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Wireframe: The essential step to create a successful page

The most important decision when creating your page. The distance between success and loss of time. The first step to guarantee the success of your business site is summarized in: creating an excellent wireframe.

The fact is, the success of your business lies in how you manage your time and money.

There is no doubt that a well-done and well-planned wireframe is the best way to save time and money when creating your company page.

I have already heard stories of many digital entrepreneurs who suffered losses because they did not know how to create the ideal page for their clients.

They spent hours and valuable resources but the result they obtained did not reach the feet of what was expected.

Believe me: if the customer doesn’t like your page, they will abandon it in a matter of seconds and there will be less chance that they will buy your product.

I mean, you’re going to end up with an empty pocket.

How to create the ideal page for your business?

I tell you this: every skyscraper started with a project.

And the same happens in the case of your page: you will need to plan, sketch, test a few times before showing the final version to your client.

The wireframe is an outline, the first outline of your company site.

In this article, you will discover how the first step can take you this far.

  • Find out what a wireframe should have
  • Learn how to wireframe
  • Understand the types of wireframe
  • Check out the 17 digital tools to create a wireframe

At the end of the text you will be prepared to put into practice this essential stage in creating a successful page with which you will save time and money.

You will have a shower of clients!

Meaning of wireframe

Meaning of wireframe

I never went to a fashion show, but recently I learned that each brand has about 20 minutes to show everything they have prepared for months for that great occasion.

It can seem very fast, since each piece that the models put on display took much more than 20 minutes to create.

Stylists made countless clothing sketches before the final version came out.

It is a very intense creative process.

The great advantage of sketching is saving time and money.

And that’s exactly what a wireframe is for. It is a draft that you can make and redo as many times as you want and need.

Reduces risks when launching the final version of the page

Through the wireframe you can see the basic structure of the page, the place where each element will be positioned and also test the performance of the design you chose.

Everything in a very simple way and according to the user’s experience.

I’ll tell you more about wireframe in a little bit, but let me tell you that it’s so easy that it can be drawn on a sheet of paper.

That is why it is usually simple, without much detail and sometimes it does not allow user interaction (for example, clicks).

However, as you will see in the next topics, with the advancement of digital tools, some wireframes already come in more elaborate versions.

They are called functional wireframes.

Attention: It is normal that you have many versions of wireframe before deciding on one. This is important and is part of your creative process. Creating wireframes is an exercise: try, make mistakes, and try again.

Why wireframe? 

Why wireframe? 

I put it this way: you have to see your business as if it were a trip that you have wanted to do for years.

The destination does not matter: before any trip you have to plan it.

If your plan is well done, you will be able to stay at the hotel you have dreamed of, eat at the restaurants you want, take the walks of your choice.

Now, if you make a hasty plan and without having the basic care, the chances are that nothing goes well for you.

Few hotels will have vacancies, you will not have enough money, neither for restaurants nor for tours.

And in the blink of an eye the trip of your dreams turns into a true nightmare.

Which of the two trips do you prefer to do?

Planning is directly related to the experience, either during your trip or when the potential client accesses your page.

You only have 7 seconds to capture the attention of the person visiting your site.

Therefore, the wireframe is the most important part of the entire design process of your page.

It is a kind of guide to know what works and what does not. If the experience is going to be good or bad.

It is something like a house: your visit sees the painted walls and the furniture in place, but it was with the laying of that first brick that it all began.

That’s why digital marketing and wireframe go hand in hand.

Doing the wireframe correctly saves time and money because you prevent user navigation problems.

Wireframes can be reviewed, corrected, and even discarded, without losing money.

ATTENTION: The most important thing is the part of the comments (feedback) when making your page

It’s essential to ask other people to evaluate your project – other team members or someone you trust a lot.

Ask for feedback on functionality, experience, and user interaction. Ideally, the person doesn’t think your wireframe is confusing or difficult.

The more positive comments, the more chances there will be to have an excellent final version of your page.

But accept the criticism that comes and do not forget that it is a phase of the test.

Errors will arise.

My advice: The problem with not asking for feedback is that everything seems obvious to you and you can’t identify the errors.

I already told you once here on the blog the story of the Curse of Knowledge, but it’s worth reminding you.

That curse is the result of a research conducted by psychologist Elizabeth Newton in the 1990s.

He separated the people into two groups: the tappers and the listeners.

The task of the tappers was to choose a music from a list of the 25 best known. Afterward, they had to bang it on a table for listeners to hear.

The aim of the listeners was to guess the music. The tappers bet they would recognize her 50% of the time, but they didn’t.

Of the 120 songs, listeners guessed only 3.

What does that mean?

The researcher noted that when we have knowledge about something, we see it so obvious and we believe that it is also so for others, even if it is not that way.

In other words, your wireframe may seem the best in the world, the most functional and the one that offers a wonderful user experience.

But if you don’t check it out, you’re going to make the same mistake as tappers believing the music was obvious to listeners.

My advice: send your project to other team members before discussing the new one.

Sometimes a 3 or 4 day break is what you need to clarify ideas and be able to analyze the project with another vision and from other perspectives.

How to wireframe

How to wireframe

There are basically two ways to create wireframes:

  • Prototyping on paper, i.e. pen and paper
  • With digital tools

Which to choose?

It depends on the complexity of your project. The more elaborate your site is, the more elaborate your wireframe usually is.

Wireframes made with pen and paper are usually the simplest of all because it does not allow any interaction and do not have many details.

If you want to choose that shape, I suggest you use graph paper to better work with the proportions of each element on the page.

If you prefer digital tools, I set aside a topic exclusively to detail how they work and give you some examples.

You don’t need to stick to just one shape – you can mix them up.

For example, you can start with a simple wireframe on paper and transfer it to the computer when you have already defined some issues.

Anyway, as I told you before: there is no right or wrong.

What I recommend is: work together with a designer or a developer because they are trained professionals who can give you good ideas to create your sketch in the most efficient way possible.

Another tip: Although it is not mandatory, it is the perfect time to try the colors. In your business marketing, colors can influence conversion rates.

In other words, the return on some action that you expect from the client: fill out a form, write comments, download eBooks, buy your product or service…

If your business is with a high conversion rate, that is a positive sign for you.

It means that a good part of who came to your site is taking the action you expected.

One of the ways to increase your chances of conversion is with a functional site – that’s why wireframe is so important.

Among so many elements on a page, colors cannot be pushed aside.

According to the Psychology of Colors, these are responsible for 90% of the first impression that a client forms.

Therefore, testing colors during the creation of your wireframe is a powerful way to boost your conversion rates when you launch the final page.

What should a good wireframe have?

What should a good wireframe have?

So far I have shown you what the wireframe is, I gave you the reasons why it is important to create it and I presented you with two basic ways to start making yours.

The cherry in the center of the cake, the final touch to put those tips into practice is to know: what should a good wireframe have?

The structure is simple and has three essential elements – header, body, and footer.

In the next few lines I am going to explain each one to you. You can even use the wireframe of my own page, Klickpages – KP, as an example.

You must realize that the KP wireframe is very complete, with texts and elements that are already in the final result.

Later you will discover what type of wireframe that is.