such as knowing the opinion of the audience, receiving suggestions, criticism and offering personalized support.

Get started today: 13 strategies and uses of WhatsApp Marketing

Get started today: 13 strategies and uses of WhatsApp Marketing

I promised you that I would explain a step by step to implement the WhatsApp Marketing strategies today.

Relax, I’m going to keep my promise.

I am going to list the main strategies and the best ways to use this tool so that you take full advantage of the potential of WhatsApp Marketing.

1. Relationships and customer service on another level

In marketing it is difficult to make universal claims and tell absolute truths because everything changes so fast.

But if there is something important in any business, anywhere in the world, it is excellent customer service.

Being attended to quickly, educationally and having pains and doubts resolved, are attitudes that win over any client.

Because you may have made a mistake that the customers did not like, but with good service, your business can reverse the possible damage and build loyalty.

WhatsApp Marketing is a way of offering an exclusive deal with immediate responses.

If you want to set up a quick and easy service channel to answer customer questions, think of WhatsApp as an effective alternative.

WhatsApp has an open rate of 70%. This means that your client is probably going to open the message you sent them.

But of course: first check if you have the structure and human resources to respond to messages with agility.

It is useless to put this strategy into practice and leave the customer without response for hours.

2. Sending promotions

Using WhatsApp for sales is one of the most used strategies in business.

To avoid spams and messages that reach customers who do not want the service, the company only communicates by WhatsApp when the user registers their number and sends a message to confirm said registration.

In addition to sales and advertisements, WhatsApp serves to serve and dialogue with customers and thus complement actions in other social networks.

3. News and free content of great value 

In the same way that you can send promotions and the best prices for your clients, try sending news that has to do with your field of action.

For example, a nutritionist who was well informed about a new study carried out and that is perfectly suited to her patient’s diet, can send it to her on WhatsApp.

It is a way of showing concern for the user, for their reality, as well as being attentive to the market and the latest news generating authority.

4. Viral content, audio, video and photos

Viral Marketing is a way to impact an audience of millions of people, without needing to buy a space in the media.

The idea is to create creative and impactful content and reach the largest possible audience quickly, through shared snapshots of the message.

And WhatsApp is the perfect territory to spread that type of content. Therefore, you must have already seen and shared some viral content on WhatsApp.

Be careful and don’t do that so often so as not to fill your clients’ spaces with viral content.

Do not play the role of that uncle or that aunt who sends viral content all the time, without giving you time to breathe between one message and another.

But used wisely, viral are another way to shock and excite your audience.

5. Contents with links for Landing Pages

Producing quality content marketing is a priority for any entrepreneur working on digital platforms.

In the end, the goal is always conversion. Either convert a lead or have the customer make the purchase.

The highest conversion rates in digital marketing have to do with the landing pages of the strategy.

Landing page is a conversion page, also called a landing page, landing page, or entry page.

By using direct and objective language, it aims to guide the user to take an action on your site or blog.

I do not know if it is the best method that exists to convert customers and leads, but it is the best method that I know.

It is difficult to be successful in digital marketing, without understanding what a landing page is and using it in favor of your strategy.

One of the ways to do WhatsApp Marketing is by sending links to your pages, informing your audience of the benefits that they will obtain if they click on them.

Whether it is the download of an e-book or any other content of value to your audience.

6. Increase sales

Get started today: 13 strategies and uses of WhatsApp Marketing

This stage is a continuation of strategy number 2 (sending promotions). If you make offers for promotions and products, it is natural that at some point the customer agrees to buy.

Increasing sales using WhatsApp Marketing is one of the most important strategies that companies apply on this platform.

For example, I know specialty beer stores that send the catalog to the customer by WhatsApp and include the beers that are discounted on that particular day.

The client chooses and the company responds immediately informing the terms of payment and delivery of the product.

And not only of beers as of other more basic products are that sold by WhatsApp Marketing.

There was a case in which a man was sentenced to return the money to a woman who had bought land from him.

The impressive thing is that the entire transaction was carried out by WhatsApp, including sending the receipt of the money deposit and other copies of the documents.

However, the deed was not drawn up and the buyer sued the seller in the courts and won the case.

I mean, look at how things go from beers to real estate. WhatsApp Marketing is a strategy increasingly used by companies to do business.

7. Provision of services

Depending on your business, many times you manage to provide a service through WhatsApp.

Take the opportunity to exchange instant messages in real time to create personalized attention that represents a unique experience for the customer.

Using the example of the nutritionist, imagine clarifying a question or discussing things that previously could only be discussed during a formal consultation.

You save the customer’s time and also make them loyal.

Remember that your company serves to solve problems and pain for your audience.

If you can do that using WhatsApp Marketing, it is one more channel to strengthen relationships with your audience.

I’m going to give you the example of Hellmann’s mayonnaise that took this service provision to another level.

In 2014, the company created Whatcom, a service that helped customers prepare something to eat at home with whatever was in the refrigerator/fridge/freezer.

Best of all, they put Kitchen Chefs to exchange messages with people on WhatsApp. They explained what and how to cook in real time.

It worked like this: After registering the cell phone number on the site, the Hellmann’s team sent the prescriptions and answered the customers’ questions.

Look at it:

Another good example is that of the Delhi police in India.

They created an anti-corruption channel on WhatsApp and publicized it in all institutional propaganda spaces.

All the user needed to do was send images of Indian police officers who were not proceeding correctly or were taking bribes of any kind.

On the day of the launch, there were 23 thousand messages, which led to the imprisonment of 6 police officers.

8. Transmission lists

My brother Erica Rocha, one of the most renowned specialists in digital marketing in Brazil, has broadcast lists to communicate with clients of the Launch Formula course.

When you sign up, you get on the streaming list of content he produces on digital marketing.

In other words, he only sends you content after you authorize and express interest.

That already removes the shadow of spam.

You can use this tool to send content, notify about various events and conferences that you organize.

The biggest advantage is that you don’t need to send the message to each customer individually.

You can send it to everyone in one go.

9. The power of groups

WhatsApp allows you to create groups of a maximum of 256 members. With this function you can form a collective chat for all members to interact.

These groups are ideal for situations in which not only the interaction with your audience is important.

But when clients themselves can help each other solve problems and deal with issues of common concern, it pays off for everyone.

Be careful not to bore your audience.

I know people who are terrified of WhatsApp groups, precisely because they cannot bear the content of the messages they receive, whether in the group of friends, work, neighbors or family…

Groups are very useful for sharing information about customers with similar profiles, needs or inclinations.

10. Engagement with WhatsApp Marketing

How about thinking of a new marketing action that will surprise your audience?

In addition to offering faster attention and disseminating content, WhatsApp can be an excellent tool for marketing actions that seek to get out of the ordinary.

Take a look at this example from Absolut, a global brand that sells vodkas.

The company held a contest with customers. An exclusive party, without ticket sales.

To enter, the person had to convince the security guard.

But the conversation with him had to be all on WhatsApp. The video is worth watching:

The most important thing is to think of WhatsApp as an amazing strategy and do viral marketing different from what your competition does.

11. Identify your brand

When you add someone on WhatsApp and give a conversation, it is very difficult not to click on the photo of the person to learn a little more about them.

The same thing happens with your company. If you do not choose a profile photo that translates your brand, or worse still, if you leave it without a photo, you send a negative and unprofessional message.

Remember that your client is human. Later, he also likes to converse with humans.

Starting a conversation with a real person makes much more sense than placing bots or robots to reply to messages. Undoubtedly.

If your company has a physical location, take advantage of the functionality that is used to send the location and thus make it easier for the customer to find you faster.

This being the case, the client then receives an interactive map with the address within Google Maps.

12. Satisfaction survey

Let’s think together you and me. If you have at hand an agile and easy way to communicate with your customers.

A list of telephones of all the clients (people interested in receiving your messages).

Why not use this tool as a thermometer to measure satisfaction and know the opinion of your customers?

Ask the public if they like the service you provide, if you need to improve something.

Receive criticism and ask for suggestions.

Do not settle or expect to reach the point of dissatisfaction of your client and that he says what he expects of you and your company.

Go ahead and use WhatsApp Marketing to find solutions before the problems are bigger than they are.

13. Use mental triggers

Mental triggers are psychological weapons used by marketing to ignite the need for action of the recipient of the message.

And as the name implies, something that impacts the mind of the recipient in such a way that it elicits a reaction.

They should be quick messages that arouse the reader’s attention and curiosity.

These internalize behaviors and actions, filtering what is most important and guiding us to proceed quickly in the face of something that arises as a need.

Which avoids a whole work of reflection before making decisions.

Etiquette Manual: The main cares and mistakes when using WhatsApp Marketing

Etiquette Manual: The main cares and mistakes when using WhatsApp Marketing

1. The question is not always about you

Did you ever notice that you went to dinner at someone’s house and the host got up from the table, began to give a speech and talk about him, his virtues, non-stop?

Have you already been through that situation?

They are those people who like to massage their own ego. Everyone present looks at each other in boredom, while someone praises himself.

Well then, don’t be that kind of person (or company).

Use WhatsApp Marketing to talk about your products and what you can offer the customer.

Sending messages every day to praise what you have achieved as an entrepreneur, or talk about how incredible your company is, is only going to annoy your audience.

Here it is worth remembering the ultimate rule of content marketing: generate value to create authority among the audience.

2. No to spam

It is a big mistake.

What happens if you receive messages from people from whom you do not want to receive anything at all?

Spam messages do not contribute.

Instead of connecting with your brand, the person will distance themselves from your company.

As I explained to you, my brother Erica only adds the person to the WhatsApp Marketing transmission list, when the client authorizes it through a message on the cell phone.

Which is a step forward to confirm that the person wants to receive the content and the messages are of interest to them.

If you start sending messages to people who do not want to receive them, or flood the inbox of customers, you can be sure that all this will have a negative effect on your business.

3. Answer everyone

It is very unpleasant when you have a question about a certain service or product, you need a response from the company and you are left talking to yourself.

Answer your customers always.

As much as the answer is not positive and may be displeasing, leaving the client talking to the wall is the worst thing you can do.

4. Don’t send too heavy videos

Video has already become the way people consume content the most today.

It is good that you remain attentive to that important detail and send video content to your audience.

But only those who have a state-of-the-art cell phone know how annoying it is to receive heavy videos on WhatsApp.

You receive the message and when you realize it, the video is 40 MB. Which represents a huge space for many people who do not have so much memory on their cell phone.

If your video is long and heavy, use compactors. You can find some free tools for this purpose on the internet.

Besides that the video takes up a lot of space, it is difficult to share it and consequently, it also complicates its vitalization.

5. Take a good look at the time

Send your messages during work hours. Let your audience rest.

Ok, it’s true. There are people who work and work 24 hours a day. These people may send you messages on WhatsApp from time to time.

But it is important that you put a brake on them and establish hours in which you will be able to attend them.

It’s the same feeling that you get when you are with your family at lunch on a Sunday and you receive a call from the cell phone operator offering you a new package.

Those basic rules of coexistence also apply to WhatsApp Marketing.

6. Accept when rejected

It is normal that at some point the person thinks “I do not want to receive the content of that company anymore.”

It can be painful, but you have to accept naturally and let the client leave your WhatsApp Marketing list.

A common mistake is that the person says that they do not want to receive more messages from a certain business, this is ignored and continues to send messages daily.

It is the same as a relationship in which one of the people does not want to continue. If only one side has an interest in keeping it, there is no way it will work.

So, when a client asks you not to receive messages or content on WhatsApp, let him go. Respect their decision.

7. Unique number

Do not mix WhatsApp Marketing actions with your personal number. These should be separated so as not to confuse your work (your professional side) with your personal life.

When your business begins to grow, it is natural that other collaborators also help you manage WhatsApp Marketing.

And that would be very difficult, if the number is associated with your personal cell phone.

So, use a specific phone line for WhatsApp Marketing.

8. Less coldness, more love

Sure, it’s not for you to tell the customer that you love them.

It’s just a way of telling you to take advantage of that fast and personal communication platform to get closer to your audience.

Don’t use the client’s WhatsApp to fill it with tons of meaningless content.

Use this channel to strengthen relationships with the audience and offer personalized attention.

WhatsApp Marketing is one of the easiest and most practical strategies to chat with the client as if he were a friend.

Following the rules that I suggested, you will hardly run the risk that your client considers you undesirable on WhatsApp and will maintain their friendship for much longer.


Before you start sending messages to your clients on WhatsApp, it is worth defining how you want to position your brand on that platform.

At the end of the day, planning your actions is ideal in any digital marketing strategy, and that rule remains in force also in the case of WhatsApp.

In the etiquette manual I told you about, there are several suggestions for care that you should have when applying your strategy.

Such care can be of great help to mount your planning.

Some useful examples that I usually observe:

Define the contents: you can send videos to publicize a product, a photo with valuable content or simply a text. Each format can serve your audience in some way.

What time are the messages to be sent? What is the best time of day to chat with your audience?

In what situations are you going to send a new message?

It can be at the launch of a new product to run giveaways or announce promotions.

Keep each of those variables in mind.

Remember that all this will serve to prevent the client from blocking your cell phone number. It is what you least want.

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Marketing?

What are the advantages of WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp Marketing is free.

The application allows you to send messages to the entire customer base, free of charge.

And here there are no algorithms that prevent everyone from seeing your message, as in Facebook, for example.

To have full access to your subscriber base on Facebook, you have to pay and the organic reach of your messages is decreasing.

High message opening rate

Have you already noticed that when you receive a message by WhatsApp, a notification appears on the screen of your cell phone?

Therefore, according to the Digital Defend study, your message has a 70% chance that recipients will open it.

Its performance is better than that of any email marketing list.

Direct contact with the client

WhatsApp allows you to chat with the client in a friendly way.

That quick message exchange is a private channel. It even enables the brand to establish more direct communication with the customer.

WhatsApp Marketing is not yet saturated by your competition

Compared to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, WhatsApp has a less strong brand presence. What allows you to be a pioneer or one of the first to arrive?

Content versatility

One of the great advantages of WhatsApp Marketing is the versatility in terms of the content you can work with.

You can send text messages, pictures. Also the videos have been incorporated by various brands with significant results.

Tool: Whastapp Business

Tool: Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Business is a version of WhatsApp aimed at communication between small and medium-sized companies and their respective clients.

The idea is to facilitate communication between both parties, in addition to making it safer, since the client will be calm to interact with a professional profile.

This service will include some functionalities that the personal WhatsApp application does not have.

A good example is that WhatsApp Business allows you to monitor the statistics on the messages that consumers read and with that basis determine which strategies work.

It is important to note that you cannot use the personal number that you registered in WhatsApp for the purposes of your company in WhatsApp Business.

It is necessary to have another unique number for your company to use in that tool.

Another very interesting advantage is the use of catboats, which are automatic responses to messages.

When your client sends you a message, you can schedule an automatic reply. As a message with frequently asked questions or presentation of your company.

Some entrepreneurs program Chabot to inform in their response that the company is out of business hours.

This is done after a certain time is exceeded, so that the client does not wait for an immediate response when it is already dark, for example.

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

Start capturing leads with Klickpages today

One of the main procedures you can do in WhatsApp Marketing is to send links to your site to attract users and get them to complete a desired action.

Such action can be, for example, making a purchase, inviting to an online conference.

Whatever, you’ll need a landing page (landing page) to capture leads.

It is the best way to gain visibility with the client and awaken their interest in your solutions.

With a well-built landing page, you can reach the consumer through an ideal, attractive and accurate message.

And the best thing is that it is very easy to build your page.

To do this, use Klickpages.

Check out the three steps to create yours:

  1. Choose your model: know the high conversion alternatives proven by tests.
  2. Customize the page: edit the texts, colors and images, as well as hide the elements that are not useful.
  3. Publish: finally, you only need to publish your own domain, without additional hosting costs.

Don’t miss it, it’s great!


Conclusion WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing emerges as a low-cost and accessible alternative to any digital entrepreneur.

As it is a free application, you just have to organize yourself and produce valuable content for your audience.

Because if I had to recommend only one tool to those who have their account in the red, and want to do digital marketing, it would be WhatsApp Marketing.

Since there are many people using that platform on a daily basis? They are millions of people around the world.

It is likely that in your country, your prospect has a WhatsApp and is waiting for your message to arrive.

WhatsApp Marketing has enormous potential to reach your audience, no matter what it is.

With this tool you can increase your sales, because you contact customers and make direct offers through the cell phone.

In addition, WhatsApp Marketing is also a strong ally to maintain the relationship with customers, clarify doubts and always be close to them.

But don’t forget to pay attention to the WhatsApp Marketing etiquette manual. Especially because as it is very accessible, you are prone to making mistakes and mistakes.

Errors such as stunning the client by sending messages at inappropriate times, sending heavy content that does not facilitate opening the file, among others.

There are many details that should be included in the agenda of your planning.

If you use WhatsApp Marketing with the aim of generating leads for your digital business, always count on Klickpages to help you in that task.

Then, comment here if the strategies helped you in your business.

You, who want to invest in the marketing of your company, but you don’t know where and how because you have little in your pocket: WhatsApp Marketing can be your salvation.